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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone Component Keywords
#77 .my.cnf generation and parsing. new defect minor sql
#119 scripts-remove shouldn't sign users up for new defect minor sql
#150 load-balance SQL reads where possible new enhancement normal sql
#152 hotter MySQL failover new enhancement normal sql
#153 look into MySQL multimaster replication new enhancement normal sql
#154 can't back up databases with lots of tables new defect major sql starter, c
#176 Warn about too long lockername on signup new defect major sql starter, shell
#181 SQL should not attempt to create database with strange names new defect normal sql
#182 should permit switch to locker from cert auth based on admof new enhancement major sql
#190 SQL utility scripts should do more error checking new defect normal sql
#227 Better MySQL password reset new enhancement normal sql
#228 Ident authentication for MySQL new enhancement normal sql
#276 Support postgres new enhancement major sql service
#310 Move sql to a more stable distro new enhancement normal sql
#325 Switch sql to git new defect major sql
#336 shouldn't mailbomb the maintainers when an outage occurs new defect normal sql
#337 should be bound on the directors new enhancement minor sql
#342 Rewrite with remctl and Python new achernya enhancement major Fedora 20 sql
#344 sql test server new glasgall enhancement normal sql
#345 Teach autoinstallers to use the sql test server new enhancement normal sql
#354 Track high-connection-count users new enhancement normal sql
#365 Support MongoDB new enhancement normal sql service
#382 Spurious quotes in munin graph new defect minor sql
#405 storage_engine is not replicated for CREATE TABLE new defect normal sql
#425 Enable SSL on new enhancement normal sql

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