Bill of Rights

Being a resident student during your time in college should be a positive experience. Getting to know people on many levels enhances that experience. Take advantage of this special time in your life and get to know the people you are living with here in New House and across the campus. Being a part of this exciting community, living and growing with your friends, is an amazing opportunity.

As a member of the New House Community, you have agreed to the New House Bill of Rights.

These basic rights include:

  • The right to read, to study, and to live free from undue interference, unreasonable noise and other distractions which inhibit the exercise of this right.
  • The right to expect that others will respect one's personal belongings.
  • The right to a reasonably clean environment in which to live including the right to designate one's room a smoke-free environment.
  • The right to free access to one's room.
  • The right to personal privacy.
  • The right to be free from physical or psychological intimidation, harassment, and/or harm.

We expect that you will respect the rights of all residents of New House in the following way:

  • Be respectful of resident's rights to study and sleep in an environment that is conducive to that purpose.
  • Be respectful of the quiet hours when they are in effect, particularly during finals week.
  • Be respectful of the guest and desk policy and do your part to keep the building safe and secure. Please carry your ID card with you so you may gain entrance to the building. Please do not let people who are not known to you enter the building as you do. Please direct those people to the front desk.
  • Be respectful of the shared common space by keeping them clean and cleaning up after yourselves. These areas include kitchens, bathrooms, lounges, the arcade (the first floor corridor of NH), the fitness center and Athena stations.
  • We expect that you will return movies to the front desk when they are due.
  • We expect that you will always be considerate of others, especially as it relates to sharing NH property and funds, attending NH activities, and being considerate of others at study breaks and other events.

Last Revised: SEPT 05, 2004




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