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(edit) @1893   13 years quentin Add a dependency on subversion
(edit) @1892   13 years quentin Version 0.1 of scripts host config package
(edit) @1891   13 years quentin Move Xen stuff into a separate host/ directory
(edit) @1890   13 years quentin Allow logview usage for sipb-cell lockers
(edit) @1889   13 years achernya Also update new repo path for mock
(edit) @1888   13 years achernya Update location of Scripts repository for F13
(edit) @1887   13 years mitchb Renewed certificate for scripts-cert
(edit) @1877   13 years geofft static-cat: Add all MS Office (including OOXML) and ODF types
(edit) @1872   13 years geofft oops
(edit) @1871   13 years geofft Certificate renewal for
(edit) @1870   13 years adehnert Actually write to the log file
(edit) @1869   13 years adehnert Script to report crontabs not being on the primary
(edit) @1868   13 years quentin New postfix version
(edit) @1867   13 years quentin Install new 5-year cert
(edit) @1866   13 years quentin sync package list with conan-obrien
(edit) @1865   13 years mitchb New package discuss This is a repackaging of Debathena's ...
(edit) @1864   13 years mitchb New package athena-aclocal This is a repackaging of Debathena's ...
(edit) @1863   13 years geofft Certificate and configuration for [ #1611560]
(edit) @1862   13 years quentin More updates to Xen install docs
(edit) @1861   13 years quentin More host configuration instructions
(edit) @1860   13 years quentin list-sigs doesn't actually check if the signature is valid (bad Debian!)
(edit) @1859   13 years quentin Provide instructions for verifying the Debathena archive key
(edit) @1858   13 years quentin Update host install instructions for Squeeze
(edit) @1856   13 years geofft backports now lives on
(edit) @1855   13 years geofft Commit old backports sources.list
(edit) @1854   13 years adehnert Designate spot to put queue-clearing aliases
(edit) @1853   13 years adehnert Remove line numbers
(edit) @1852   13 years adehnert Add link that the letter info came from
(edit) @1851   13 years adehnert Monitor the Postfix queue size (Trac: #143) The threshold is based on ...
(edit) @1850   13 years adehnert Consistently use $ECHO
(edit) @1849   13 years adehnert Add check for kernel taints This should allow nagios to alert on ...
(edit) @1848   13 years geofft contrib.scripts moved
(edit) @1838   13 years adehnert Use firefox -no-remote This was an uncommitted change in the locker.
(edit) @1825   13 years andersk Update nss_nonlocal to 2.0 - Fix errno saving and restoring. - ...
(edit) @1824   13 years andersk ldapize: Give a custom error for unknown git vhosts The previous ...
(edit) @1823   13 years andersk ldapize: Support wildcard vhosts As a side effect, this magically ...
(edit) @1822   13 years andersk ldapize: Support HOME=lockerroot/Scripts This doesn’t change anything ...
(edit) @1821   13 years andersk Revert "Useful error with unknown git vhost (Trac: #166)" This ...
(edit) @1819   13 years mitchb Rebuild krb5 for new upstream release (no local source changes) This ...
(edit) @1818   13 years mitchb Move 389-ds's slapd-scripts.socket to /var/run It turns out that mode ...
(edit) @1817   13 years mitchb The name of nslcd's config file changed 1.5 years ago... who knew? We ...
(edit) @1816   13 years geofft Add achernya to the root@scripts alias
(edit) @1815   13 years mitchb Stop scriptsifying 389-ds-base The changelog logic correction is in ...
(edit) @1814   13 years achernya reified carepackages and updated configuration for finboard.
(edit) @1813   13 years geofft Certificate for carepackages [ #1580716]
(edit) @1811   13 years geofft Certificate renewal for finboard
(edit) @1802   13 years adehnert New certs for bc and asa
(edit) @1801   13 years adehnert Revert part of r1800
(edit) @1800   13 years adehnert Set permissions properly on Apache log files
(edit) @1799   13 years geofft Lower s-a's (the current primary) priority This isn't actually right, ...
(edit) @1798   13 years adehnert Useful error with unknown git vhost (Trac: #166)
(edit) @1797   13 years adehnert New cert for tibetforum
(edit) @1796   13 years mitchb New mod_original_dst - makes Apache use original destination IP In a ...
