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(edit) @1412   13 years geofft httpd.conf: Permit index.fcgi as an index This ought to fix the issue ...
(edit) @1409   13 years mitchb Renewed cert
(edit) @1406   13 years mitchb Play Evan on TV (update moira to new snapshot, provide shared libmrclient)
(edit) @1405   13 years geofft SSL cert and config for [ #1111633]
(edit) @1404   13 years ezyang Merged up to r1403 from locker-dev to trunk.
(edit) @1403   13 years mitchb Update moira to new upstream version, including eunice printer client
(edit) @1402   13 years gdb Removed mit-zephyr from the build deps
(edit) @1401   13 years andersk Run in UTF-8 locale.
(edit) @1400   13 years andersk Update and commit-zephyr from upstream.
(edit) @1399   13 years andersk moira.spec: Remove redundant information from summaries and ...
(edit) @1398   13 years gdb Silly english
(edit) @1397   13 years gdb Fixed Requires for libmoira-devel, small style fixes in moira.spec
(edit) @1396   13 years gdb Built and mildly tested moira RPM
(edit) @1395   13 years mitchb Remove nslcd initscript patch I neglected to punt this in r1294 when ...
(edit) @1394   13 years gdb Added mostly-working spec file for moira
(edit) @1393   13 years mitchb Don't allow mock to use mirrors for package updates You know that new ...
(edit) @1392   13 years andersk Aaaagh! It’s still there make it go away!
(edit) @1391   13 years quentin Ignore DNSSEC errors
(edit) @1390   13 years quentin Import upstream logwatch named script
(edit) @1389   13 years ezyang Make git describe more resilient, and prune .scripts-version when ...
(edit) @1388   13 years quentin Don't pass strings with newlines around
(edit) @1387   13 years ezyang Add missing newline.
(edit) @1386   13 years ezyang More bugsquishing; I think it works now.
(edit) @1385   13 years ezyang Bugfixes for parallel-find.
(edit) @1384   13 years ezyang Make parallel find /actually/ work with Wizard autoinstalls.
(edit) @1383   13 years ezyang Add to receive root email.
(edit) @1382   13 years ezyang Miscellaneous extra instructions from f11-test.
(edit) @1381   13 years ezyang Misc doc updates from install f11-test.
(edit) @1380   13 years mitchb Don't allow Canada to make our servers uninstallable Someone thought ...
(edit) @1379   13 years quentin Run ldap-backup as root so it can manipulate files owned by both ...
(edit) @1378   13 years quentin Allow scripts to execute ldap-backup
(edit) @1377   13 years quentin Put ldap-backup in the RPM (why isn't this automatic?)
(edit) @1376   13 years quentin A (more) correct LDAP backup script
(edit) @1375   13 years quentin Make for-each-server work on Darwin
(edit) @1374   13 years quentin Don't show quiescent servers in ldirectord finger output
(edit) @1373   13 years quentin Rebalance real-mccoy
(edit) @1372   13 years ezyang Print lockfile name.
(edit) @1371   13 years ezyang Fix some tab/space problems, add missing parameter to unlock_and_die.
(edit) @1370   13 years dwilson trac #70 - parallel-find enhancement
(edit) @1369   13 years mitchb Clarifications about RT zephyrbot and To/Cc fields
(edit) @1368   13 years quentin Keep old LVS mappings around with a weight of 0 so existing ...
(edit) @1367   13 years ezyang Add comment about lock/unlock conventions.
(edit) @1366   13 years ezyang Add more complete information about using the zephyrbot.
(edit) @1365   13 years quentin Document ipvsadm configuration
(edit) @1364   13 years adehnert Added the stella command lines to cnames.txt
(edit) @1363   13 years adehnert Clarifications and updates to cnames.txt
(edit) @1362   13 years andersk Undo the REDIRECT_STATUS kludge. httpd.conf has always contained ...
(edit) @1360   13 years mitchb Stop scriptsifying php; our patch for the-bug is r281116 in 5.2.11 ...
(edit) @1359   13 years quentin Add christmas-tree to Munin ACL on directors
(edit) @1358   13 years andersk execsys: Unbreak stuff broken by r1337.
(edit) @1357   13 years andersk execsys: Disable binfmt_misc extensions. For Mono, use a magic number ...
