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(edit) @1119   15 years mitchb Restructure so trunk of the repo is at /trunk, not / (part 1)
(edit) @1118   15 years quentin Stuff goes down when AFS goes down...
(edit) @1117   15 years quentin Don't notify about AFS outages during... AFS outages.
(edit) @1116   15 years mitchb Fix Gallery2 autoinstaller. Don't have separate star/non-star ...
(edit) @1115   15 years mitchb In this week's episode of "As the Server Name Indicates..." (Scripts's ...
(edit) @1114   15 years geofft change docroot for
(edit) @1113   15 years quentin Use a Weighted Least Connections scheduler, to better balance load
(edit) @1112   15 years quentin As a VM, b-k can only handle half the traffic
(edit) @1111   15 years quentin If a server doesn't answer heartbeat within 5 seconds, it's probably ...
(edit) @1110   15 years quentin Ask RPM about perl modules, not just package names
(edit) @1109   15 years quentin Copy-and-paste line to generate and install Perl package list
(edit) @1108   15 years quentin Kill autobundle with fire.
(edit) @1107   15 years quentin Allow specifying a line size by fingering name-SIZE@syn
(edit) @1106   15 years quentin Treat NRPE connection failures as 'UNKNOWN' service state, and don't ...
(edit) @1105   15 years quentin Import Nagios configuration files from /etc/nagios3/users
(edit) @1104   15 years mitchb Gallery2 autoinstaller updates for version 2.3 and scriptsstar
(edit) @1103   15 years mitchb Uncommitted scriptsstar changes from the locker
(edit) @1102   15 years mitchb Update to current version of the 2.2.x SNI patch
(edit) @1101   15 years presbrey turn off ProxyPreserveHost to distinguish Host from X-Forwarded-Host
(edit) @1100   15 years quentin Remove duplicate hostnames from the regex filter
(edit) @1099   15 years quentin Add scripts-user@sipb-noc
(edit) @1098   15 years quentin Add scripts@syn
(edit) @1097   15 years quentin Add load@syn
(edit) @1096   15 years quentin Fix alignment a bit
(edit) @1095   15 years quentin Documentation when given an unrecognized user
(edit) @1094   15 years quentin Allow fingering of xvm information, too
(edit) @1093   15 years quentin finger status@sipb-noc DTRTs
(edit) @1092   15 years geofft okay, maybe ajp was a bad idea
(edit) @1091   15 years mitchb Upgrade from php 5.2.8-1 to 5.2.9-2. I'm sure this will solve all our ...
(edit) @1090   15 years quentin Move XVM DHCP check command into XVM configuration file
(edit) @1089   15 years presbrey httpd: add mod_proxy module and friends
(edit) @1088   15 years mitchb certificate and reified vhost
(edit) @1087   15 years geofft multiplexer over scripts-start/signup-* for "add scripts; scripts" ...
(edit) @1086   15 years quentin Test your changes! Port 444 was serving all day!
(edit) @1085   15 years mitchb CSR defaults
(edit) @1084   15 years mitchb Add openssl.cnf file, so we can track our standard CSR fields
(edit) @1083   15 years mitchb New fix-php-ini script to make symlinks to php.ini from child ...
(edit) @1082   15 years geofft Allow reified vhosts to override *.scripts
(edit) @1081   15 years geofft reify to pick up the cert
(edit) @1080   15 years geofft cycling-club.scripts 30 day cert from Comodo
(edit) @1079   15 years mitchb Use only our local CellServDB, not the one in the distribution so that ...
(edit) @1078   15 years mitchb Add a CellServDB.local so we can pull in changes without rebuilding.
(edit) @1077   15 years quentin Check command for xvm's DHCP servers
(edit) @1076   15 years quentin Monitoring of DNS servers
(edit) @1075   15 years quentin Add monitoring of stuff
(edit) @1074   15 years quentin Make CPU depend on NRPE for scripts hosts
(edit) @1073   15 years quentin Don't let people lock all our memory (use the Ubuntu default of 64KB ...
(edit) @1072   15 years quentin Don't apply resource limits to root's processes, and clean up ...
(edit) @1071   15 years quentin Set sane memory resource limits
(edit) @1070   15 years mitchb Build system fixes to upgrade to OpenAFS 1.4.10 Pulls in fixes for ...