(edit) @1795   13 years mitchb Bump krb5 release number and rebuild for upstream update
(edit) @1794   13 years mitchb Update version in Postfix's documentation directories Because postfix ...
(edit) @1793   13 years mitchb Pristine upstream copy of iptables-config
(edit) @1792   13 years mitchb LVS configuration for
(edit) @1791   13 years andersk trac: Mangle HTTP_REFERER to let the login link keep you on the same ...
(edit) @1789   13 years mitchb Add missing backend route to not-backward You know, because we were ...
(edit) @1788   13 years mitchb Switch from "strict" to "loose" reverse-path filtering Reverse-path ...
(edit) @1787   13 years andersk /etc/scripts/modprobe: Tighten binfmt-464c check Substring matching ...
(edit) @1786   13 years geofft vhost and cert for gsc [ #1491793]
(edit) @1785   13 years geofft suexec also needs to know about filetypes: add ttf and otf
(edit) @1784   13 years geofft Add .ttf and .otf font file types
(edit) @1783   13 years geofft Refresh krb5.spec.patch
(edit) @1781   13 years geofft Don't log harmless modprobe requests for invalid ELF binaries
(edit) @1780   13 years mitchb Remove quickprint cert and configuration
(edit) @1779   13 years mitchb Renewed certificate for
(edit) @1778   13 years geofft Certificate and vhost for psetcentral [ #1468394]
(edit) @1777   13 years mitchb Disable quickprint
(edit) @1776   13 years adehnert Update isawyou and classmates certs
(edit) @1775   13 years mitchb Fix Django autoinstaller The format of the database settings in ...
(edit) @1773   14 years mitchb Certificate and Apache config for cs6090
(edit) @1772   14 years mitchb Bump virtual address space limit from 1.25G to 1.5G, reluctantly We ...
(edit) @1771   14 years mitchb Renewed certificate for eastgate
(edit) @1770   14 years geofft Certificate renewal for
(edit) @1769   14 years geofft Certificate and vhost config for
(edit) @1768   14 years geofft Rename current scripts.key to scripts-1024.key. * httpd.conf: Default ...
(edit) @1767   14 years geofft New * cert signed against 4096-bit key
(edit) @1766   14 years geofft Update Blue Sun vhosts to new (4096-bit) key
(edit) @1765   14 years geofft New certificate for *
(edit) @1764   14 years mitchb Renewed certificates for impact and debathena
(edit) @1763   14 years mitchb Ensure that the same arch of httpd and httpdmods are installed
(edit) @1762   14 years mitchb Version bump and rebuild of 389-ds-base (yes, again again) Also move ...
(edit) @1761   14 years andersk Use arch-specific dependencies in scripts-base scripts requires both ...
(edit) @1760   14 years andersk Stop cron mail from bouncing to root This undoes the effect of this ...
(edit) @1759   14 years mitchb Version bump and rebuild of 389-ds-base
(edit) @1758   14 years geofft Don't run the QuickPrint cronjob on non-user-available machines
(edit) @1757   14 years mitchb Add a hook for disabling signups globally or per-server Resolves Trac ...
(edit) @1756   14 years mitchb Differentiate signup errors for cd and stat failures
(edit) @1755   14 years mitchb Version bump and rebuild for krb5
(edit) @1754   14 years mitchb Lock out 389-ds-base updates that don't have our patches Since the ...
(edit) @1753   14 years mitchb Version bump and rebuild for 389-ds-base
(edit) @1752   14 years mitchb Revert r1650 You cannot do this, and this was change was obviously ...
(edit) @1751   14 years mitchb Fix changelogdb path logic in 389-ds-base
(edit) @1750   14 years mitchb Fix vhostadd and vhostedit in the locker They need to point at a ...
(edit) @1747   14 years mitchb weps noituloser esrever sserppuS Yet another form of message about ...
(edit) @1746   14 years geofft Reify techfair, tf, and swe
(edit) @1745   14 years geofft Add certs for techfair, tf, and swe
(edit) @1744   14 years mitchb Beat java over the head even harder than before Maybe this will ...
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