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(edit) @2243   11 years ezyang Check selinux, and move resolv.conf earlier.
(edit) @2242   11 years ezyang Bump sql-signup-pam uid check up given Fedora's uid renumbering, ...
(edit) @2241   11 years ezyang Updates to install documentation.
(edit) @2240   11 years ezyang Add lucky-star and miracle-cure to httpd config.
(edit) @2239   11 years ezyang Re-add vanilla dirsrv config, since we need it to start
(edit) @2238   11 years ezyang Move keytab specification to scripts dirsrv instance.
(edit) @2237   11 years achernya Reify eastgate.conf to bring it in sync with ldap, again
(edit) @2236   11 years achernya Correct typo in hosts file
(edit) @2235   11 years achernya Add miracle-cure and lucky-star to hosts and route
(edit) @2234   11 years achernya Reify eastgate.conf to bring it in sync with ldap
(edit) @2233   11 years quentin Block raskar from sending mail; he has been unresponsive to our ...
(edit) @2232   11 years achernya Remove detrimental kuserok patches from openssh
(edit) @2231   11 years achernya Update to krb5 1.10.2
(edit) @2230   11 years ezyang Update instructions for F17.
(edit) @2229   11 years geofft Certificate renewals for tours and scripts-cert Includes the InCommon ...
(edit) @2228   11 years geofft Canonicalize SSLCertificateChainFile location to match r2227
(edit) @2227   11 years geofft reify-vhost: Add SSLCertificateChainFile by default It makes the case ...
(edit) @2226   11 years achernya Account for the /{bin,sbin} -> /usr/{bin,sbin} transition for allows ...
(edit) @2225   11 years ezyang Note that Grub rebuild is necessary.
(edit) @2224   11 years ezyang Punt selinux sandbox not useful message
(edit) @2223   11 years ezyang Version default/grub, primary change is remove /dev/ttyS0 from console ...
(edit) @2222   11 years ezyang Minor updates.
(edit) @2221   11 years ezyang Remove linux33 sysname.
(edit) @2220   11 years ezyang Load binfmt_misc kernel module.
(edit) @2219   11 years ezyang Add Fedora 17 and Linux 3.3 to sysname.
(edit) @2218   11 years ezyang s/function_entry/zend_function_entry/ due to API change in PHP 5.4
(edit) @2217   11 years ezyang Version update to krb5.
(edit) @2216   11 years ezyang Actually use F17 repo.
(edit) @2215   11 years ezyang Merge r2210 through r2214 into '.'
(edit) @2214   11 years ezyang Let Fedora dynamically allocate the UID.
(edit) @2213   11 years ezyang Fix path to zephyr.
(edit) @2212   11 years andersk Update scripts-static-cat packaging
(edit) @2211   11 years andersk Update ghc-cgi, ghc-unix-handle; punt ghc-MonadCatchIO-mtl
(edit) @2210   11 years ezyang Merge zephyr from trunk.
(edit) @2209   11 years ezyang Upgrade zephyr to 3.0.2
(edit) @2208   11 years ezyang Merge changes from trunk.
(edit) @2207   11 years ezyang Punt httpd sysv patch.
(edit) @2206   11 years ezyang redland-bindings is fixed in ...
(edit) @2205   11 years ezyang Needs w flag.
(edit) @2204   11 years ezyang Drop page cache before and after futzing around with mounts.
(edit) @2203   11 years ezyang Remove PHP from repository.
(edit) @2202   11 years ezyang Merge in changes from trunk (punting php.spec)
(edit) @2201   11 years ezyang Do not fetch Cabal dependencies.
(edit) @2200   11 years ezyang Upgrade OpenAFS to 1.6.1 (undeployed)
(edit) @2199   11 years ezyang PHP version bump (undeployed)
(edit) @2198   11 years ezyang Untested version bumps for all spec files.
(edit) @2197   11 years ezyang Update mock invocations to be f17.
(edit) @2196   11 years ezyang Mock configuration for F17.
(edit) @2195   11 years ezyang Merge changes from trunk.