(edit) @1069   15 years mitchb Updates to the build system for krb5 Allow us to build with patches ...
(edit) @1068   15 years quentin Disallow root keyboard-interactive logins
(edit) @1067   15 years quentin vhost + cert
(edit) @1066   15 years quentin Use soft states when determining dependencies, so we don't get notices ...
(edit) @1065   15 years quentin Update Nagios links to mrtg
(edit) @1064   15 years mitchb Change to new OpenSUSE nss-ldapd version so we can download and build ...
(edit) @1063   15 years quentin First parts of installer script
(edit) @1062   15 years quentin if NRPE is down, don't bother notifying about NRPE-related services
(edit) @1061   15 years quentin Forgot a couple config files
(edit) @1060   15 years quentin Update Nagios configuration for Nagios 3
(edit) @1059   15 years geofft We don't need mDNS
(edit) @1058   15 years quentin Make the install process be a shell script
(edit) @1057   15 years quentin Don't enable useless services
(edit) @1056   15 years geofft What to do at the initial Fedora config screen
(edit) @1055   15 years quentin Monitor NRPE status
(edit) @1054   15 years quentin Bump load thresholds to 50
(edit) @1053   15 years quentin Document how to apply patches before generating an update
(edit) @1052   15 years quentin Use gtar so Sun can play too
(edit) @1051   15 years quentin Don't duplicate the lockername
(edit) @1050   15 years quentin update-system fixes: catch errors, and get the lockername from the input
(edit) @1049   15 years mitchb Make get-password deal with carriage returns, because the mysql client ...
(edit) @1048   15 years geofft oops, forgot an &&
(edit) @1047   15 years geofft openafs-scripts.patch: efficiency hack afs_GetAccessBits is a ...
(edit) @1046   15 years mitchb Dammit, Geoff, test things. Fix django autoinstaller again.
(edit) @1045   15 years geofft onathena: Uncommitted changes that enable *.scripts and ~/Scripts ...
(edit) @1044   15 years geofft django installer: Add pointers to
(edit) @1043   15 years geofft contrib.scripts moved
(edit) @1042   15 years mitchb More fixes and improvements to the django autoinstaller o Set ...
(edit) @1041   15 years mitchb Avoid a harmless yet ominous error message when using hack ...
(edit) @1040   15 years mitchb Use the django media directory from the RPM, not the egg. Silly me... ...
(edit) @1039   15 years mitchb Provide autoinstalled Djangos with /__scripts/django/media for admin CSS
(edit) @1038   15 years mitchb Fix more of django autoinstaller. Actually fill in, ...
(edit) @1037   15 years mitchb Make get-password more accomodating in my.cnf formats it understands. ...
(edit) @1036   15 years mitchb Fix django autoinstaller. Pass the URL components to the fcgi.
(edit) @1035   15 years mitchb Fix "the-bug" (non-empty content in 304s) in PHP (patch by ezyang) and ...
(edit) @1034   15 years mitchb Fedora 9 changed from Apache 2.2.9 to 2.2.10 while we weren't looking
(edit) @1033   15 years mitchb Revert r959; we're not using Fedora 10.
(edit) @1032   15 years mitchb Change CPU time limit for Apache-spawned processes from 3min to 5min. ...
(edit) @1031   15 years mitchb Binaries, man. Don't diff them. No, really. Ouch.
(edit) @1030   15 years mitchb Fix propose-update to a) work at all again, and b) work on all platforms
(edit) @1029   15 years mitchb Correct capitalization of the scriptsdev variable name
(edit) @1028   15 years quentin Autoinstaller documentation
(edit) @1027   15 years quentin Don't check in restricted docs by accident
(edit) @1026   15 years quentin Import doc directory from locker
(edit) @1025   15 years quentin xargs doesn't have -I everywhere
(edit) @1024   15 years mitchb Clean up pysvn kludge for svn 1.5 on scripts. Patch the package ...
(edit) @1023   15 years quentin Update LVS install docs
(edit) @1022   15 years quentin Start using sorry server
(edit) @1021   15 years quentin Lighttpd-based sorry server
(edit) @1020   15 years geofft /etc/sysconfig/openafs: for great awesome
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