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/usr/vice/cache can fail to mount

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In checking up on assertions that running fsck on our ext2 AFS cache partition on boot (in the event of a crash) is going to be painful, I realized that (since it's listed with fs_passno 0) the AFS cache partition is never going to be fsck'd on boot. I suspect how this will play out is that it will fail to mount (because the kernel can't do journal recovery and call it done), the boot process will continue, and AFS will start up using the _mount point_ /usr/vice/cache on the root filesystem as its cache, which will boot promptly, but be subtly painful in other ways.

I'm not really seeing a good way to address this other than editing /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit to have the logic we want (attempt to mount the partition, and if that fails mkfs and reattempt to mount it).

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Don't directly edit the file; patch initscripts instead.

Due to

if [ "$READONLY" != "yes" ] ; then
        action $"Mounting local filesystems: " mount -a -t nonfs,nfs4,smbfs,ncpfs,cifs,gfs,gfs2 -O no_netdev

this means we can't put our partition in the fstab. However, probably just adding the code after this fragment should do the trick nicely.

A prospective could easily figure this out on a stock Fedora install, as long as they can get a device to mount (shouldn't be too difficult); after which it's a minor packaging exercise.

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