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(edit) @2332   10 years achernya Certificate renewal for hmmt
(edit) @2331   10 years achernya Certificate renewal for barnowl, fridget, maseeh, signup, sipb, ...
(edit) @2330   10 years quentin Partially revert r2329, and set postfix's inet_protocols to the ...
(edit) @2329   10 years glasgall re-enable westgate vhost
(edit) @2328   10 years achernya Add glasgall to aliases for root
(edit) @2327   10 years achernya Remove cdsa certificate; no longer hosted on scripts
(edit) @2326   10 years achernya Remove westgate configuration
(edit) @2325   10 years achernya Certificate renewal for rpl and stalk
(edit) @2324   10 years achernya Remove certificate and configuration for crosslinks, no longer on Scripts
(edit) @2323   10 years achernya Certificate renewal for
(edit) @2322   10 years quentin Add certs for webathena, conner4, and update cert for debathena.
(edit) @2321   10 years geofft Disable SSL compression to defend against rumored side-channel attack
(edit) @2320   10 years andersk Remove ref-prepatch We’ve never updated this, and it’s not how ...
(edit) @2319   10 years geofft Merge r2314 (Don't export autoinstalls over git://) to trunk
(edit) @2318   10 years ezyang Notes for setting up XVM test server.
(edit) @2317   10 years adehnert We're well past F9, and the filename should reflect that
(edit) @2316   10 years adehnert Minor updates to the install instructions
(edit) @2315   10 years ezyang Updated XVM instructions plus kickstarter.
(edit) @2314   10 years geofft git: Don't export autoinstalls over git:// by default The ...
(edit) @2313   10 years ezyang More robust error handling for cronload, by btidor.
(edit) @2312   10 years achernya Merge r2311 from locker-dev to trunk
(edit) @2311   10 years achernya Re-enable Django
(edit) @2310   10 years achernya Merge r2309 from locker-dev to trunk
(edit) @2309   10 years achernya Fix the Django autoinstaller for 1.4
(edit) @2308   10 years achernya Add intermediate certificates for
(edit) @2307   10 years quentin Only dump real user accounts, and not LDAP-only users.
(edit) @2306   10 years ezyang Don't starve non-find commands, handle concurrent writes to file.
(edit) @2305   10 years ezyang Haskell version of parallel-find.
(edit) @2304   10 years ezyang Allow user list generation to access LDAP credentials.
(edit) @2303   10 years ezyang Revert previous commit.
(edit) @2302   10 years ezyang A note for the next maintainer to mailbomb us.
(edit) @2301   10 years ezyang Bump Kerberos version and fix fuzz.
(edit) @2300   10 years ezyang List get-homedirs in files list for accountadm
(edit) @2299   10 years ezyang Make get-homedirs part of accountadm package, so that we can reference ...
(edit) @2298   10 years ezyang More updates from Wizard install.
(edit) @2297   10 years ezyang Refactor to support pushes to Wizard. This invalidates the old ...
(edit) @2296   10 years geofft Update to Postfix 2.9.4
(edit) @2295   10 years geofft Certificate renewals for ai6034 and classof2014
(edit) @2294   10 years ezyang Message no long occurs due to upstream fix ...
(edit) @2293   10 years ezyang File capabilities respect nosuid too ...
(edit) @2292   10 years ezyang Ignore setuid binaries in /var/lib/mock, which are nosuid'd
(edit) @2291   10 years ezyang Remount /var/lib/mock as nosuid
(edit) @2290   10 years achernya Really add the mitchief cert.
(edit) @2289   10 years achernya Certificate and configuration for
(edit) @2288   10 years ezyang OpenAFS for Linux 3.5
(edit) @2287   10 years glasgall Merge in 2259:2281 (fix Rails 3 on scripts, for good this time)
(edit) @2286   10 years ezyang Merge in 2283:2285 (remove django and joomla from scripts-start)
(edit) @2285   10 years ezyang Remove Django as it is broken at the moment.
(edit) @2284   10 years ezyang Joomla is known broken with PHP 5.4, removed from install list.
(edit) @2283   10 years geofft Add SSLCertificateChainFile for the renewals from r2282
(edit) @2282   10 years geofft A pile of certificate renewals
(edit) @2281   10 years glasgall Replace Rack::PathInfoRewriter with ScriptNameRewriter, which just ...
