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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#409 Django autoinstaller results in broken MIDDLEWARE new defect blocker
#81 MediaWiki should have better defaults new enhancement major
#300 Handle Django static (e.g., admin) media in autoinstallers new defect major Fedora 20
#340 Keep updated our supported autoinstallers new task major
#363 Spammed Mediawiki cleanup docs new enhancement major
#369 Wizard autoupgrade to enable $wgEmailConfirmToEdit new enhancement major
#411 bundler automatically runs sudo new defect major
#1 MediaWiki certificate-based login new enhancement normal
#13 default permissions on MediaWiki uploads directory new enhancement normal
#27 Drupal Autoinstaller new lapentab enhancement normal
#59 web_scripts_tmp is a stupid name (and a poor concept in general) new defect normal
#80 autoinstallers should filter spam by default new enhancement normal
#97 Autoinstaller deploy/deploydev should use Git new enhancement normal
#122 scripts-remove doesn't delete Rails databases reopened elefthei defect normal
#138 autoinstallers shouldn't fail if primary is down new enhancement normal
#187 Wordpress doesn't play nice with HTTPS new enhancement normal
#225 Trac installer needs to make InnoDB tables, not MyISAM new defect normal
#238 Django SSL auth should be an option in the Django autoinstaller new enhancement normal
#242 "I noticed you're attempting to install Wordpress": recommend autoinstaller new enhancement normal
#251 phpBB is embarrassingly out of date new defect normal
#261 scriptsdev=dev for deploydev doesn't work on exec fastcgi stubs new defect normal
#277 Upgrade story for MediaWiki 1.18 (math removal) new task normal
#282 Wordpress autoinstalls (and probably other PHP apps) have wrong timezone new defect normal
#305 Joomla Autoinstaller Installs non-PHP 5.4-friendly Joomla new defect normal
#307 Gallery sometimes double-compresses new defect normal
#308 Trac autoinstaller shouldn't default to log_level = DEBUG new defect normal
#316 Autoinstaller or template fcgis for WSGI and Rack apps new defect normal
#323 Django app import FAQ doesn't work for Django 1.4 new defect normal
#324 Viewing git repos in a browser 404's new defect normal
#395 Allow admin logins to autoinstalled sites via certificates new enhancement normal
#412 Current versions of MediaWiki break file uploads on Scripts new defect normal
#63 MediaWiki should support clean URLs new enhancement minor
#70 fully automate (all but getting tokens) new enhancement minor
#91 autoinstallers should not assume locker 'foo' mounts at '/mit/foo' new defect minor
#93 autoinstallers internally depend on vhost/~lockername working reopened enhancement minor
#102 TurboGears autoinstaller should hack assigned xavid enhancement minor
#107 Trac: Wizard autoupgrade to unhardcode scripts3 and scripts4 reopened defect minor
#111 WordPress pingbacks aren't automatic new defect minor
#112 set-up-an-app pages should be patched out new enhancement minor
#118 Autoinstallers should be more controllable from the command-line new adehnert enhancement minor
#120 autoinstalled scripts should be uninstallable without interacting with reopened defect minor
#121 Uninstalling applications can destroy un-associated user data new defect minor
#123 scripts-remove works poorly with non-Athena accounts new defect minor
#137 Django's should mention ssh'ing to scripts on failure reopened enhancement minor
#192 Allow doing autoinstalls from the web new enhancement minor
#202 Add detection of non-autoinstalled apps to new enhancement minor
#204 WordPress should work at other URLs new enhancement minor
#422 Trac: Default new installs to the sendmail backend new enhancement minor
#428 Django autoinstaller should change behavior based on what version of Django the user has installed new enhancement minor
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