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(edit) @1802   12 years adehnert New certs for bc and asa
(edit) @1801   12 years adehnert Revert part of r1800
(edit) @1800   12 years adehnert Set permissions properly on Apache log files
(edit) @1797   12 years adehnert New cert for tibetforum
(edit) @1796   12 years mitchb New mod_original_dst - makes Apache use original destination IP In a ...
(edit) @1795   12 years mitchb Bump krb5 release number and rebuild for upstream update
(edit) @1794   12 years mitchb Update version in Postfix's documentation directories Because postfix ...
(edit) @1793   12 years mitchb Pristine upstream copy of iptables-config
(edit) @1789   12 years mitchb Add missing backend route to not-backward You know, because we were ...
(edit) @1788   12 years mitchb Switch from "strict" to "loose" reverse-path filtering Reverse-path ...
(edit) @1787   12 years andersk /etc/scripts/modprobe: Tighten binfmt-464c check Substring matching ...
(edit) @1786   12 years geofft vhost and cert for gsc [ #1491793]
(edit) @1783   12 years geofft Refresh krb5.spec.patch
(edit) @1781   12 years geofft Don't log harmless modprobe requests for invalid ELF binaries
(edit) @1780   12 years mitchb Remove quickprint cert and configuration
(edit) @1779   12 years mitchb Renewed certificate for
(edit) @1778   12 years geofft Certificate and vhost for psetcentral [ #1468394]
(edit) @1777   12 years mitchb Disable quickprint
(edit) @1776   12 years adehnert Update isawyou and classmates certs
(edit) @1773   12 years mitchb Certificate and Apache config for cs6090
(edit) @1772   12 years mitchb Bump virtual address space limit from 1.25G to 1.5G, reluctantly We ...
(edit) @1771   12 years mitchb Renewed certificate for eastgate
(edit) @1770   12 years geofft Certificate renewal for
(edit) @1769   12 years geofft Certificate and vhost config for
(edit) @1768   12 years geofft Rename current scripts.key to scripts-1024.key. * httpd.conf: Default ...
(edit) @1767   12 years geofft New * cert signed against 4096-bit key
(edit) @1766   12 years geofft Update Blue Sun vhosts to new (4096-bit) key
(edit) @1765   12 years geofft New certificate for *
(edit) @1764   12 years mitchb Renewed certificates for impact and debathena
(edit) @1763   12 years mitchb Ensure that the same arch of httpd and httpdmods are installed
(edit) @1762   12 years mitchb Version bump and rebuild of 389-ds-base (yes, again again) Also move ...
(edit) @1761   12 years andersk Use arch-specific dependencies in scripts-base scripts requires both ...
(edit) @1760   12 years andersk Stop cron mail from bouncing to root This undoes the effect of this ...
(edit) @1759   12 years mitchb Version bump and rebuild of 389-ds-base
(edit) @1758   12 years geofft Don't run the QuickPrint cronjob on non-user-available machines
(edit) @1755   12 years mitchb Version bump and rebuild for krb5
(edit) @1754   12 years mitchb Lock out 389-ds-base updates that don't have our patches Since the ...
(edit) @1753   12 years mitchb Version bump and rebuild for 389-ds-base
(edit) @1752   12 years mitchb Revert r1650 You cannot do this, and this was change was obviously ...
(edit) @1751   12 years mitchb Fix changelogdb path logic in 389-ds-base
(edit) @1747   12 years mitchb weps noituloser esrever sserppuS Yet another form of message about ...
(edit) @1746   12 years geofft Reify techfair, tf, and swe
(edit) @1745   12 years geofft Add certs for techfair, tf, and swe
(edit) @1744   12 years mitchb Beat java over the head even harder than before Maybe this will ...
(edit) @1743   12 years mitchb Stop scriptsifying 389-ds-base This patch is now in Fedora's ...
(edit) @1740   12 years mitchb Stop scriptsifying ipython This fix is now in Fedora's ...
(edit) @1739   12 years mitchb Eliminate spurious opsnssh error messages related to public keys If ...
(edit) @1738   12 years ezyang Trivial update to httpd.spec.diff for latest version.
