New House Basics

I just learned my room number, but where in the building am I?

Your room number in New House is in the form: 8-888. The first number (8-888) designates the physical house you're in, then the dash, then this next number (8-888) designates the floor you're on.

If your room number is 5-212, for example, this means you live in House 5 (physical house, see the next question for an explanation), second floor. The doors are marked with the room numbers so you should have no problem finding your room once you're in the right house and on the right floor.

iHouse Chocolate City House 2 House Spanish House House Spanish House House 3 House 4 Desmond Desmond German House French House

(Remember, MIT is a very numerically-aligned school, so the room numbering system works this way throughout campus. For example, the MIT Registrar's Office is in room 5-111, so it's in Building 5, first floor, room 111. Technically, room 5-212 in New House is designated as room W70-5-212 on the larger MIT scale, since New House is building W70.)

This all comes naturally with some practice, don't worry. Just be sure to explore lots when you arrive here in the fall!

What should I bring?

The Official New House Survival Guide Check out the 2012 New House Survival Guide for a comprehensive list of what to bring with you to New House!

(Document is in Adobe PDF format.)






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