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can't back up databases with lots of tables

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Per a a comment on ticket #148, apparently having a large number of tables causes mysqldump to error out because it has too many open file handles. I disbelieve mysqldump has any good reason for the number of simultaneous open file handles to be linear in the number of tables, but even if so, we can doubtless bump the rlimit on the servers a good bit.

We should investigate what's going on here and make it possible to back up databases with lots of tables, preferably unlimited (or limited by some other constraint such as quota or a MySQL internal limit or directory size).

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One more detail with regard to said comment: Table growth was O(#classes) as noted, but the constant factor was just over 40, and ESP runs a little under ~1,000 classes/year. As I understand, file handles are 16-bit? So, bumping the rlimit wouldn't have solved this particular problem for very long.

(Claroline is basically a really clean GUI on top of various other well-known open-source webapps; each new class gets its own install of each webapp.)

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