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(edit) @1169   14 years geofft suexec: Hardcode the JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS value. Because, otherwise, ...
(edit) @1168   14 years geofft Make Java work again by reducing its maximum heap size. Otherwise, it ...
(edit) @1167   14 years geofft suexec: Let the JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS environment variable through.
(edit) @1166   14 years geofft Replace *.scripts' cert with an Equifax-signed one from RapidSSL.
(edit) @1165   14 years geofft limits.conf: Actually, keep data and as around. rss isn't respected ...
(edit) @1164   14 years quentin Revert r1162 (DDoS over?)
(edit) @1163   14 years andersk Punt memory limits other than rss.
(edit) @1162   14 years quentin Temporarily reduce request timeouts in order to deal with DDoS
(edit) @1161   14 years mitchb Restore accidentally lost lines in syslog-ng.conf
(edit) @1160   14 years mitchb Config for ssh and networking to interact with cats-whiskers
(edit) @1159   14 years mitchb Update for current version of munin config files
(edit) @1158   14 years mitchb Update for current version of limits.conf
(edit) @1157   14 years mitchb Don't change the commented-out stat-user in nscd.conf
(edit) @1156   14 years mitchb Update for current version of nrpe.cfg Mostly reformatting, but ...
(edit) @1155   14 years mitchb Update for current version of syslog-ng.conf Mostly reformatting, but ...
(edit) @1154   14 years mitchb No reason to empty out the default comments in our empty printcap
(edit) @1153   14 years mitchb Bump version of postfix
(edit) @1152   14 years mitchb updatedb is in /usr/bin, not /usr/sbin
(edit) @1151   14 years mitchb Apache's PID file path changed
(edit) @1150   14 years mitchb Don't pull any packages from testing on Fedora 11 yet
(edit) @1149   14 years mitchb Punt the acpi config so that soft poweroff will work
(edit) @1148   14 years mitchb Use the scripts fc11 yum repo
(edit) @1147   14 years mitchb Build system updates for Fedora 11 o Don't fetch upstream pysvn source ...
(edit) @1146   14 years mitchb Version, context, etc. fixups to build Apache on Fedora 11
(edit) @1145   14 years mitchb Context fixups to build PHP on Fedora 11
(edit) @1144   14 years mitchb Version, context, etc. fixups to build nss-ldapd on Fedora 11
(edit) @1143   14 years mitchb Version, context, etc. fixups to build OpenSSH on Fedora 11
(edit) @1142   14 years mitchb Stop building a scriptsified pysvn
(edit) @1141   14 years mitchb Version, context, etc. fixups to build krb5 on Fedora 11
(edit) @1140   14 years mitchb Don't require scripts-pysvn in scripts-base anymore Since we're not ...
(edit) @1139   14 years mitchb Apply OpenAFS delta dprintf-rename-20090427 Renames the dpatch ...
(edit) @1138   14 years andersk Remove huge autogenerated tests directory.
(edit) @1137   14 years quentin Import scripts PHP module
(edit) @1136   14 years geofft Also delete the config
(edit) @1135   14 years geofft cycling-club.scripts' 30-day cert expired, so revert to the *.scripts cert
(edit) @1134   14 years ezyang Update OpenAFS patch to not need 777 for .htaccess files. Symlinks to ...
(edit) @1133   14 years andersk Build nss-ldapd.i386.
(edit) @1132   14 years andersk Update nss-ldapd to 0.6.8.
(edit) @1131   14 years andersk Update nss_nonlocal to 1.9.
(edit) @1130   14 years geofft *arm over head*
(edit) @1129   14 years mitchb Update phpBB autoinstaller to 3.0.4
(edit) @1128   14 years mitchb Revert r1010, make the power button work, as previously directed.
(edit) @1127   14 years quentin Don't make exceptions for single extensions
(edit) @1126   14 years mitchb People want json. Turn it on.
(edit) @1125   14 years geofft reified vhost for
(edit) @1124   14 years geofft RapidSSL 30-day certificate for
(edit) @1123   14 years mitchb Proofreading... 9 out of 10 optometrists agree!
(edit) @1122   14 years geofft (Temporarily?) permit mail to
(edit) @1121   14 years mitchb New branch for prototyping work on a Fedora Core 11 server
(edit) @1120   14 years mitchb Remove former top-level entries that are now in trunk (part 2) Add ...
