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give example using Delivered-To/$1

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"The ability to examine the delivered address is extremely useful, but it'd be easier to exploit if there were an example available. In particular, it'd save people like me from spending ten minutes wondering what trivial thing is wrong in my recipe when in fact the recipe is fine and the problem lies elsewhere.

I believe Tim has such an example.

Thanks! Greg"

(Taken from RT #486861)

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comment:1 Changed 16 years ago by broder

Here's an example, showing both ways to do this sort of thing. I suspect we may want to just advertise the second, since it's much cleaner.

# .procmailrc
# Directory to store messages in. Must be daemon.scripts writeable.
# Set QUEUENAME to the part after the + in
# LOGFILE is location to log errors to. Must be daemon.scripts writeable.

# save anything to
* ^Delivered-To:.*tabbott\+archive@.*
:0: # trailing colon means to do locking here
# Using mh-style numbered listing.

# Run on anything to 
* QUEUENAME ?? ^sipb$
| /mit/tabbott/mail_scripts/

-Tim Abbott

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