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(edit) @2181   11 years geofft Certificate and configuration for courseroad [ #1967114]
(edit) @2179   11 years achernya Remove blue-sun-corp certificate and configuration, long expired
(edit) @2178   11 years achernya Certificate renewal for finboard and carepackages
(edit) @2177   11 years geofft Revert r2176 We should allow SSLProxy* to be configurable in ...
(edit) @2176   11 years geofft Enable SSLProxyEngine This allows you to mod_proxy (e.g., RewriteRule ...
(edit) @2173   11 years achernya fping now has capabilities
(edit) @2172   11 years achernya Certificate renewal for asa and bc
(edit) @2171   11 years ezyang Enable yum-updatesd.service
(edit) @2170   11 years ezyang Port csdb patch to systemd, and include mousetrap db.
(edit) @2169   11 years ezyang Split up cellServDB into mousetrap and local.
(edit) @2168   11 years ezyang Update crond systemd patch.
(edit) @2167   11 years ezyang Add fuse-better-mousetrapfs to scripts-base.
(edit) @2166   11 years ezyang Add enabled services that we definitely want.
(edit) @2165   11 years ezyang Add OpenAFS to the dependencies of remote-fs.
(edit) @2164   11 years ezyang Bind this mount more closely to the AFS service.
(edit) @2163   11 years ezyang Don't use local for better-mousetrapfs.
(edit) @2162   11 years ezyang Don't store better-mousetrapfs in local.
(edit) @2161   11 years ezyang Remove pointless race checking; kernel doesn't preserve old proc ...
(edit) @2160   11 years ezyang Avoid races if /proc directory goes away
(edit) @2159   11 years ezyang s/AUTH/AUTHPRIV/ and report cwd too.
(edit) @2158   11 years ezyang Log to AUTH so we get zephyrs.
(edit) @2157   11 years ezyang Latest httpd fixes CVEs we were patching.
(edit) @2156   11 years ezyang CellServDB entry for the mousetrap directory, so it can be mounted.
(edit) @2155   11 years ezyang Configuration for setting the mousetrap.
(edit) @2154   11 years ezyang Make better-mousetrapfs actually build.
(edit) @2153   11 years ezyang Version bump for httpd.
(edit) @2152   11 years adehnert Split out AFS nagios checks
(edit) @2151   11 years ezyang Package andersk's better-mousetrapfs
(edit) @2148   11 years achernya Certificate renewal for tibetforum
(edit) @2147   11 years achernya Certificate and configuration for dchang
(edit) @2145   11 years andersk Kill signup-scripts-frontend We don’t need this setuid binary because ...
(edit) @2144   11 years andersk Fix openssh.spec.patch again
(edit) @2143   11 years achernya Update openafs to build against kernel 3.2
(edit) @2142   11 years ezyang Version bump on krb5.
(edit) @2141   11 years ezyang Version bump on rubygems.
(edit) @2139   11 years geofft Certificate and configuration for
(edit) @2138   11 years achernya Certificate renewal for gsc
(edit) @2137   11 years achernya Switch from to
(edit) @2136   11 years ezyang Don't load non-existent environment.cron
(edit) @2135   11 years ezyang Don't ever remove installonly packages.
(edit) @2134   11 years achernya Patch httpd against some security vulnerabilities.
(edit) @2133   11 years achernya Remove environment.cron environment.cron set an SELinux context, ...
(edit) @2132   11 years achernya Add route for primary-key
(edit) @2131   11 years mitchb New CellServDB from Ops Bye-bye dev cell, and all other updates from ...
(edit) @2130   11 years achernya Certificate renewal schuh
(edit) @2125   11 years andersk Upgrade krb5.spec.patch to 1.9.2-4
(edit) @2122   11 years andersk scripts-static-cat: Link Haskell libs statically for 3x faster startup ...
(edit) @2121   11 years geofft Rebecca, go away.
(edit) @2120   11 years adehnert Revert r2118 Other scripts folks had a way to do this with .htaccess ...
(edit) @2119   11 years andersk Rename /__scripts/safarihack to /__scripts/certerror Apparently this ...
(edit) @2118   11 years adehnert Require certs for ASA DB vhost on :444. Per personal communication, ...
