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(edit) @954   15 years quentin Make sure I never get woken up for that again
(edit) @934   16 years quentin Don't build packages when installing a server (oh that feels so good)
(edit) @916   16 years quentin We now build nss-ldapd with our Makefile!
(edit) @906   16 years geofft yum remove NetworkManager isn't sustainable.
(edit) @881   16 years geofft Update install-howto a little
(edit) @875   16 years quentin Make sure machines come up with network
(edit) @863   16 years xavid Took out the atime thing, which is not relevant for recent kernels, ...
(edit) @862   16 years xavid Reload iptables to nix firewall.
(edit) @861   16 years xavid Documentation impovements.
(edit) @832   16 years geofft nelhage is much more awesome than
(edit) @818   16 years geofft My head is starting to heal!
(edit) @812   16 years geofft One day this will be a makefile or a maintainer script
(edit) @803   16 years geofft More steps yay
(edit) @798   16 years quentin Set up nrpe
(edit) @797   16 years quentin Use https to check our the repo
(edit) @796   16 years geofft oh hai, i fixed ur maekfile
(edit) @788   16 years geofft More install instructions, and Makefile fixes from myself and Quentin.
(edit) @785   16 years geofft all in all you're just another head in the wall
(edit) @562   17 years geofft /me beats his head against a wall
(edit) @387   17 years andersk Mention rails.
(edit) @371   17 years jbarnold improved documentation for scripts-izing a machine
(add) @181   17 years jbarnold started documentation for how to install a server
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