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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#271 Make kickstart punt more packages defect blocker Fedora 20 internals
#409 Django autoinstaller results in broken MIDDLEWARE defect blocker autoinstallers
#423 signup-sql is broken (signup.php is not accessible) defect blocker default
#17 switch to * and disable enhancement major web
#49 Make logview work geofft enhancement major web
#50 Install automatic cron failover enhancement major cron
#81 MediaWiki should have better defaults enhancement major autoinstallers
#92 robots.txt file permissions enhancement major web
#129 Publish an SPF record for / get DNS delegation enhancement major mail
#154 can't back up databases with lots of tables defect major sql
#172 Use new PHP 5.3 .user.ini for PHP configuration instead of hacked PHPRC task major web
#176 Warn about too long lockername on signup defect major sql
#182 should permit switch to locker from cert auth based on admof enhancement major sql
#193 Keep contact address on file for accounts enhancement major misc
#255 AFS cache partition enhancement major internals
#257 /usr/vice/cache can fail to mount defect major internals
#262 Mangle locker names that are invalid hostnames and MySQL usernames enhancement major internals
#264 Python load time is ridiculous defect major misc
#268 Kickstart should not hard code UUIDs defect major internals
#272 Wizard really hurt by AFS "no permissions" slowdown ezyang defect major wizard-infra
#276 Support postgres enhancement major sql
#278 Consider using sssd defect major Fedora 21 internals
#300 Handle Django static (e.g., admin) media in autoinstallers defect major Fedora 20 autoinstallers
#312 Scripts LVS primary doesn't work for IDs 11, 12 defect major Fedora 20 internals
#318 IE9 may need the Safari needcerts hack defect major web
#325 Switch sql to git defect major sql
#340 Keep updated our supported autoinstallers task major autoinstallers
#342 Rewrite with remctl and Python achernya enhancement major Fedora 20 sql
#356 Better handling of procmail, bounces, and mail loops defect major mail
#363 Spammed Mediawiki cleanup docs enhancement major autoinstallers
#369 Wizard autoupgrade to enable $wgEmailConfirmToEdit enhancement major autoinstallers
#411 bundler automatically runs sudo defect major autoinstallers
#419 SSL certificate automation and Let’s Encrypt integration enhancement major pony
#1 MediaWiki certificate-based login enhancement normal autoinstallers
#13 default permissions on MediaWiki uploads directory enhancement normal autoinstallers
#27 Drupal Autoinstaller lapentab enhancement normal autoinstallers
#57 Autoinstallers should read sql configuration from common files ezyang enhancement normal wizard-infra
#59 web_scripts_tmp is a stupid name (and a poor concept in general) defect normal autoinstallers
#73 scripts test suite enhancement normal misc
#80 autoinstallers should filter spam by default enhancement normal autoinstallers
#94 Shibboleth authentication enhancement normal web
#97 Autoinstaller deploy/deploydev should use Git enhancement normal autoinstallers
#109 make installing language modules to your homedir easy enhancement normal misc
#138 autoinstallers shouldn't fail if primary is down enhancement normal autoinstallers
#150 load-balance SQL reads where possible enhancement normal sql
#152 hotter MySQL failover enhancement normal sql
#153 look into MySQL multimaster replication enhancement normal sql
#161 Wizard should allow displaying messages to user ezyang enhancement normal wizard-infra
#165 Locker ownership check should include magic admin bit enhancement normal internals
#171 Require users with underscores in their usernames to register alternate URLs defect normal misc
#181 SQL should not attempt to create database with strange names defect normal sql
#184 LDAP database consistency check enhancement normal internals
#187 Wordpress doesn't play nice with HTTPS enhancement normal autoinstallers
#189 make Wizard capable of upgrading cert-protected sites ezyang enhancement normal wizard-infra