(edit) @2117   11 years achernya Certificate renewal for classmates and psetcentral
(edit) @2116   11 years geofft Remove per request from broder
(edit) @2115   11 years geofft Certificate, chain, and configuration for ...
(edit) @2114   11 years achernya Make whoisd (hopefully) more reliable whoisd was systemd-ified for ...
(edit) @2113   11 years ezyang Fix clobbered hunk.
(edit) @2112   11 years ezyang More docs.
(edit) @2111   11 years achernya Update to make more sense
(edit) @2110   11 years adehnert Move vhost to asa-db locker (per personal communication)
(edit) @2109   11 years andersk Renew certificates for isawyou, cs6090
(edit) @2108   11 years achernya Certificate and configuration for
(edit) @2107   11 years achernya Correct aliases In r2106, there was a change to the ...
(edit) @2106   11 years achernya Certificate renewal for eastgate and picker
(edit) @2105   11 years andersk Fix admof to compile with OpenAFS 1.6
(edit) @2104   11 years andersk Makefile: Make multiline statements fail on error Also stop ...
(edit) @2103   11 years andersk Makefile: tarballs: Only run autoconf if it has something to do
(edit) @2102   11 years andersk Makefile: patch-specs: Only patch existent specs
(edit) @2101   11 years andersk signup-scripts-backend: Make users.banned case-insensitive
(edit) @2100   11 years mitchb Fix syslog-ng/systemd interaction, or "socket to me!" systemd creates ...
(edit) @2098   11 years achernya Certificate renewal for debathena and impact
(edit) @2095   11 years geofft d_zroot: Synchronize punted messages in Debian and Fedora copies
(edit) @2094   11 years geofft d_zroot: make 'message redacted' message go to -c scripts-auto
(edit) @2093   11 years geofft d_zroot: Don't accidentally let @recipients be empty fails ...
(edit) @2092   11 years adehnert Package Evan Broder's PyAFS
(edit) @2091   11 years adehnert mock: enable the scripts repo while building
(edit) @2090   11 years geofft openafs.spec: Incorporate upstream fix to systemd-ized specfile Taken ...
(edit) @2089   11 years geofft openafs.spec: Don't attempt to restart OpenAFS on upgrade (Trac: #274) ...
(edit) @2088   11 years ezyang Vhost configuration for peoplesearch and bakerfoundation.
(edit) @2087   11 years ezyang Certificates for peoplesearch and bakerfoundation (sans vhost ...
(edit) @2086   12 years ezyang Postfix update.
(edit) @2084   12 years ezyang Revert r2082 and r2083 (wrong branch).
(edit) @2083   12 years ezyang Turn fc17 into a variable.
(edit) @2082   12 years ezyang Adjust Makefile for Fedora 17.
(edit) @2080   12 years ezyang Information on how to reenable password SSH.
(edit) @2079   12 years ezyang Some updates from setting up Wizard and Test servers.
(edit) @2078   12 years mitchb Fix hostbased to/from golden-egg known_hosts: Strunk & White would ...
(edit) @2076   12 years andersk Delete svn:mergeinfo from all active branches except at . and locker ...
(edit) @2070   12 years ezyang Cutover documentation.
(edit) @2068   12 years ezyang More doc updates.
(edit) @2066   12 years achernya Merge branches/fc15-dev to trunk
(edit) @2053   12 years achernya Certificate renewals for techfair, tf, and swe.
(edit) @2038   12 years achernya Certificates and configuration for ashdown, listmon, sayno, whatsnext, ec.
(edit) @2023   12 years mitchb We've vos moved - come visit us at our new location!
(edit) @2020   12 years mitchb Tune mod_fcgid parameters o Allow the number of fcgi processes for a ...
(edit) @2014   12 years achernya Build xstat_* in OpenAFS The official OpenAFS spec file disgarded ...
(edit) @2013   12 years ezyang Certificate for
(edit) @2008   12 years achernya Certificate renewal for
(edit) @2007   12 years achernya Certificate renewal for
(edit) @2006   12 years achernya Certificate renewal for
(edit) @2005   12 years achernya Certificate renewal for
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