(edit) @1119   14 years mitchb Restructure so trunk of the repo is at /trunk, not / (part 1)
(edit) @1118   14 years quentin Stuff goes down when AFS goes down...
(edit) @1117   14 years quentin Don't notify about AFS outages during... AFS outages.
(edit) @1116   14 years mitchb Fix Gallery2 autoinstaller. Don't have separate star/non-star ...
(edit) @1115   14 years mitchb In this week's episode of "As the Server Name Indicates..." (Scripts's ...
(edit) @1114   14 years geofft change docroot for
(edit) @1113   14 years quentin Use a Weighted Least Connections scheduler, to better balance load
(edit) @1112   14 years quentin As a VM, b-k can only handle half the traffic
(edit) @1111   14 years quentin If a server doesn't answer heartbeat within 5 seconds, it's probably ...
(edit) @1110   14 years quentin Ask RPM about perl modules, not just package names
(edit) @1109   14 years quentin Copy-and-paste line to generate and install Perl package list
(edit) @1108   14 years quentin Kill autobundle with fire.
(edit) @1107   14 years quentin Allow specifying a line size by fingering name-SIZE@syn
(edit) @1106   14 years quentin Treat NRPE connection failures as 'UNKNOWN' service state, and don't ...
(edit) @1105   14 years quentin Import Nagios configuration files from /etc/nagios3/users
(edit) @1104   14 years mitchb Gallery2 autoinstaller updates for version 2.3 and scriptsstar
(edit) @1103   14 years mitchb Uncommitted scriptsstar changes from the locker
(edit) @1102   14 years mitchb Update to current version of the 2.2.x SNI patch
(edit) @1101   14 years presbrey turn off ProxyPreserveHost to distinguish Host from X-Forwarded-Host
(edit) @1100   14 years quentin Remove duplicate hostnames from the regex filter
(edit) @1099   14 years quentin Add scripts-user@sipb-noc
(edit) @1098   14 years quentin Add scripts@syn
(edit) @1097   14 years quentin Add load@syn
(edit) @1096   14 years quentin Fix alignment a bit
(edit) @1095   14 years quentin Documentation when given an unrecognized user
(edit) @1094   14 years quentin Allow fingering of xvm information, too
(edit) @1093   14 years quentin finger status@sipb-noc DTRTs
(edit) @1092   14 years geofft okay, maybe ajp was a bad idea
(edit) @1091   14 years mitchb Upgrade from php 5.2.8-1 to 5.2.9-2. I'm sure this will solve all our ...
(edit) @1090   14 years quentin Move XVM DHCP check command into XVM configuration file
(edit) @1089   14 years presbrey httpd: add mod_proxy module and friends
(edit) @1088   14 years mitchb certificate and reified vhost
(edit) @1087   14 years geofft multiplexer over scripts-start/signup-* for "add scripts; scripts" ...
(edit) @1086   14 years quentin Test your changes! Port 444 was serving all day!
(edit) @1085   14 years mitchb CSR defaults
(edit) @1084   14 years mitchb Add openssl.cnf file, so we can track our standard CSR fields
(edit) @1083   14 years mitchb New fix-php-ini script to make symlinks to php.ini from child ...
(edit) @1082   14 years geofft Allow reified vhosts to override *.scripts
(edit) @1081   14 years geofft reify to pick up the cert
(edit) @1080   14 years geofft cycling-club.scripts 30 day cert from Comodo
(edit) @1079   14 years mitchb Use only our local CellServDB, not the one in the distribution so that ...
(edit) @1078   14 years mitchb Add a CellServDB.local so we can pull in changes without rebuilding.
(edit) @1077   14 years quentin Check command for xvm's DHCP servers
(edit) @1076   14 years quentin Monitoring of DNS servers
(edit) @1075   14 years quentin Add monitoring of stuff
(edit) @1074   14 years quentin Make CPU depend on NRPE for scripts hosts
(edit) @1073   14 years quentin Don't let people lock all our memory (use the Ubuntu default of 64KB ...
(edit) @1072   14 years quentin Don't apply resource limits to root's processes, and clean up ...
(edit) @1071   14 years quentin Set sane memory resource limits
(edit) @1070   14 years mitchb Build system fixes to upgrade to OpenAFS 1.4.10 Pulls in fixes for ...
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