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(edit) @2657   8 years quentin Add features to prune-mailq show_rand
(edit) @2656   8 years adehnert Disable postqueue -f and mailq for normal users postqueue -f seems ...
(edit) @2655   8 years andersk openafs: Linux: d_splice_alias may drop inode reference on error ...
(edit) @2654   8 years btidor Site disabled; update reified vhost
(edit) @2653   8 years btidor Locker emit renamed to commit
(edit) @2652   8 years quentin Block mail for compromised accounts
(edit) @2651   8 years quentin Add required module for logging
(edit) @2650   8 years andersk Disable Service Workers on scripts/~ URLs
(edit) @2649   8 years andersk openafs: Fix some afs_conn overcounts Patch from ...
(edit) @2648   8 years achernya Certificate renewal for
(edit) @2647   8 years achernya Certificate renewal for *
(edit) @2646   8 years achernya Another block
(edit) @2645   8 years achernya A block
(edit) @2644   8 years andersk OpenAFS: avoid mvid NULL deref in check_bad_parent Patch from ...
(edit) @2643   8 years achernya Block harder
(edit) @2642   8 years mitchb Certificate and vhost config for donut-api
(edit) @2641   8 years andersk OpenAFS: drop from -fakestat-all to -fakestat
(edit) @2640   8 years achernya Block more spam
(edit) @2639   8 years andersk Add OpenAFS patches for Linux 3.17
(edit) @2638   8 years andersk vhostedit: Allow editing multiple vhosts simultaneously
(edit) @2637   8 years andersk Upgrade to OpenAFS 1.6.10; new patch for Scripts #387?
(edit) @2636   8 years glasgall Ignore virtual filesystems under /sys on ldap hosts. Because selinux ...
(edit) @2635   8 years andersk Update SSLCipherSuite from Mozilla guidelines version 3.3
(edit) @2634   8 years andersk openafs: Update force_drop patch to log more information requested by ...
(edit) @2633   8 years andersk openafs: we beseech thee, raineth not thine ENOENT upon thy callers of ...
(edit) @2632   8 years andersk Disable SSL 3.0 SSL 3.0 is only required by IE 6 on Windows XP, both ...
(edit) @2631   8 years achernya Add configuration for since the cert is for that too
(edit) @2630   8 years achernya Certificate and configuration for
(edit) @2629   8 years achernya Certificate and configuration for
(edit) @2628   8 years achernya Hidden intermediate is hidden
(edit) @2627   8 years achernya Certificate renewal for
(edit) @2626   8 years achernya and * sha256 certs
(edit) @2625   8 years andersk Patch httpd crash when using SSL variables on non-SSL connections ...
(edit) @2624   8 years achernya SHA256 MITcert renewals
(edit) @2623   8 years achernya SHA256 renewal for
(edit) @2622   8 years achernya Block a spammy user
(edit) @2621   8 years andersk Enforce a modern TLS cipher suite order This configuration was copied ...
(edit) @2620   9 years andersk Revert r2619 “bash: Disable function imports” The fixes applied in ...
(edit) @2619   9 years andersk bash: Disable function imports The upstream fix for CVE-2014-6271 ...
(edit) @2618   9 years andersk ip[6]tables: Really ignore SMTP to localhost Packets in OUTPUT have ...
(edit) @2617   9 years andersk ip[6]tables: Ignore SMTP to localhost
(edit) @2616   9 years mitchb Certificate and reified vhost config for linguistics
(edit) @2615   9 years andersk Upgrade OpenAFS to 1.6.10pre1 for kernel 3.16 support
(edit) @2614   9 years quentin Configure iptables for logging user-generated direct SMTP traffic.
(edit) @2613   9 years quentin Upstream stock version of ip6tables-config
(edit) @2612   9 years glasgall Add /etc/securetty, since we need to add ttyS0 to it now.
(edit) @2611   9 years mitchb Certificate and reified vhost config for la-casa
(edit) @2610   9 years mitchb Remove errant SSLCertificateChainFile directives
(edit) @2609   9 years mitchb Spammers get you coming and going Enhance prune-mailq to be able to ...