#190 SQL utility scripts should do more error checking defect normal sql
#199 Better error-checking and stuff in enable-scripts-test enhancement normal misc
#213 Search users' web_scripts for known vulnerabilities enhancement normal web
#214 Catalog installed webapps enhancement normal web
#215 Use LDAP to determine whether users receive mail enhancement normal mail
#216 Better default procmailrc enhancement normal mail
#222 add mime types from execsys to Apache httpd.conf enhancement normal web
#223 Scripts should respect CRL enhancement normal internals
#224 Autoinstallers in group lockers install with bogus emails ezyang defect normal wizard-infra
#225 Trac installer needs to make InnoDB tables, not MyISAM defect normal autoinstallers
#227 Better MySQL password reset enhancement normal sql
#228 Ident authentication for MySQL enhancement normal sql
#230 Support moving hostnames across locker boundaries enhancement normal pony
#234 Load balanced SSH enhancement normal internals
#235 Make wizard upgrade robust enough to be user visible ezyang enhancement normal wizard-infra
#236 Wizard failure leaves behind directory ezyang defect normal wizard-infra
#238 Django SSL auth should be an option in the Django autoinstaller enhancement normal autoinstallers
#239 mod_facebook enhancement normal internals
#240 What's Different? FAQ enhancement normal web
#241 Pony CSR integration enhancement normal pony
#242 "I noticed you're attempting to install Wordpress": recommend autoinstaller enhancement normal autoinstallers
#244 Pony should show pending requests defect normal pony
#245 /__scripts/needcerts should send non-reified vhosts to https://*.scripts defect normal web
#246 Package python-moira (pymoira) enhancement normal misc
#249 Pony does not distinguish between moira/dns/resolved states dzaefn defect normal pony
#251 phpBB is embarrassingly out of date defect normal autoinstallers
#254 Drive a rusty spork through mbash, repeatedly, and dump it in a gutter. defect normal internals
#258 gdchart PECL module is broken against current gd library defect normal web
#261 scriptsdev=dev for deploydev doesn't work on exec fastcgi stubs defect normal autoinstallers
#263 Support HOME=/mit/lockername/Scripts and use it by default for new users enhancement normal internals
#265 PHP dl() doesn’t work defect normal web
#269 Convert to WordPress or something enhancement normal web
#277 Upgrade story for MediaWiki 1.18 (math removal) task normal autoinstallers
#282 Wordpress autoinstalls (and probably other PHP apps) have wrong timezone defect normal autoinstallers
#283 Rails reloading is dodgy defect normal web
#284 Cannot do Rawhide development with AFS defect normal internals
#286 Better story for tracking cabal2spec updates defect normal internals
#288 zephyr sources don't appear to get put in rpmbuild/SOURCES defect normal internals
#294 grub2 loading from pygrub still fairly broken defect normal internals
#298 django-filter in yum doesn't support Django 1.4 defect normal web
#299 Django admin media moved in F17 defect normal web
#301 Requesting hostnames should report success obviously defect normal pony
#303 Install instructions are still incomplete defect normal Fedora 20 web
#305 Joomla Autoinstaller Installs non-PHP 5.4-friendly Joomla defect normal autoinstallers
#307 Gallery sometimes double-compresses defect normal autoinstallers
#308 Trac autoinstaller shouldn't default to log_level = DEBUG defect normal autoinstallers
#310 Move sql to a more stable distro enhancement normal sql
#311 Check up on git with certificates defect normal vcs
#313 PHP: Install OCI8 Extension enhancement normal web
#315 Migrate procmail examples elsewhere enhancement normal mail
#316 Autoinstaller or template fcgis for WSGI and Rack apps defect normal autoinstallers
#317 Scripts AFS patch breaks Rails 3.2+ caching and asset pipeline defect normal Fedora 20 web
#319 Serve .txt files with static-cat enhancement normal web
#320 static-cat should be configurable per-user enhancement normal web
#321 Switch static-cat to a denylist instead of allowlist enhancement normal web
