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(edit) @1260   13 years mitchb LVS configuration for new servers cats-whiskers, pancake-bunny, ...
(edit) @1259   13 years mitchb Reintegrate branches/fc11-dev (r1121:1258) to trunk
(edit) @1258   13 years mitchb Merge r1250:1257 from trunk to branches/fc11-dev (final merge)
(edit) @1257   13 years mitchb Tag for Fedora 9 End-of-Life configuration snapshot
(edit) @1256   13 years andersk BLUE!!!
(edit) @1255   13 years geofft Second coat of paint on an empty bikeshed
(edit) @1254   13 years geofft Still not convinced, but perhaps it works now too
(edit) @1253   13 years geofft I'm not convinced this package exists, but it's up to date now
(edit) @1252   13 years mitchb Monitor new scripts webserver busy-beaver
(edit) @1251   13 years mitchb Merge r1245:1250 from trunk to branches/fc11-dev
(edit) @1250   13 years mitchb Configuration for new scripts webserver busy-beaver
(edit) @1249   13 years geofft oops, that is already documented
(edit) @1248   13 years geofft install-howto: Explain how to beat your head against a wall
(edit) @1247   13 years mitchb Monitor new scripts webserver pancake-bunny
(edit) @1246   13 years mitchb Merge r1237:1245 from trunk to branches/fc11-dev
(edit) @1245   13 years mitchb Missed one; pancake-bunny backend route config
(edit) @1244   13 years mitchb Configuration for new scripts webserver pancake-bunny
(edit) @1243   13 years andersk No limits for scripts-build.
(edit) @1242   13 years mitchb Renewal certificate for
(edit) @1241   13 years ezyang Preliminary commit of Xen installation documents.
(edit) @1240   13 years ezyang Revert change, as this will fail if AFS is not loaded.
(edit) @1239   13 years ezyang Have zroot also look in /mit/scripts/.ssh/authorized_keys. This is a ...
(edit) @1238   13 years mitchb Merge r1225:1237 from trunk to branches/fc11-dev
(edit) @1237   13 years mitchb Small fixes to the server installation doc
(edit) @1236   13 years mitchb Nitpick punctuation fix in spec file; doesn't change anything
(edit) @1235   13 years mitchb Tidy up dependencies for php_scripts o Add BuildRequires dependency ...
(edit) @1234   13 years mitchb Package the php logging module stupid_server_install_kludges--;
(edit) @1233   13 years mitchb Update to new Athena CellServDB
(edit) @1232   13 years ezyang Fix missing trailing newlines and double-newline.
(edit) @1231   13 years quentin Also don't create php.ini symlinks inside subdirectories of .git or .svn
(edit) @1230   13 years quentin Don't create php.ini files inside svn or git directories
(edit) @1229   13 years ezyang Move repositories to new location.
(edit) @1228   13 years ezyang Patch SSH to add environment variable of Kerberos principal. Patch ...
(edit) @1227   13 years quentin Add cycling-club to set of blocked mail users, and split the list off ...
(edit) @1226   13 years mitchb Merge r1219:1225 from trunk to branches/fc11-dev
(edit) @1225   13 years mitchb Make athrun use arch/@sys/bin instead of just bin
(edit) @1224   13 years ezyang Convert MediaWiki autoinstaller to use new Git system. This was ...
(edit) @1223   13 years ezyang Merge scriptsdev changes from trunk (in practice, it should be the ...
(edit) @1222   13 years ezyang Fix incorrect including of production when scriptsdev=dev ...
(edit) @1221   13 years ezyang Branching trunk for locker development. This is what will go in ...
(edit) @1220   13 years mitchb Merge r1209:1219 from trunk to branches/fc11-dev
(edit) @1219   13 years mitchb Add a very braindead implementation of athrun for scripts. This ...
(edit) @1218   13 years ezyang Add list of dotfiles to transfer.
(edit) @1217   13 years ezyang Reverted changes improperly checked into trunk and not a development ...
(edit) @1216   13 years ezyang Move copy functionality onto scripts server to remove dependence on ...
(edit) @1215   13 years ezyang Implement enhanced logic for Git-style installs; namely, removing ...
(edit) @1214   13 years geofft SSL cert and config for
(edit) @1213   13 years ezyang Convert MediaWiki to use Git to setup the working directory.
(edit) @1212   13 years ezyang Remove hardcoded fc11 and IP address.
(edit) @1211   13 years ezyang More install information.
