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Good tickets to get a new contributor started with the Scripts project:

Ticket Summary Keywords Status Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#91 autoinstallers should not assume locker 'foo' mounts at '/mit/foo' starter new defect minor autoinstallers
#109 make installing language modules to your homedir easy starter, shell new enhancement normal misc
#111 WordPress pingbacks aren't automatic starter, python new defect minor autoinstallers
#122 scripts-remove doesn't delete Rails databases starter, shell reopened elefthei defect normal autoinstallers
#137 Django's should mention ssh'ing to scripts on failure starter reopened enhancement minor autoinstallers
#154 can't back up databases with lots of tables starter, c new defect major sql
#176 Warn about too long lockername on signup starter, shell new defect major sql
#205 Document git with certificates starter, git, docs new enhancement minor vcs
#225 Trac installer needs to make InnoDB tables, not MyISAM starter, perl new defect normal autoinstallers
#236 Wizard failure leaves behind directory starter, python new ezyang defect normal wizard-infra
#238 Django SSL auth should be an option in the Django autoinstaller starter, perl new enhancement normal autoinstallers
#244 Pony should show pending requests starter, python new defect normal pony
#246 Package python-moira (pymoira) starter, fedora new enhancement normal misc
#248 Pony needs more knobs starter, python new enhancement minor pony
#249 Pony does not distinguish between moira/dns/resolved states starter, python, sqlalchemy new dzaefn defect normal pony
#324 Viewing git repos in a browser 404's starter, git, perl new defect normal autoinstallers
#374 Organize the FAQs better starter, docs new task normal documentation