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1This document is a how-to for installing a Fedora server.
3* Check out the svn repository.
5* cd to server/fedora in the svn repository.
7* Run "make install-deps" to install various prereqs.
9* Create a scripts-build account, and set up rpm to build in $HOME.
10  Or you can just use the default setup, which will generate packages
11  in /usr/src/redhat.
13* Use the Makefile to build the Fedora
14  packages.
15  - make download
16  - make setup
17  - make all
18  - openafs-devel is a build-dependency of accountadm, so you'll need to
19    install it by hand.
20  Then install all the packages as root.
22* Run "make suexec" and "make suexec-install" to overwrite
23  /usr/sbin/suexec with one that works. The one installed by the
24  newly-built Apache RPM is misconfigured.
26* Install the full list of RPMs that users expect to be on the
27 servers.  See server/doc/rpm and
28  server/doc/rpm_snapshot.  (Note that this is only a snapshot, and not
29  all packages may in fact be in use.)
31* Install the full list of perl modules that users expect to be on the
32 servers.  See server/doc/perl and
33  server/doc/perl_snapshot.
35* Install rails (versions 1.1.6 and 1.2.2).
37* Install the Python eggs and Ruby gems that are on the other
38  servers and do not have RPMs.
40* Install the credentials (machine keytab, daemon.scripts keytab, SSL
41  certs).
43* Attempt to check out server/fedora/config/etc into /etc. This involves
44  individually renaming directories out of the way, copying over any
45  configuration files from SVN (and the .svn directory), and moving the
46  original directory back.
48  - Configure Apache.
50  - Try not to misconfigure PAM or SSH in the process.
52  - If you are setting up a test server, pay attention to
53  /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts and do not bind scripts' IP address.
54  You will also need to modify /etc/ldap.conf and
55  /etc/httpd/conf.d/vhost_ldap.conf to use instead of
56  localhost.
58* Install fedora-ds-base and set up replication (see /mit/scripts/doc).
60* (Optional) Beat your head against a wall.
62* I recommend setting noatime for the root filesystem in /etc/fstab.
64* Possibly perform other steps that I've neglected to put in this
65  document.
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