Enough with the April Fool’s Day!

Maybe I’m just a curmudgeon, but I hate April Fool’s Day. You have to put up with no end to stupid press releases from humorless company drones who think it’s the height of cleverness and wit to announce a fake product (oh, you got us again Google!), lame jokes from coworkers, fake news stories, etc. And here’s the worst part of all, the only true joke of April 1st: you know it’s all coming. Doesn’t anybody else see the inherent abject absurdity of a day of scheduled practical jokes? It’s like a suspense story told backwards. Except it lasts all day.

Let’s end this crap, ok? Let’s make next year’s April Fool’s joke be that nobody does anything that day, but secretly plans to really screw somebody in May.

3 thoughts on “Enough with the April Fool’s Day!

  1. bill

    Yea, April fool sometimes, but some people or jokes get very annoying or repetitive if I could say.

    Anyway i like to make jokes every day, and usually I forget on 1st of April

  2. Scott


    However on behalf of the rest of us out here in the non-MIT world…we really do miss the 4/1 webpage.


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