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1This document is a how-to for installing a Fedora server.
31.  Check out the svn repository.
42.  cd to server/fedora in the svn repository.
53.  Run "make install-deps" to install various prereqs.
64.  Use the Makefile to build the Fedora packages.
75.  Install the full list of RPMs that users expect to be on the
8 servers.  See server/doc/rpm and server/doc/rpm_snapshot.
96.  Install the full list of perl modules that users expect to be on the
10 servers.  See server/doc/perl and server/doc/perl_snapshot.
117.  Install the credentials (machine keytab, daemon.scripts keytab, SSL certs).
128.  Configure apache (the apache config is not handled by the packages).
139.  I recommend setting noatime for the root filesystem in /etc/fstab.
1410. Possibly perform other steps that I've neglected to put in this document.
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