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Better default procmailrc

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It's not totally clear what a better default procmailrc will look like, but we should have one.

One plan seems to be:

  • send all mail to the contact address (#193) as configured in LDAP Ideally, this is retrieved on the fly, though pulling the current address at signup-mail time would also be acceptable.
  • the file should have a clear comment explaining where the address came from, and some commented sample stanzas (or possibly links to an FAQ page?)
  • for bonus points, pony should notice if your procmailrc is the default and tell you when you visit it, or else tell you it's custom and to look at the procmailrc

For details, please see -c scripts -i mailq.d at starting at about 0:01 on 2011-07-16.

See also #215.

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