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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#125 Set up issue tracking for private Trac tickets enhancement blocker misc
#126 o hai i hacked ur servers mitchb defect blocker sql
#128 Several tickets fail to display now (due to SensitiveTickets plugin bug) defect blocker misc
#136 PHP 5.3 mysqlnd requires new-style passwords defect blocker Fedora 20 sql
#208 We deleted the known_hosts file achernya defect blocker autoinstallers
#247 systemd parallel bootup breaks unspecified dependencies defect blocker Fedora 15 internals
#266 python-flask RPM broke local eggs defect blocker Fedora 15 misc
#267 AFS sysname is wrong defect blocker Fedora 15 internals
#274 OpenAFS systemd script doesn't have "AFS in use" check for restart defect blocker internals
#302 Django packages are getting renamed in F18/F19 defect blocker Fedora 20 internals
#304 Django Autoinstaller is Entirely Broken on F17 defect blocker Fedora 17 autoinstallers
#330 Port scripts to httpd 2.4 enhancement blocker Fedora 20 web
#387 OpenAFS getcwd() sometimes returns ENOENT defect blocker internals
#390 /__scripts/icons missing on F20 defect blocker Fedora 20 default
#3 Interface for automatic vhost management xavid enhancement major web
#47 autoinstallers should support vhosts geofft defect major web
#48 SNI, giving certificates on * for FF 2 and IE 7 presbrey defect major web
#55 certificates on * as a separate IP address quentin defect major web
#62 Unbreak phpMyAdmin defect major sql
#96 will fail to find new-style autoinstalls defect major autoinstallers
#115 actively break sudo for users who aren't supposed to defect major internals
#131 Better package management for eggs, gems, and other vaguely spherical-shaped objects enhancement major Fedora 20 misc
#157 the Debian/Ubuntu hosts should run our zephyr logger task major internals
#162 Upgrade scripts servers to Fedora 13 defect major Fedora 13 internals
#194 Disable mail to * defect major mail
#221 Put the apt repo signing key somewhere reasonable task major internals
#250 F15 comes with Rails 3 defect major Fedora 15 web
#252 TurboGears FCGI stub needs to be updated for F15 defect major Fedora 15 autoinstallers
#273 Fedora 17 development enhancement major Fedora 17 internals
#296 Xen pygrub cannot handle grub2 defect major Fedora 20 internals
#306 Make logview work at least as well as it used to defect major Fedora 17 internals
#327 Per-user sql connection limit defect major sql
#334 Can no longer access the site nor log into Wordpress defect major web
#341 Keep updated our supported autoinstallers task major autoinstallers
#371 SMTP should be checked on a realserver properly defect major Fedora 20 mail
#400 SHA-1 certificates from mitcert since 2013 will be degraded by Chrome defect major web
#6 Install scripts should validate locker name defect normal autoinstallers
#15 move hodge-podge to its own machine quentin defect normal misc
#16 auto-installers need better error handling defect normal autoinstallers
#21 upgrade out of Rails vulnerabilities mitchb defect normal Fedora 11 web
#26 upgrade PCRE, if it's old enough to be vulnerable quentin defect normal misc
#30 upgrade nss_ldap out of a vulnerability defect normal misc
#31 enable RT ticket-closing by email geofft enhancement normal misc
#35 sql web interface should make the lockername+ prefix more obvious presbrey defect normal sql
#39 Testing ticket creation zephyr notification defect normal web
#40 Testing zephyrbot again...? defect normal web
#41 Testing zephyrbot again...? broder defect normal web
#43 One last zephyrbot test... defect normal web
#44 Zephyrbot test again! defect normal web
#45 One last zephyr test? defect normal web
#46 One last zephyr test? defect normal web
#51 old-faithful loses backend connection sql on reboot defect normal web
#54 Trac autoinstaller enhancement normal autoinstallers
#56 Disable global SSLUserName kludge defect normal web
#58 signup-sql doesn't attach locker, or check validity defect normal sql
#64 Autoinstallers should use svn co instead of untar defect normal autoinstallers
#65 Support Django enhancement normal autoinstallers
#66 Upgrade to Fedora 8 (or 9) task normal misc
#68 Trying to make a cert-protected WordPress results in a redirection loop defect normal autoinstallers
#71 Install nss_nonlocal on scripts enhancement normal misc
#72 https prompts for certificates way too often defect normal web
#76 Upgrade Joomla defect normal web
#88 Better subversion error messages defect normal vcs
#89 @reboot cron jobs sometimes start before afsagent gets tokens defect normal cron
#90 Upgrade SNI patch mitchb defect normal web
#95 Onserver scripts hard-code deploy directory defect normal autoinstallers
