Changeset 1045

Apr 2, 2009, 2:23:02 PM (15 years ago)
onathena: Uncommitted changes that enable *.scripts and ~/Scripts

Apparently we've been running this for a while. Some of the ~/Scripts
code (at least) is xavid's.

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  • locker/deploy/bin/onathena

    r1041 r1045  
    9797echo "Your new copy of $sname will appear on the web at a URL"
    98 echo "that starts with$lname/"
     98echo "that starts with http://$"
    9999echo "Please decide upon a complete URL and enter it below."
    100 echo "You must enter one or more characters after ~$lname/"
     100echo "You must enter one or more characters after"
    101101echo "The completed address must only contain a-z, 0-9, and /."
    102 printf "Desired address:$lname/"
     102printf "Desired address: http://$"
    103103read addrend
    107107        echo
    108108        echo "ERROR:"
    109         echo "You must enter one or more characters after ~$lname/"
     109        echo "You must enter one or more characters after"
    110110        echo "The completed address must only contain a-z, 0-9, and /."
    111111        exit 1
    190190fs sa . daemon.scripts write
    191191fs sa . system:scripts-security-upd write
    192 echo "This directory is used to store temporary files such as sessions. If you delete it, auto-installed packages will fail." > DO_NOT_DELETE.txt
     192echo "This directory is necessary to store login sessions and other transient files for auto-installed packages from" > DO_NOT_DELETE.txt
    193193mkdir -p "$lroot/web_scripts/$addrend"
    194194cd "$lroot/web_scripts/$addrend"
    207207echo "Unpacking $sname... (this step might take several minutes)"
     209# This version is deprecated, use create_scripts_dir instead
    209211if [ "$create_dir" = "" ]; then
    210212  create_dir=0
    221 athrun scripts gtar zxf "/mit/scripts/deploy$scriptsdev/$deploy.tar.gz"
     223# This is the better version
     225if [ "$create_scripts_dir" = "" ]; then
     226  create_scripts_dir=0
     229if [ "$create_scripts_dir" -eq 1 ]; then
     230  mkdir -p "$lroot/Scripts/$deploy"
     231  fs sa "$lroot/Scripts/$deploy" system:anyuser none
     232  fs sa "$lroot/Scripts/$deploy" system:authuser none
     233  fs sa "$lroot/Scripts/$deploy" daemon.scripts write
     234  fs sa "$lroot/Scripts/$deploy" system:scripts-security-upd write
     237# xavid: use p to keep the same permissions as in the file
     238athrun scripts gtar zxpf "/mit/scripts/deploy$scriptsdev/$deploy.tar.gz"
    222239files=`athrun scripts gfind . -mindepth 1 -maxdepth 1 | grep -v .admin`
    223240numfiles=`echo "$files" | wc -l`
    242259echo "== Installation complete! =="
    243260echo "You should now be able to access your new copy of $sname at"
    244 echo "$lname/$addrend/"
     261echo "http://$$addrend/"
    245262echo "(You can replace the http with https if you want to use encryption)"
    246263echo "If you have trouble accessing it, feel free to contact"
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