(edit) @2280   10 years glasgall Set config.action_controller.asset_host for all environments so link ...
(edit) @2279   10 years glasgall Don't set RAILS_RELATIVE_URL_ROOT; it breaks accessing apps by hostname
(edit) @2278   10 years glasgall Fix autoinstalled Rails .htaccess
(edit) @2277   10 years glasgall remove cargo-culted creation of .failed files
(edit) @2276   10 years glasgall Update instructions to user at end of script for rails 3
(edit) @2275   10 years glasgall Make robots.txt work in the autoinstaller
(edit) @2274   10 years achernya Set locale to C so sort produces consistent results for rpm-sync
(edit) @2273   10 years achernya Actually chmod the files, too
(edit) @2272   10 years achernya /sbin moved too
(edit) @2271   10 years achernya Update statoveride post-action for /bin -> /usr/bin transition
(edit) @2270   11 years ezyang Add Scripts-IP for debugging purposes (identify real server, no X- ...
(edit) @2269   11 years ezyang Split sql-mit-edu.cfg.php into sql-password for platform agnosticism.
(edit) @2268   11 years ezyang Cutover updates
(edit) @2267   11 years andersk Move php sessions to /var/lib/scripts-php-sessions
(edit) @2266   11 years achernya Certificate renewal for
(edit) @2265   11 years andersk mbash: exec bash This is far from ideal—we still lose the login shell ...
(edit) @2264   11 years adehnert Switch to upstream cipher suites
(edit) @2263   11 years geofft Certificate and configuration for and
(edit) @2262   11 years glasgall whitespace cleanups
(edit) @2261   11 years glasgall Properly find the name of the application class for Rails apps The ...
(edit) @2260   11 years glasgall Make Rails apps work when accessed via a hostname Right now accessing ...
(edit) @2259   11 years glasgall Depend on minitest to make 'rails console' work on ruby1.9
(edit) @2258   11 years achernya Certificate renewal for nudelta; remove ailg-bdf as it is not configured
(edit) @2257   11 years adehnert Serve Django 1.4 admin media Django 1.4 relocated the admin media in ...
(edit) @2256   11 years quentin Add a NRPE command for monitoring SMTP on localhost
(edit) @2255   11 years quentin Partially revert r2254, and allow postfix to calculate its own mynetworks.
(edit) @2254   11 years achernya Update to postfix 2.9.3
(edit) @2253   11 years achernya Add g-e, l-s, and m-c to the locker's known_hosts.
(edit) @2252   11 years achernya Add m-c and l-s to known hosts
(edit) @2251   11 years achernya Enable hostbased to m-c and l-s
(edit) @2250   11 years ezyang Remove F15 from pool.
(edit) @2249   11 years ezyang Lower weight of w-e, the inaugural F17 primary.
(edit) @2248   11 years ezyang Add all new FC17 servers to pool.
(edit) @2247   11 years ezyang Add entries for miracle-cure and lucky-star.
(edit) @2246   11 years ezyang Reintegrate Fedora 17 development branch into trunk.
(edit) @2245   11 years ezyang Merging r2215 through r2244 from trunk.
(edit) @2244   11 years ezyang Fedora 15 end-of-life
(edit) @2243   11 years ezyang Check selinux, and move resolv.conf earlier.
(edit) @2242   11 years ezyang Bump sql-signup-pam uid check up given Fedora's uid renumbering, ...
(edit) @2241   11 years ezyang Updates to install documentation.
(edit) @2240   11 years ezyang Add lucky-star and miracle-cure to httpd config.
(edit) @2239   11 years ezyang Re-add vanilla dirsrv config, since we need it to start
(edit) @2238   11 years ezyang Move keytab specification to scripts dirsrv instance.
(edit) @2237   11 years achernya Reify eastgate.conf to bring it in sync with ldap, again
(edit) @2236   11 years achernya Correct typo in hosts file
(edit) @2235   11 years achernya Add miracle-cure and lucky-star to hosts and route
(edit) @2234   11 years achernya Reify eastgate.conf to bring it in sync with ldap
(edit) @2233   11 years quentin Block raskar from sending mail; he has been unresponsive to our ...
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