#98 athrun should exist on scripts servers defect normal internals
#101 Nagios monitoring for LDAP replication defect normal internals
#103 Logging into Trac takes you back to the main page defect normal autoinstallers
#105 binfmt_misc overrides shebang now defect normal internals
#114 better story for importing outside Django sites defect normal web
#117 Review and deploy Haskell static-cat enhancement normal web
#132 Temporarily testing anonymous ticket creation defect normal web
#133 Temporarily testing anonymous sensitive ticket creation defect normal web
#134 Temporarily testing anonymous sensitive ticket creation again defect normal web
#135 Temporarily testing anonymous sensitive ticket creation again again, sorry defect normal web
#139 phpMyAdmin caches failed passwords for some reason defect normal sql
#147 Augment Nagios LDAP-MMR NRPE plugin to check for replication conflicts mitchb defect normal internals
#148 add a Moodle autoinstaller enhancement normal autoinstallers
#149 use GSSAPI for LDAP-to-LDAP auth instead of SSL certs enhancement normal internals
#151 look into mixed replication etc. enhancement normal sql
#158 send guest consoles to zephyr enhancement normal internals
#159 sensitive tickets plugin causes a bug with milestones defect normal internals
#160 hosts don't support ext4 defect normal Fedora 15 internals
#164 Zend Guard support enhancement normal web
#167 scriptsVhost LDAP schema has invalid syntax specification defect normal internals
#168 scripts-cert-test IP address defect normal Fedora 15 internals
#169 Failed LDAP replication due to busy replica should only warn when persistent defect normal web
#173 Zephyr messages to ldap error log enhancement normal internals
#174 Nagios plugin to check for different generation ID error message task normal internals
#177 Server panic on OOM fails to reboot defect normal Fedora 15 internals
#178 RT scripts are broken defect normal internals
#179 resolv.conf gets overwritten on reboot defect normal internals
#180 whoisd should have a init script enhancement normal Fedora 15 internals
#185 Find a better replacement for Advanced PHP Guestbook defect normal autoinstallers
#186 Add a knob for disabling LDAP signups enhancement normal internals
#191 Pony should let you delete hostnames andersk enhancement normal pony
#196 Test defect normal web
#197 Making setting up the git smart HTTP server easy enhancement normal autoinstallers
#203 Integrate Django better with scripts enhancement normal autoinstallers
#218 Disable defect normal web
#219 Debian and Fedora disagree on hostname, zephyr logging is inconsistent defect normal internals
#226 /usr/kerberos/bin is gone in F15 defect normal Fedora 15 web
#231 Have Trac automatically search for similar tickets enhancement normal misc
#232 Python's path (sys.path / PYTHON_PATH) doesn't really do something sensible defect normal web
#233 Do something sensible on 'athrun scripts scripts -start' defect normal autoinstallers
#243 Pony should query Moira lfaraone enhancement normal pony
#253 Django admin media missing on F15 geofft defect normal Fedora 15 web
#260 Patch future systemd Apache to depend on openafs-client and crond quentin defect normal Fedora 17 internals
#270 Scripts LVS upgrade needs work defect normal internals
#275 cronload should error when run without arguments defect normal cron
#279 Renumber local users on Scripts servers elefthei defect normal Fedora 17 internals
#280 Separate core AFS monitoring from foreign cells adehnert enhancement normal internals
#285 php_scripts doesn't build with PHP 5.4.3 defect normal Fedora 17 internals
#287 Make sure httpd/afsagent/openafs deps all work defect normal Fedora 17 internals
#289 F17 syslog filling up with "/dev/ttyS0: not a character device" defect normal Fedora 17 internals
#290 better-mousetrapfs broken in F17 defect normal Fedora 17 internals
#291 binfmt stuff broken in F17 defect normal Fedora 17 internals
#292 WARNING: "pear/Archive_Zip" is deprecated in favor of "pecl/zip" defect normal Fedora 20 internals
#293 sqlite3-ruby gem has changed its name to just sqlite3 defect normal Fedora 20 web
#295 bash: lspci: command not found defect normal Fedora 17 internals
#297 whois server broken on F17 defect normal Fedora 17 internals
#309 conserver log rotation doesn't work / spews defect normal internals
#314 Use ~/Scripts/web/ instead of ~/web_scripts/ for new users enhancement normal web
#328 Monitor used connections on enhancement normal sql
#335 test defect normal default
#343 Autoinstalled apps should read the sql password out of my.cnf cereslee enhancement normal sql
#346 Graph sql connection count with munin enhancement normal sql
#349 TLS SNI alerts on LDAP vhosts defect normal web
#352 Monitor scripts hosts enhancement normal Fedora 20 internals
