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(edit) @677   16 years andersk Remove hacks-old.
(edit) @671   16 years quentin Remove broken configuration for deprecated mime_magic module, as we ...
(edit) @669   16 years geofft disable X11 forwarding; allow forwarding $EDITOR and $VISUAL because ...
(edit) @668   16 years quentin Ignore more meaningless sshd logs
(edit) @667   16 years quentin Don't log logins from non-root users
(edit) @666   16 years quentin Change syslog zephyring to coalesce messages
(edit) @665   16 years quentin Make Zephyrs more useful and move to -c scripts-auto
(edit) @664   16 years andersk -c scripts -> -c scripts-auto.
(edit) @662   16 years quentin Save log and pid in the right places
(edit) @661   16 years quentin Run whoisd on startup
(edit) @657   16 years quentin Run if_ plugin as root so it can determine the interface speed
(edit) @656   16 years andersk And finally the vhosts directory is unused.
(edit) @653   16 years andersk Convert framewrapper vhosts to real vhosts in LDAP.
(edit) @649   16 years presbrey httpd.conf: configure SNI support for *:444
(edit) @648   16 years presbrey httpd.conf: configure SNI support
(edit) @646   16 years quentin Send to host-specific instance, and send for both root and logview
(edit) @645   16 years quentin syslog-ng configuration for zephyring when root logs in
(edit) @644   16 years quentin Remove overrides of session.save_path and include_path (old ...
(edit) @643   16 years quentin Commit outstanding change allowing ldap backups
(edit) @642   16 years andersk Only check .htaccess files inside web_scripts, thus eliminating a past ...
(edit) @635   16 years andersk Enable mod_expires.
(edit) @624   16 years quentin Allow monitoring by
(edit) @623   16 years quentin Move the heartbeat script to /__scripts/heartbeat so we can serve it ...
(edit) @607   16 years quentin Add a second NTP server, for good measure.
(edit) @605   16 years andersk blah blah APACHE HAS NO GODDAMN ABSTRACTION BARRIERS blah blah blah.
(edit) @604   16 years andersk Prevent vhost access controls from applying to /__scripts.
(edit) @603   16 years andersk Modularize the redirect-to-certs kludge so that users just need to say ...
(edit) @602   16 years andersk /icons -> /__scripts/icons to avoid shadowing vhost namespace.
(edit) @584   16 years quentin Support
(edit) @583   16 years geofft oops, webmaster@szs is a special case
(edit) @566   16 years geofft webzephyr IP address
(edit) @556   16 years geofft Postfix changes for webzephyr
(edit) @548   16 years geofft i can has root@scripts?
(edit) @547   16 years andersk Add some missing deps.
(edit) @520   16 years andersk Enable mod_negotiation.
(edit) @516   16 years andersk Make it easier to override kvariants and kernvers.
(edit) @512   16 years andersk Use ldapi:// url.
(edit) @511   16 years andersk Re-enable sendfile now that it works.
(edit) @510   16 years andersk Implement splice_write and splice_read so that sendfile() works on ...
(edit) @509   16 years andersk Apparently sendfile() breaks with kernel 2.6.23 and openafs 1.4.5.
(edit) @507   16 years andersk Bump to OpenAFS 1.4.5.
(edit) @503   16 years quentin Add smart monitoring to munin
(edit) @500   16 years andersk Add b-m and o-f aliases.
(edit) @493   16 years andersk Make work, for Munin monitoring.
(edit) @487   16 years andersk Not used anymore.
(edit) @486   16 years andersk Oops, clean up a few things from r484.
(edit) @485   16 years andersk Make new signups go to LDAP!
(edit) @484   16 years andersk /etc/ldap.conf.
(edit) @482   16 years andersk ou=vhosts -> ou=VirtualHosts.
(edit) @480   16 years andersk Build mod_vhost_ldap.