(edit) @1356   13 years andersk suexec: Fix error logging if execv failed. Patch from httpd trunk r821321.
(edit) @1355   13 years andersk suexec: Exec static-cat or php-cgi after closing the suexec log.
(edit) @1354   13 years andersk suexec: Log the correct path to PHP if execv failed. Signed-off-by: ...
(edit) @1353   13 years mitchb Complete overhaul of package building/patching documentation
(edit) @1352   13 years geofft SSL certificate renewals
(edit) @1351   13 years geofft Punt's config because it is no longer on scripts
(edit) @1350   13 years geofft Use a more accurate OU in certificates
(edit) @1349   13 years geofft Fix documentation
(edit) @1348   13 years mitchb Prompt for certs once, not five bajillion times (fix SSL session ...
(edit) @1347   13 years geofft admof: Add a -noauth flag.
(edit) @1342   13 years mitchb Improvements to check_ldap_mmr plugin o Don't put a newline after ...
(edit) @1341   13 years ezyang Disable vhost logging.
(edit) @1340   13 years mitchb Revert r1329 - stop scriptsifying activesupport and actionpack gems ...
(edit) @1339   13 years mitchb Revert r1328 - accept Rails-related updates from Fedora again
(edit) @1338   13 years geofft execsys: Have binfmt_misc detect executable PHP scripts via magic, not ...
(edit) @1337   13 years geofft execsys: Stop automatically generating the binfmt_misc configuration. ...
(edit) @1336   13 years mitchb Make for-each-server work on Suns Look, I know nobody else *thinks* ...
(edit) @1335   13 years geofft CSR and configuration for [ #1024298]
(edit) @1334   13 years mitchb Change the Scripts build system to build under mock!
(edit) @1333   13 years mitchb Prevent users from trying to run mock via password auth
(edit) @1332   13 years mitchb Put pristine upstream mock PAM config under revision control
(edit) @1331   13 years mitchb Revert r1330. Try not to kill *all* of our notifications next time.
(edit) @1330   13 years geofft syslog: Ignore "Failed keyboard-interactive..." We don't permit ...
(edit) @1329   13 years mitchb Scriptsify activesupport and actionpack ruby gems, patch for CVE-2009-3009
(edit) @1328   13 years mitchb Stop accepting Rails-related updates from Fedora
(edit) @1327   13 years mitchb Corrections to build and install dependencies for accountadm
(edit) @1326   13 years quentin Goddamn hardcoded vhosts
(edit) @1325   13 years mitchb Certificate and SSL config for
(edit) @1324   13 years mitchb Fix the django autoinstaller? Who, me? When they upgraded from 1.0 to ...
(edit) @1323   13 years mitchb Fix global scoping problem from r1317 and r1319 One of these days ...
(edit) @1322   13 years geofft Don't disable freshclam
(edit) @1321   13 years quentin Add freshclam configuration
(edit) @1320   13 years mitchb The whois daemon needs a credential file installed, too
(edit) @1319   13 years mitchb Fix vhost log rolling config from r1317
(edit) @1318   13 years mitchb Don't exempt sql webservers from Nagios alerts during the AFS restart
(edit) @1317   13 years quentin Temporarily keep 14 days of vhost logs
(edit) @1316   13 years quentin Handle ~urls as well when gathering statistics
(edit) @1315   13 years quentin Flush log after each entry, to avoid a big 4k buffer
(edit) @1314   13 years ezyang Collect logs about virtual host hits from MITnet at ...
(edit) @1313   13 years geofft Make the [mysql] to [client] change everywhere that writes .my.cnf
(edit) @1312   13 years geofft Use [client] header instead of [mysql] in .my.cnf This unbreaks ...
(edit) @1311   13 years mitchb SSL config for The cert doesn't do much without it.
(edit) @1310   13 years geofft SSL certificate for
(edit) @1309   13 years presbrey
(edit) @1308   13 years presbrey add nagios check SSL certificate
(edit) @1307   13 years geofft certificate renewals
(edit) @1306   13 years mitchb Upgrade Apache to 2.2.13; don't patch in SNI support anymore And we ...
(edit) @1305   13 years geofft Don't zephyr -c scripts-spew about sudo from root. Because we usually ...
(edit) @1304   13 years quentin Use Python 2.5-compatible kill
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