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(edit) @1020   14 years geofft /etc/sysconfig/openafs: for great awesome
(edit) @1019   14 years mitchb Increase CPU time limit for processes spawned by Apache. This should ...
(edit) @1018   14 years quentin Allow hostbased authentication over the backend network (Yay!)
(edit) @1017   14 years quentin Route to b-k over the backend network
(edit) @1016   14 years quentin Allow FastCGIs to take up to 5 minutes to respond
(edit) @1010   14 years quentin ACPI event handler so you can't shut down with the power button
(edit) @1006   14 years quentin Reboot on OOM
(edit) @1001   14 years mitchb We need subversion-devel from testing as well, so that we can build a ...
(edit) @1000   14 years andersk Change the core file limit from hard to soft.
(edit) @999   14 years geofft Install Subversion (1.5) from the updates-testing-newkey repo.
(edit) @998   14 years geofft cert and vhost for
(edit) @996   14 years mitchb i386_linux3 isn't actually twice as good just because we listed it ...
(edit) @994   14 years geofft i386_deb40 is better than i386_linux1
(edit) @992   14 years mitchb Don't let cron send mail if it can't touch the cron status file. ...
(edit) @988   14 years mitchb I should start reading root's mail. I will probably regret this.
(edit) @987   14 years quentin Add patch to log document root with every log line
(edit) @986   14 years quentin Add reverse-resolution for the backend IPs
(edit) @985   14 years quentin Map to local usernames, instead of to addresses (both ...
(edit) @984   14 years quentin Allow local part to contain @
(edit) @983   14 years quentin Support mail to
(edit) @982   14 years quentin Check that cron can actually run things as users
(edit) @979   14 years geofft er, Fedora has a nontrivial vimrc
(edit) @978   14 years geofft undo miscommit
(edit) @977   14 years geofft Suppress writing .viminfo file
(edit) @975   14 years geofft SSL cert and conf [ #792732]
(edit) @974   14 years andersk Change DocumentRoot to web_scripts/sipb.
(edit) @973   14 years geofft Change default cert to *.scripts except for
(edit) @972   14 years geofft Uncommitted changes to httpd.conf. These seem to involve performance ...
(edit) @971   14 years andersk Get rid of the custom aliases.
(edit) @970   14 years andersk Change the IP for and add
(edit) @969   14 years andersk Add scripts-vhosts.
(edit) @968   14 years andersk Add and
(edit) @967   14 years geofft oops
(edit) @966   14 years geofft Add new IP address
(edit) @963   14 years quentin Add vhost entry for so it picks up its cert
(edit) @962   14 years geofft SSL cert for
(edit) @961   14 years quentin Add scripts LDAP schema to the repo
(edit) @959   14 years geofft Update httpd.spec.patch for Fedora 10
(edit) @957   14 years quentin Add scripts-python-path package
(edit) @956   14 years quentin Make filenames consistent in the krb5.spec patch
(edit) @955   14 years geofft Update krb5 patch for Fedora 10
(edit) @954   14 years quentin Make sure I never get woken up for that again
(edit) @953   14 years andersk Revert r952.
(edit) @952   14 years quentin Serve wiki content directly via Apache
(edit) @951   14 years andersk chmod 755 /var/run/dirsrv
(edit) @950   14 years quentin Add a scripts version number to the nss-ldapd package
(edit) @949   14 years quentin Whoops, add the patch that nss-ldapd applies when building to the repo
(edit) @948   14 years quentin Try hostbased authentication in the client
(edit) @947   14 years quentin Add shosts.equiv for allowing logins
(edit) @946   14 years quentin Allow ssh hostbased authentication
(edit) @945   14 years geofft add mime types for Silverlight
(edit) @944   14 years geofft Add xaml and xap as static files for Silverlight, per [ ...
(edit) @943   14 years geofft Hacks because Apache makes things hard at the .htaccess level.
(edit) @942   14 years geofft vhost
(edit) @941   14 years geofft cert for
(edit) @940   14 years geofft Whoops, forgot to
(edit) @939   14 years geofft Setting tty modes failed: Invalid argument
(edit) @938   14 years andersk Read .ssh/authorized_keys, not just authorized_keys2. ...
(edit) @937   14 years geofft openafs: Unbreak signup.
(edit) @936   14 years andersk Prevent users other than afsagent and root from retrieving the global ...
(edit) @935   14 years andersk Gotcha.
(edit) @934   14 years quentin Don't build packages when installing a server (oh that feels so good)
(edit) @933   14 years andersk We need the patched pts in scripts-openafs-devel for accountadm.
(edit) @932   14 years quentin Don't install openafs-debuginfo package
(edit) @931   14 years andersk Make scripts-base depend scripts-kmod-openafs.
(edit) @930   14 years andersk rpmvercmp sucks. Hopefully, there will never be a Linux kernel 100.0.
(edit) @929   14 years andersk Make kmod-openafs provide scripts-kmod-openafs.
(edit) @928   14 years andersk Use target-local Makefile variables for svnversion.
(edit) @927   14 years quentin More updated specs
(edit) @926   14 years quentin Use an RPM macro instead of sed to specify package versions
(edit) @925   14 years quentin Update specfile patches to provide scripts-specific virtual packages ...
(edit) @924   14 years quentin Fix scripts-base package
(edit) @923   14 years quentin Initial import of scripts-base package
(edit) @922   14 years quentin don't stop execsys on package updates
(edit) @921   14 years andersk userdel already implies groupdel.
(edit) @920   14 years quentin Ignore preexisting users when reinstalling packages
(edit) @919   14 years quentin Also fix tokensys
(edit) @918   14 years quentin Only remove users on erase, not upgrade
(edit) @917   14 years quentin Build packages with their svn revision as their version number
(edit) @916   14 years quentin We now build nss-ldapd with our Makefile!
(edit) @915   14 years quentin Support mDNS on scripts
(edit) @914   14 years quentin Add if_err_eth2 to allowed munin commands (wtf?)
(edit) @913   14 years quentin Remove openSUSEisms from the specfile
(edit) @912   14 years quentin Package nss-ldapd as a patch on the openSUSE rpm
(edit) @911   14 years quentin Add nss-ldapd package
(edit) @910   14 years quentin configuration for nss-ldapd
(edit) @909   14 years andersk git and svn don't need to set HOME anymore.
(edit) @908   14 years andersk Teach suexec to setenv("HOME").
(edit) @907   14 years andersk Force queries to the PTS database to be encrypted, so that responses ...
(edit) @906   14 years geofft yum remove NetworkManager isn't sustainable.
(edit) @905   14 years geofft Never mind, this patch is already in OpenAFS 1.4.8. The Makefile ...
(edit) @904   14 years geofft openafs: Compile on 2.6.27 [ #111634]. Linux 2.6.27 ...
(edit) @903   14 years andersk Replace {svnproxy,gitproxy} select() loop with a poll() loop, to catch ...
(edit) @902   14 years andersk Run $AFS_POST_INIT from the openafs-client initscript, if it is ...
(edit) @901   14 years andersk Upgrade to OpenAFS 1.4.8, dropping upstreamed patches.
(edit) @892   14 years andersk Avoid getpwnam in vhostadd so that it works from outside scripts.
(edit) @891   14 years quentin Add reuter to blocked mail accounts list, and prevent outbound mail
(edit) @890   15 years geofft I think this works better
(edit) @889   15 years quentin Fix geofft's typo
(edit) @888   15 years geofft Display failed root logins from off campus only at 10+10k attempts.
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