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How many singles and doubles are available in New House to the incoming freshmen?

It changes every year, but in all of New House, 80% of the rooms are singles. The rest are doubles, with the exception of one triple.

What are the average sizes of the rooms?

Average size of a single: 142.08 square feet
Average size of a double: 237.73 square feet

How many kitchens are there in New House?

Total Number of kitchens: 14
House 1: 2 kitchens
House 2: 3 kitchens
House 3: 2 kitchens
House 4: 3 kitchens
House 5: 2 kitchens
House 6: 2 kitchens

The kitchens are very large!!

How many people share a bathroom?

On average, four people "share" one bathroom, though all residents of New House are free to use any bathroom in the building. In other words, there is no formal bathroom allocation.

What does "W70" mean?

"W70" is New House's building designator. Each building on campus has one. Check out the campus map online for more.

New House has air conditioning? When would I ever need it?

Yup, we're the only dorm in West Campus with A/C. On the east side, Senior House is the only building with it.

Believe it or not, it gets hot in Boston. For the first and last few weeks of the academic year (and especially if you're here over the summer), air conditioning becomes invaluable. For the rest of the time, the system is converted over to heating to keep you nice and comfortable.

What kind of computing facilities does New House have?

Let's see...

  • 8 public Athena computers
  • 2 public (industrial strength) printers
  • Dorm Makerspace
  • Wireless access everywhere
  • Ethernet jacks EVERYWHERE

Any other cool facilities? Fitness Center? Study Lounge?

  • An awesome study lounge
  • 4,720 pounds of weight in the fitness center (free and machine)
  • 14 kitchens with 35 public, large refrigerators and 23 microwaves
  • 25 whiteboards
  • 1 piano in a dedicated music room
  • 13 bike racks
  • Game room
  • Fully-loaded laundry facilities, with 10 washers and 10 driers

How much does it cost to do laundry?

The washers charge $1 per load, and the driers charge between 25¢ and $1 depending on how much time you'd like.

All washers and driers are industrial strength and high-capacity. They accept quarters and TechCash!




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