(edit) @478   16 years geofft more ldap chocolatey goodness
(edit) @477   16 years andersk Don't IndexIgnore HEADER* README*.
(edit) @471   16 years andersk ifcfg-lo_0 -> ifcfg-lo:0 so it comes up on boot.
(edit) @455   16 years geofft prelim ldap stuff
(edit) @454   16 years geofft prelim ldap stuff
(edit) @437   16 years andersk Add OpenSSH multihomed patch (derived from asedeno) to enable ssh to ...
(edit) @426   16 years andersk Add more users to aliases.
(edit) @425   16 years andersk Not sure what this is, but it's on both servers.
(edit) @424   16 years andersk Kerberos config from o-f.
(edit) @423   16 years quentin Tell users when they don't have tickets or don't exist
(edit) @422   16 years quentin Update root mail recipients
(edit) @421   16 years quentin Enabling magic sysrq
(edit) @420   16 years quentin Removing arbitrary limits (to sync repository to actual state)
(edit) @419   16 years quentin Committing live hosts file (was same on both servers)
(edit) @418   16 years quentin Committing unknown change (rpm upgrade?); it's true on both servers.
(edit) @417   16 years quentin Enable munin apache graphing by turning on server-status
(edit) @416   16 years quentin Added munin configuration for monitoring apache
(edit) @409   16 years andersk Remove SSLUserName, because mod_auth_sslcert is better and having the ...
(edit) @408   16 years andersk SSLVerifyClient optional.
(edit) @407   16 years andersk Fix the stupid rpmbuild symlink bug.
(edit) @404   16 years presbrey slight Makefile correction for suexec
(edit) @399   16 years andersk Add www.* names for fake vhosts.
(edit) @395   16 years andersk Make lombana a real vhost.
(edit) @392   16 years andersk Don't fail if signup user/group already exist.
(edit) @391   16 years andersk Enable mod_auth_optional.
(edit) @390   16 years andersk httpd module updates, including support for optional authentication.
(edit) @389   16 years andersk Use apxs to build Apache modules.
(edit) @384   16 years andersk Allow mod_auth_sslcert configuration to be overridden in .htaccess.
(edit) @370   16 years andersk Move localhost.key to scripts.key.
(edit) @369   16 years andersk More useful certificate location.
(edit) @365   16 years presbrey provide header directives available to .htaccess files
(edit) @364   16 years geofft Replace the huge SSH banner with a reference to the FAQ that contains ...
(edit) @358   16 years quentin made the default vhost instead of; ...
(edit) @356   16 years quentin add -t to cause temporary rather than permanent failures when ...
(edit) @353   16 years jbarnold updated Makefile to follow conventional Fedora build process more ...
(edit) @352   16 years jbarnold keyutils-libs-devel needed for building krb5 on fc7
(edit) @340   16 years presbrey renaming for svn clients that can't support colon pathnames
(edit) @336   16 years andersk I was going to move SSLVerifyDepth 1 to vhosts-common-ssl.conf so ...
(edit) @335   16 years andersk Remove authn_dbd_module.
(edit) @332   16 years andersk Accept certificates on port 444.
(edit) @330   16 years andersk Modularize main vhost, and fix favicon.ico and ...
(edit) @325   16 years andersk net.ipv4.tcp_keepalive_time = 825.
(edit) @316   16 years andersk Build openafs against latest (not running) kernel.
(edit) @305   16 years andersk Add heartbeat to scripts-cert.
(edit) @301   16 years presbrey raised RLimitMEM
(edit) @299   16 years andersk Don't fail to build suexec if there's already a build in place!!!
(edit) @297   16 years andersk Replace ref-prepatch/httpd.spec with the actually unpatched version.
(edit) @296   16 years andersk Replace ref-prepatch/suexec.c with the actually unpatched version.
(edit) @288   16 years presbrey
(edit) @284   16 years andersk Add myself to root@scripts mail. (Should this maybe be the ...
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