(edit) @1210   13 years mitchb Merge r1197:1209 from trunk to branches/fc11-dev
(edit) @1209   13 years mitchb kmod-openafs should be shaken, not stirred... err, installed, not ...
(edit) @1208   13 years quentin Add ImageMagick PHP extension
(edit) @1207   13 years mitchb Complete overhaul of Joomla autoinstaller for version 1.5.11
(edit) @1206   13 years ezyang More documentation updates.
(edit) @1205   13 years ezyang Improve install docs from not-backward install.
(edit) @1204   13 years quentin Don't allow users to DoS the finger server on syn
(edit) @1203   13 years quentin Apparently, ipvsadm, sed, and awk need more than 1 meg to run :(
(edit) @1202   13 years quentin Don't allow HTTP and finger clients to steal too much RAM
(edit) @1201   13 years quentin Browsers won't let you send HTTP to the finger port... :(
(edit) @1200   13 years quentin HTTP-based list of scripts servers on
(edit) @1199   13 years quentin Give finger port to the LVS directors
(edit) @1198   13 years mitchb Merge r1178:1197 from trunk to branches/fc11-dev
(edit) @1197   13 years mitchb Turn off the new php extensions in Fedora 11
(edit) @1196   13 years mitchb New php ini files appeared in Fedora 11
(edit) @1195   13 years geofft LVS: b-k has more RAM now, so put it on equal priority.
(edit) @1194   13 years geofft LVS: Add a fingerd Also punt some old ports that tried to run ...
(edit) @1193   13 years ezyang Commiting enabling of dom.ini, pending further performance review.
(edit) @1192   13 years geofft RECOVERY alert - maintainer/geofft is OK
(edit) @1191   13 years mitchb Remove expired test cert and config for
(edit) @1190   13 years mitchb Make the server install directions slightly more complete
(edit) @1189   13 years mitchb Apply OpenAFS delta linux26-defer-cred-changing-20090511 The OpenAFS ...
(edit) @1188   13 years andersk webaccess: No more chmod 777 .ht*.
(edit) @1187   13 years quentin Always ensure we have tokens before starting crond
(edit) @1186   13 years geofft Apparently FC11 changes /etc/httpd/run's target and mode
(edit) @1185   13 years quentin Update Munin plugins for watching FWMs
(edit) @1184   13 years quentin Change the LVS configuration to use the same source hashing; FWM 1 is ...
(edit) @1183   13 years quentin Tweak sorry server configuration for maximum performance
(edit) @1182   13 years mitchb Configure yum-updatesd with the scripts customizations o Check every ...
(edit) @1181   13 years mitchb Add yum-updatesd config file to the repo
(edit) @1180   13 years mitchb Provide enough memory for java to spit out its usage message Java has ...
(edit) @1179   13 years mitchb Merge r1121:1178 from trunk to branches/fc11-dev
(edit) @1178   13 years mitchb Make installation of a scripts server less of a hazing ritual by ...
(edit) @1177   13 years quentin Document how to generate a pkcs12 file from a PEM certificate and key
(edit) @1176   13 years mitchb Add c-w to relevant hostgroups in Nagios
(edit) @1175   13 years mitchb Bash whatever keeps clobbering resolv.conf at boot time over the head
(edit) @1174   13 years mitchb Monitor new scripts webserver cats-whiskers
(edit) @1173   13 years mitchb Add AFS sysnames for scripts on Leonidas (F11)
(edit) @1172   13 years mitchb Allow more AFS sysnames... you can never have enough
(edit) @1171   13 years quentin Script for checking certificate expiration times
(edit) @1170   13 years geofft Equifax-signed 2-year cert
(edit) @1169   13 years geofft suexec: Hardcode the JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS value. Because, otherwise, ...
(edit) @1168   13 years geofft Make Java work again by reducing its maximum heap size. Otherwise, it ...
(edit) @1167   13 years geofft suexec: Let the JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS environment variable through.
(edit) @1166   13 years geofft Replace *.scripts' cert with an Equifax-signed one from RapidSSL.
(edit) @1165   13 years geofft limits.conf: Actually, keep data and as around. rss isn't respected ...
(edit) @1164   13 years quentin Revert r1162 (DDoS over?)
(edit) @1163   13 years andersk Punt memory limits other than rss.
(edit) @1162   13 years quentin Temporarily reduce request timeouts in order to deal with DDoS
(edit) @1161   13 years mitchb Restore accidentally lost lines in syslog-ng.conf
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