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#144 new defect

default editors to not try to read unreadable configuration files

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On scripts, standard configuration files such as $HOME/.emacs and .vimrc are frequently non-readable. This can make editor startup (and shutdown!) very slow, and might conceivably contribute to fileservers rate limiting us. We should consider changing default arguments to not read such configuration files, e.g. emacs -q.

We should notify the user from RT #1247504 when we make this change.

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comment:1 Changed 12 years ago by mitchb

Note that we already have some concessions in this department. Our /etc/vimrc sets viminfo to be empty, for example. But all of this is supposed to be temporary - homedirs will become ${hesiod_path}/Scripts, and you'll be able to have dotfiles usable by the scripts servers.

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