(edit) @2608   9 years achernya Block a spammy user
(edit) @2607   9 years glasgall re-reify vhost
(edit) @2606   9 years glasgall Fix autoinstaller for whatever newer version of Ruby changed either ...
(edit) @2605   9 years mitchb Fix hostbased auth New ssh keys for F20
(edit) @2604   9 years achernya Add load check
(edit) @2603   9 years achernya oops, include the suexec patch
(edit) @2602   9 years achernya Behold the glorious, working logview
(edit) @2601   9 years achernya Split the systemd journal per-uid
(edit) @2600   9 years glasgall Bump version of scripts-ldap-base
(edit) @2599   9 years glasgall reorder dependencies of scripts-ldap-base to make achernya happy
(edit) @2598   9 years glasgall add perl-LDAP to scripts-ldap-base's dependencies; check_ldap_mmr needs it
(edit) @2597   9 years achernya Unbreak libgsasl gssapi support
(edit) @2596   9 years glasgall Re-enable simplexml, yet another casualty of the Great Sharding
(edit) @2595   9 years achernya Enable tokenizer, another casualty of the Great Sharding
(edit) @2594   9 years achernya There are no spheroid shenanigans.
(edit) @2593   9 years achernya Also add allowmethods
(edit) @2592   9 years achernya Add mod_filter to Apache
(edit) @2591   9 years achernya Reintegrate fc20-dev into trunk
(edit) @2590   9 years achernya F17 is EOL, really
(edit) @2589   9 years achernya F20 cutover
(edit) @2588   9 years achernya Fix authkit a bit
(edit) @2587   9 years achernya Add an authkit-shaped rpmegg
(edit) @2586   9 years glasgall httpd.worker and httpd.event binaries don't exist anymore
(edit) @2585   9 years glasgall Globally enable the legacy expression parser for SSI, because the new ...
(edit) @2584   9 years glasgall Re-enable globally; it used to be compiled in and some user ...
(edit) @2583   9 years glasgall Refresh httpd.spec patch and add allow-null-user patch to fix ...
(edit) @2582   9 years glasgall Add httpd-allow-null-user.patch, which fixes mod_auth_optional on ...
(edit) @2581   9 years achernya Update certificate for
(edit) @2580   9 years achernya Untag F17 as EOL, rollback was needed
(edit) @2579   9 years achernya F17 is EOL
(edit) @2578   9 years glasgall Bump release version in patch for newer krb5
(edit) @2577   9 years glasgall scripts mock config for f20
(edit) @2576   9 years achernya Merge r2553:2575 from trunk into branches/fc20-dev
(edit) @2575   9 years glasgall Make signup use GSSAPI auth for LDAP now that ldap master is remote, ...
(edit) @2574   9 years achernya Merge r2551:2573 from trunk into branches/fc20-dev
(edit) @2573   9 years achernya Copy back dirsrv configuration in F20 realserver /etc
(edit) @2572   9 years achernya Add nagios configuration
(edit) @2571   9 years achernya Add ldapvi, vim-enhanced, strace, and open-vm-tools
(edit) @2570   9 years achernya Add a configuration for the Scripts repository
(edit) @2569   9 years achernya ldap needs krb5.conf too
(edit) @2568   9 years achernya dirsrv sysconfig belongs in ldap now
(edit) @2567   9 years achernya dirsrv configuration needs to move to scripts-ldap etc/
(edit) @2566   9 years achernya Add yum-utils and chrony to scripts-ldap-base
(edit) @2565   9 years achernya Start a separate subdirectory for Scripts LDAP To facilitate setting ...
(edit) @2564   9 years andersk Re-reify debathena to remove extra aliases
(edit) @2563   9 years glasgall Remove p-b from the current directors in preparation for bringing it ...
(edit) @2562   9 years andersk Fix ordering; block OpenAFS on
(edit) @2561   9 years andersk Revert "Fix ordering; block OpenAFS on ...
(edit) @2560   9 years andersk Fix ordering; block OpenAFS on
(edit) @2559   9 years andersk Bump krb5 to 1.11.5-10.fc20
(edit) @2558   9 years andersk Update OpenSSL to 1.0.0n
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