New West Campus Houses, which opened in September 1975, consists of six physical houses, numbered (Roman and Arabic numerals are used interchangeably) sequentially from East to West. Houses II through V, Russian House, French House, and German House were the charter houses of the dormitory, the first four being all-male. At the dedication in 1978, Houses II through V were named for renowned patrons of the Institute. Thereafter, houses were referred to by either number or name. In 1979, Spanish House was granted the fifth floor of House III, and in 1982 the second floor of House IV. Houses I and VI were given patron names at a function in 1983. These two houses, containing three language houses, gained a new ILG during the 1980s: Chocolate City, an all-male proto-ILG, was given preferential Institute Rush and Housing privileges (like the Language Houses) in 1991. New House contains nine individual living groups, yet is still a dormitory under one name. The independent living groups are known as the ILGs, whereas the dormitory living groups shall be known as the LGs.




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