#322 Unauthenticated list membership API enhancement normal misc
#323 Django app import FAQ doesn't work for Django 1.4 defect normal autoinstallers
#324 Viewing git repos in a browser 404's defect normal autoinstallers
#329 Test LDAP server enhancement normal misc
#331 Fix mmr-hammer defect normal internals
#333 Pony should check that paths for hostname requests exist enhancement normal pony
#336 shouldn't mailbomb the maintainers when an outage occurs defect normal sql
#344 sql test server glasgall enhancement normal sql
#345 Teach autoinstallers to use the sql test server enhancement normal sql
#347 Systematically track alert frequency enhancement normal internals
#350 vhost generic SSL protocols enhancement normal misc
#351 vhost IMAPS enhancement normal mail
#353 Document using "pip-python" enhancement normal documentation
#354 Track high-connection-count users enhancement normal sql
#357 Rate-limit each mail sender enhancement normal mail
#361 MAILQ assisted handling script enhancement normal mail
#362 Pony should set user expectations appropriately enhancement normal pony
#364 Better mailq template email task normal mail
#365 Support MongoDB enhancement normal sql
#366 Mail from scripts to scripts-hosted domain ignores MX record defect normal mail
#367 Write yum-zephyr hook enhancement normal internals
#368 Wizard should handle git submodules ezyang enhancement normal wizard-infra
#370 scripts-krb5 should depend on accountadm defect normal Fedora 20 internals
#373 WebAthena'ized SIAB enhancement normal misc
#374 Organize the FAQs better task normal documentation
#375 NRPE monitoring for uncommitted changes enhancement normal internals
#378 ssh:// write support with git enhancement normal vcs
#380 Scripts pony mitcert integration enhancement normal pony
#384 Update python-zephyr defect normal internals
#385 Package python-hesiod enhancement normal misc
#386 Packages should only need their own source to build enhancement normal internals
#388 Make mod_auth_sslcert fail gracefully in absense of mod_ssl defect normal internals
#391 Log scripts/~username accesses enhancement normal web
#392 Wizard gives unhelpful error message when install fails ezyang defect normal wizard-infra
#393 Wizard using ncurses should not exit without user input ezyang defect normal wizard-infra
#394 Safari needcerts hack catches Chrome on OSX defect normal web
#395 Allow admin logins to autoinstalled sites via certificates enhancement normal autoinstallers
#396 Better documentation for HTTPS redirects enhancement normal documentation
#398 Improve Pony-User Interaction enhancement normal pony
#403 ‘service ip6tables restart’ angers /etc/scripts/modprobe, fails defect normal internals
#404 Use tmpl_context, not threading.local(), for request-local state defect normal pony
#405 storage_engine is not replicated for CREATE TABLE defect normal sql
#406 Pony should create RT tickets via the API instead of by email defect normal pony
#408 Opt-in email enhancement normal mail
#410 Automatically request renewals of certs enhancement normal web
#412 Current versions of MediaWiki break file uploads on Scripts defect normal autoinstallers
#421 Turn on reject_sender_login_mismatch enhancement normal mail
#425 Enable SSL on enhancement normal sql
#427 Pony Admin Queue has broken CSS for mixed states bpchen defect normal default
#429 Patch journald to use less disk per user? enhancement normal internals
#430 Things to update for split defect normal default
#431 pacemaker stops on corosync upgrade or reinstall defect normal internals
#432 Issues with php autoresponders not sending randomly but debugs ok task normal default
#433 Self-service cert requests in Pony enhancement normal web
#11 SPNEGO/Kerberos authentication enhancement minor web
#24 make TO: and CC: fields correct in RT defect minor misc
#29 give example using Delivered-To/$1 enhancement minor mail
#52 support per-vhost certs in mod_vhost_ldap enhancement minor web
#60 Apache handlers for PHP and static content enhancement minor web
#63 MediaWiki should support clean URLs enhancement minor autoinstallers
#70 fully automate (all but getting tokens) enhancement minor autoinstallers
