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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Milestone Priority
#17 switch to * and disable new enhancement major
#49 Make logview work new geofft enhancement major
#50 Install automatic cron failover new enhancement major
#81 MediaWiki should have better defaults new enhancement major
#92 robots.txt file permissions new enhancement major
#106 * certificate doesn't handle lockers with dots in their name assigned geofft defect major
#129 Publish an SPF record for / get DNS delegation new enhancement major
#154 can't back up databases with lots of tables new defect major
#172 Use new PHP 5.3 .user.ini for PHP configuration instead of hacked PHPRC new task major
#176 Warn about too long lockername on signup new defect major
#182 should permit switch to locker from cert auth based on admof new enhancement major
#193 Keep contact address on file for accounts new enhancement major
#255 AFS cache partition new enhancement major
#257 /usr/vice/cache can fail to mount new defect major
#262 Mangle locker names that are invalid hostnames and MySQL usernames new enhancement major
#264 Python load time is ridiculous new defect major
#268 Kickstart should not hard code UUIDs new defect major
#272 Wizard really hurt by AFS "no permissions" slowdown new ezyang defect major
#276 Support postgres new enhancement major
#278 Consider using sssd new defect Fedora 21 major
#300 Handle Django static (e.g., admin) media in autoinstallers new defect Fedora 20 major
#312 Scripts LVS primary doesn't work for IDs 11, 12 new defect Fedora 20 major
#318 IE9 may need the Safari needcerts hack new defect major
#325 Switch sql to git new defect major
#340 Keep updated our supported autoinstallers new task major
#342 Rewrite with remctl and Python new achernya enhancement Fedora 20 major
#356 Better handling of procmail, bounces, and mail loops new defect major
#363 Spammed Mediawiki cleanup docs new enhancement major
#369 Wizard autoupgrade to enable $wgEmailConfirmToEdit new enhancement major
#411 bundler automatically runs sudo new defect major
#419 SSL certificate automation and Let’s Encrypt integration new enhancement major
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