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Housing Policy

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Alcohol Guidelines

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Postering in New House

1. No postering on any painted surfaces. This includes the white columns, all walls on all floors, the red walls and doors in the arcade, and the painted entrance doors for each house.

2. No postering anywhere in the stairwells. This includes the white walls and the side of the doors that faces the stairwell.

3. Each house has its own bulletin board near the first floor stairwell entrance. You may post anything there.

4. You may poster on the side of the stairwell entrance doors that faces the hall (opposite the side that faces the stairwell). This applies to all floors. Do not poster over the glass windows on the doors.

5. Certain bulletin boards will soon be marked as being for "New House Executive Committee Use Only." Please respect these notices and do not post anything on these boards.

Please note that the walls in New House are scheduled to be painted every six years, facilities has to pay for things including damaged painted surfaces. We are fortunate to have nice facilities in New House, so let's work together to make sure they stay nice.

Fire Alarms

In case of evacuation, New House residents are to meet in either the MacGregor or Next House lobbies. DO NOT USE THE ELEVATORS.

Room Safety Inspections

In general, inspections are done once a year usually during the beginning of the term. Here's a list of the general safety guidelines.

~Electric cooking devices can be stored in the room, but not used there - they must be unplugged.
~Power strips and extension cords should not have more than 3 items plugged into them.
~Do not plug one extension cord or power strip into another one.
~Do not run electric cords under rugs.
~Fridges should be plugged directly into wall outlets or into heavy duty extension cords only.
~No hazardous materials & flammable/combustible liquids allowed and candles are for decoration only - do not light.
~Combustible wall hangings should cover no more than 1/3 of available wall space.
~If bed is lofted, there must be a minimum of 36" between the top of the mattress and the ceiling.
~Fire protection equipment must be unobstructed.
~Leave space between furniture and wires & the heater.
~Keep doors & floor clear of obstructions(there should be adequate space for a fully equipped firefighter to enter the room).
~Halogen lamps must have protective grates.
~This final pointer is not safety related, but still important - lounge furniture is not allowed in student rooms, you will be fined $200 per piece if any is found in the room.

Please remember that these inspections are for your safety and that of your neighbors. Your cooperation in getting the inspections done is needed and greatly appreciated.

Noise Safety

Regular Semester Noise Policy:

To insure an environment that is conducive for study and sleep, noise levels are to be held to a minimum between the hours of 9:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m., Sundays through Thursdays during the regular semester. An exception to this policy is for evenings before a holiday. It is the responsibility of each resident to make sure his/her activities are not disturbing to neighbors. During this time, talking, music, television, or guest should not be heard outside the residentís room. Lounges may be used for group studying. Noise should not be audible outside the study area. During other times, residents are to show consideration for their neighbors. In addition to these quiet hours, each house may enforce a study hours for its residents.

Exam Period Noise Policy:

During the period of final exams, New House employs a 24 hour study period.

These policies become effective at 12:01 A.M on Sunday and remain in effect until Friday at Noon.

During exam period, talking, music, television, or guest should not be heard outside the residentís room. Lounges maybe used for group studying with noise and talking levels kept to a minimum level.

Handling Noise Complaints:

Any resident objecting to noise that prohibits him/her from studying or sleeping should approach the offending resident(s), in a direct, courteous and respectful manner and ask that the noise cease. If the offending resident(s) refuses to cooperate and the disturbing noise continues, the resident should contact:
House President
House GRT
Night Watch at 3-1500

If none of the above is available, or effective, contact the Housemasters at
5-7400. If the Housemaster is not available, contact Campus Police at 3-1212

These policies are enforced by the Housemasters for the benefit of all residents. Offenders of these policies are subject to judicial action.

IM Sports Rules

How IM Sports Works

Games are usually about once a week on the weekends, though exact times and frequencies are not determined until after the entire signup/commitment process because the schedule isn't set until the number of teams is. Signing up to be on the team means that you will either (1) show up to all of the games, (2) notify your captain at least 72 hours (3 days) in advance if you cannot attend, or (3) if you need to cancel within 3 days of a game, you must contact your captain with a replacement. If you don't either (1) show up, (2) give due notice, or (3) find a replacement, you will be subject to a $10 fine since New House pays for forfeited games.

Team Captain Responsibilities
  • Remind team via email each week of upcoming game 5-6 days in advance.
  • Confirm that at least the minimum number of players will be in attendance 72 hours in advance, and if not contact the opposing team or sport manager to cancel/reschedule.
  • Help team members find a replacement if they give due notice of a missed game. (Or just cancel/reschedule 3 days in advance.) If 1 and 2 aren't done and a game is forfeited as a result, the captain will be subject to a $10 dollar fine.




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