#75 Load balance on URL enhancement minor web
#77 .my.cnf generation and parsing. defect minor sql
#79 Scripts SVN should support GSSAPI geofft enhancement minor vcs
#91 autoinstallers should not assume locker 'foo' mounts at '/mit/foo' defect minor autoinstallers
#111 WordPress pingbacks aren't automatic defect minor autoinstallers
#112 set-up-an-app pages should be patched out enhancement minor autoinstallers
#116 Certificate login fallback to password enhancement minor web
#118 Autoinstallers should be more controllable from the command-line adehnert enhancement minor autoinstallers
#119 scripts-remove shouldn't sign users up for defect minor sql
#121 Uninstalling applications can destroy un-associated user data defect minor autoinstallers
#123 scripts-remove works poorly with non-Athena accounts defect minor autoinstallers
#141 Create framework for autoinstalling Django apps with Wizard adehnert task minor wizard-infra
#144 default editors to not try to read unreadable configuration files defect minor misc
#155 pony fails if daemon.scripts-pony doesn't have "list" on the locker enhancement minor pony
#163 401 page should link users to renew their certificates at enhancement minor web
#170 OpenAFS mock builds should not rely on running kernel version enhancement minor internals
#183 Scripts should give a "you are signed up" page instead of 403 forbidden enhancement minor web
#188 Support multiple byte ranges in static-cat enhancement minor web
#192 Allow doing autoinstalls from the web enhancement minor autoinstallers
#198 svn doesn't deal with unknown vhosts or repos well defect minor vcs
#200 Move (part of) scripts to W91 task minor misc
#201 Report users with large error_log and queue size contributions enhancement minor internals
#202 Add detection of non-autoinstalled apps to enhancement minor autoinstallers
#204 WordPress should work at other URLs enhancement minor autoinstallers
#205 Document git with certificates enhancement minor vcs
#209 memcached support enhancement minor web
#210 RabbitMQ support enhancement minor misc
#211 Cassandra support enhancement minor misc
#212 Add FastCGI support to node.js enhancement minor Fedora 20 web
#217 procmail's ^TO expansion does not include X-Original-To enhancement minor mail
#220 ZooKeeper support enhancement minor misc
#229 Personal cert htaccess is confusing defect minor web
#237 JDBC is hard to make work enhancement minor web
#248 Pony needs more knobs enhancement minor pony
#281 Add SPDY support enhancement minor web
#326 Pony approval should be atomic defect minor pony
#332 scripts-vhost IP mysteriously serves cert with a missing intermediate? defect minor web
#337 should be bound on the directors enhancement minor sql
#338 Easier viewing of scripts alert status enhancement minor internals
#339 Share SSL session cache between servers? enhancement minor web
#348 WebSockets enhancement minor web
#355 Move stella web client into the scripts locker defect minor pony
#360 Pony Reply-To header confuses RT defect minor pony
#376 Java Servlet support enhancement minor web
#379 Scripts sends the wrong media type for javascript files defect minor default
#382 Spurious quotes in munin graph defect minor sql
#397 Store SSL certificates in LDAP, get rid of reified vhosts andersk enhancement minor web
#399 Incoming SMTP should support STARTTLS enhancement minor mail
#401 No error message on pony when managing invalid or restricted locker defect minor pony
#413 Improperly escaped error when a locker isn't signed up defect minor pony
#414 scripts-remove should be mentioned in the autoinstaller enhancement minor default
#415 Move LVS directors to vCenter task minor internals
#416 Update Apache-style log FAQ defect minor documentation
#417 loads mixed-content iframe from defect minor documentation
#422 Trac: Default new installs to the sendmail backend enhancement minor autoinstallers
#428 Django autoinstaller should change behavior based on what version of Django the user has installed enhancement minor autoinstallers
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