(edit) @2194   11 years achernya Certificate renewal for ties
(edit) @2193   11 years achernya Update postfix to 2.8.10
(edit) @2192   11 years adehnert Ping on the backend network
(edit) @2191   11 years adehnert Update monitoring servers to syn, c-t, and sipb-noc
(edit) @2190   11 years adehnert Define check_backend NRPE check
(edit) @2189   11 years ezyang Bump rubygems version.
(edit) @2188   11 years ezyang Ignore oom_score_adj too.
(edit) @2187   11 years ezyang Bump version for krb5.
(edit) @2186   11 years ezyang Another mitigation to the PHP command line flags vulnerability.
(edit) @2185   11 years ezyang Actually patch in SSH_GSSAPI_NAME (as best as I can tell, this has ...
(edit) @2184   11 years ezyang Scriptsify PHP, patch CVE 2012-1823.
(edit) @2183   11 years ezyang Revert disk ccache hack, upstream has fixed the bug.
(edit) @2182   11 years geofft Put courseroad cert in right directory
(edit) @2181   11 years geofft Certificate and configuration for courseroad [ #1967114]
(edit) @2180   11 years quentin Uncomment s-a and b-m, yay!
(edit) @2179   11 years achernya Remove blue-sun-corp certificate and configuration, long expired
(edit) @2178   11 years achernya Certificate renewal for finboard and carepackages
(edit) @2177   11 years geofft Revert r2176 We should allow SSLProxy* to be configurable in ...
(edit) @2176   11 years geofft Enable SSLProxyEngine This allows you to mod_proxy (e.g., RewriteRule ...
(edit) @2175   11 years ezyang Force the PATH to be in front.
(edit) @2174   11 years ezyang Add warning about Git version.
(edit) @2173   11 years achernya fping now has capabilities
(edit) @2172   11 years achernya Certificate renewal for asa and bc
(edit) @2171   11 years ezyang Enable yum-updatesd.service
(edit) @2170   11 years ezyang Port csdb patch to systemd, and include mousetrap db.
(edit) @2169   11 years ezyang Split up cellServDB into mousetrap and local.
(edit) @2168   11 years ezyang Update crond systemd patch.
(edit) @2167   11 years ezyang Add fuse-better-mousetrapfs to scripts-base.
(edit) @2166   11 years ezyang Add enabled services that we definitely want.
(edit) @2165   11 years ezyang Add OpenAFS to the dependencies of remote-fs.
(edit) @2164   11 years ezyang Bind this mount more closely to the AFS service.
(edit) @2163   11 years ezyang Don't use local for better-mousetrapfs.
(edit) @2162   11 years ezyang Don't store better-mousetrapfs in local.
(edit) @2161   11 years ezyang Remove pointless race checking; kernel doesn't preserve old proc ...
(edit) @2160   11 years ezyang Avoid races if /proc directory goes away
(edit) @2159   11 years ezyang s/AUTH/AUTHPRIV/ and report cwd too.
(edit) @2158   11 years ezyang Log to AUTH so we get zephyrs.
(edit) @2157   11 years ezyang Latest httpd fixes CVEs we were patching.
(edit) @2156   11 years ezyang CellServDB entry for the mousetrap directory, so it can be mounted.
(edit) @2155   11 years ezyang Configuration for setting the mousetrap.
(edit) @2154   11 years ezyang Make better-mousetrapfs actually build.
(edit) @2153   11 years ezyang Version bump for httpd.
(edit) @2152   11 years adehnert Split out AFS nagios checks
(edit) @2151   11 years ezyang Package andersk's better-mousetrapfs
(edit) @2150   11 years ezyang Merge r2149: Make Rails autoinstaller work with Rails 3.
(edit) @2149   11 years ezyang Make Rails autoinstaller work with Rails 3: - Rewrite the dispatcher ...
(edit) @2148   11 years achernya Certificate renewal for tibetforum
(edit) @2147   11 years achernya Certificate and configuration for dchang
(edit) @2146   11 years andersk Synchronously delete records from ldap delete() might not actually ...
(edit) @2145   11 years andersk Kill signup-scripts-frontend We don’t need this setuid binary because ...
(edit) @2144   11 years andersk Fix openssh.spec.patch again
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