(edit) @1737   12 years mitchb Certificate and Apache config for
(edit) @1736   12 years geofft Move's locker
(edit) @1735   12 years geofft Reified vhosts for listmon and sayno
(edit) @1734   12 years mitchb Renewed cert for
(edit) @1733   12 years geofft SSL certificates for listmon and sayno
(edit) @1732   12 years ezyang Bump maximum request size of mod_fcgid; this fixes large file uploads ...
(edit) @1726   12 years ezyang Scriptsify ipython, add patch for GTK.
(edit) @1725   12 years ezyang Un-scriptsify mod_fcgid.
(edit) @1722   12 years ezyang mod_fcgid 2.3.6 is OK.
(edit) @1721   12 years adehnert Send srimano to /dev/null due to backscatter
(edit) @1720   12 years geofft punt gdb
(edit) @1719   12 years andersk Reify
(edit) @1718   12 years andersk Unreify
(edit) @1717   12 years andersk Identify processes triggering the kernel module loader for the logs
(edit) @1716   12 years geofft Have slapd use a file ccache instead of a memory one I suspect this ...
(edit) @1715   12 years geofft Pristine version of /etc/sysconfig/dirsrv
(edit) @1714   12 years ezyang Scriptsify mod_fcgid (this is non-working.)
(edit) @1713   12 years geofft Cert renewals, and new cert for fridget
(edit) @1711   12 years ezyang Switch to a temporary OpenAFS source RPM URL that works.
(edit) @1710   12 years ezyang Updated Kerberos version number.
(edit) @1709   12 years ezyang Exclude mod_fcgid from updates.
(edit) @1708   12 years ezyang Add mock configuration for Fedora 13.
(edit) @1707   12 years ezyang Ignore oom_adj for all values.
(edit) @1705   12 years geofft Scriptsify 389 to grab fix for RHBZ #637852
(edit) @1703   12 years geofft Also update DenyUsers and ssh_known_hosts
(edit) @1702   12 years geofft Update shosts.equiv to list new servers
(edit) @1701   12 years ezyang Set default date.timezone.
(edit) @1700   12 years mitchb Fill in missing names for the vhost
(edit) @1697   12 years ezyang Restore r1686.
(edit) @1693   12 years ezyang Merge Fedora 13 development back to trunk.
(edit) @1689   12 years andersk Remove unused mangle and nat tables
(edit) @1688   12 years andersk Disable kernel module loading
(edit) @1684   12 years ezyang Merge in shining-armor.
(edit) @1671   12 years ezyang Make the LDAP check match sudoers line, preserve USE_NEWLINES.
(edit) @1670   12 years ezyang Pretty format check_ldap_mmr with USE_NEWLINES.
(edit) @1667   12 years ezyang Add whole-enchilada to network information.
(edit) @1652   12 years ezyang LDAP certificate checking no longer necessary with GSSAPI.
(edit) @1611   12 years adehnert Updated certificate
(edit) @1607   12 years gdb Make httpdmods require scripts-httpd Our patched mod-vhost-ldap uses ...
(edit) @1602   12 years gdb httpd: Add method to merge virtual host with a main server_rec
(edit) @1595   12 years geofft Unreify queues and lpq vhosts The site's been dead for ages -- at ...
(edit) @1594   12 years geofft tokensys: aklog csail
(edit) @1593   12 years geofft Cert renewals (axo, crew, familynet, mitsoc, next, random-hall, ...
(edit) @1591   12 years adehnert Updated certificate for
(edit) @1590   12 years andersk Package new static-cat written in Haskell. This adds support for ...
(edit) @1587   12 years geofft Patch Ghostscript overflow error, see GS bug #691295 (CVE-2010-1628)
(edit) @1586   12 years geofft Update to libpng 1.2.44 (CVE-2010-1205) (CVE-2010-2249)
(edit) @1584   12 years geofft d_zroot: Also punt the logic for counting failed root logins This ...
(edit) @1583   12 years geofft Fix r1330 and reapply it.
(edit) @1582   12 years geofft Remove e-mail blocks (timeout!)
(edit) @1581   12 years geofft Comment out DNSSEC because upstream's package is borked See ...
(edit) @1580   12 years geofft check in upstream named.conf
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