#359 Deprecate Rails 2.3 in Fedora 19 defect normal Fedora 20 default
#372 Document hostname request approval policy enhancement normal documentation
#377 Commit diffs in pony zephyrs enhancement normal pony
#402 fcgi- gem missing on busy-beaver defect normal Fedora 20 default
#407 Block outgoing port 25 enhancement normal mail
#418 Pony overescapes (some?) error messages defect normal pony
#420 Document alternative outgoing email approaches leee task normal mail
#426 Add Webfont Extensions to the Static Whitelist leee defect normal default
#4 Cleaning /tmp sessions defect minor web
#5 PHP iCalendar should default to Eastern time zone defect minor autoinstallers
#7 log -c scripts andersk defect minor misc
#8 execsys RPM installs improperly defect minor web
#10 make it easier to set custom Perl library paths enhancement minor web
#12 Make autoinstaller for LimeSurvey enhancement minor autoinstallers
#14 more detail in Rails FAQ broder defect minor documentation
#18 Installing accountadm causes the signup user to be deleted andersk defect minor misc
#19 Subversion autoinstaller enhancement minor vcs
#20 scripts LVS design issues defect minor web
#22 NFS-mounted /tmp is a bad idea defect minor web
#23 Host-based auth for inter-scripts-server login? quentin enhancement minor web
#25 document LVS so as not to confuse users and their code enhancement minor documentation
#28 Nagios should check for nearly-expired certificates quentin defect minor misc
#32 check for .htaccess files only inside ~/web_scripts enhancement minor web
#33 Add information on Kerberos logins to scripts to FAQ enhancement minor documentation
#34 long delays with ssh -X defect minor web
#36 trac–zephyr integration broder enhancement minor misc
#37 tomcat support? enhancement minor web
#42 Testing zephyrbot again…? defect minor mail
#53 upgrade Gallery installer task minor autoinstallers
#61 get certs signed by a real CA defect minor web
#67 should be in svn, and have some tweaks price enhancement minor autoinstallers
#69 parallel-find hangs outside -c athena defect minor autoinstallers
#74 should equal geofft defect minor mail
#82 path varies between interactive and web server contexts defect minor web
#83 scripts should provide access to python 2.6 mitchb defect minor Fedora 11 misc
#85 Trac autoinstaller should configure trac.ini properly when using git defect minor autoinstallers
#86 Running multiple autoinstalled instances of Trac causes them all to look the same defect minor autoinstallers
#87 On an autoinstalled trac using git, going to Browse Source can time out and get a 500 defect minor autoinstallers
#100 .txt should be a trusted extension defect minor web
#110 the WordPress URL hack breaks pingbacks (and other XMLRPC stuff) defect minor autoinstallers
#113 Django auto-installs on a machine where USER != ATHENA_USER get wrong email address adehnert defect minor autoinstallers
#124 Update or punt phpical autoinstaller enhancement minor autoinstallers
#127 zephyr discussion of tickets should get cross-posted to RT enhancement minor misc
#130 "MIT Academic Calendar" is out of date defect minor web
#142 Add monitoring for failure of the backend network enhancement minor internals
#143 Monitor postfix queue size enhancement minor mail
#145 update text for pony defect minor web
#146 whoisd should deal with lost connections to slapd mitchb defect minor misc
#156 n-f should run our zephyr logger task minor internals
#166 git daemon doesn't deal with unknown vhosts well defect minor vcs
#195 Allow connections to the primary from scripts servers enhancement minor internals
#206 We forgot to keep disabling new PHP extensions defect minor Fedora 15 web
#207 /etc/rc.d/rc.local is not executable defect minor internals
#256 Make finger @scripts work with iptables script defect minor internals
#259 RT tickets opened with CCs do not send correspondence to those CCs defect minor rt
#381 Disable allow_weak_crypto on scripts enhancement minor internals
#383 Konami code detection takes quadratic time in number of keystrokes defect minor pony
#389 Enable HTTPS perfect forward secrecy enhancement minor web
#424 modify vhostadd/edit to use scripts-ldap instead of a scripts server leee task minor default
#9 Make older Python 2.4 also work on scripts defect tiny web
#38 Testing Trac emails task tiny mail
#78 git push to git:// hangs defect tiny vcs
#99 test ticket for updated zephyr plugin defect tiny internals
#104 Improve for-each-server script geofft enhancement tiny misc
#108 rack-backward and rack-forward aren’t even the right part of speech. defect tiny internals
#140 Pony: Stop telling people to decide between CNAME and A records defect tiny web
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