Jun 12, 2013:

11:18 PM Changeset [2430] by achernya
Depend on hesiod, not hesinfo Someone *cough cough* merged hesinfo back into hesiod, so accountadm no longer needs to depend on hesinfo explicitly, but rather hesiod.
10:58 PM Changeset [2429] by tboning
Built a bunch of packages, krb5 still has issues.
10:56 PM Ticket #370 (scripts-krb5 should depend on accountadm) created by achernya
If you install a scriptsified Kerberos without accountadm and openafs, …

Jun 4, 2013:

10:18 AM Changeset [2428] by achernya
Block the user harder
2:25 AM Changeset [2427] by achernya
Add more users to email blacklist

Jun 1, 2013:

4:18 AM Ticket #369 (Wizard autoupgrade to enable $wgEmailConfirmToEdit) created by adehnert
I think we should migrate all auto-installed and upgradeable …
4:10 AM Changeset [2426] by adehnert
prune-mailq: don't pre-wrap the sample email
3:56 AM Changeset [2425] by adehnert
prune-mailq: give usage message when run w/o args

May 31, 2013:

5:03 PM Ticket #368 (Wizard should handle git submodules) created by adehnert
Sometimes we want to autoinstall an app that uses submodules, or an …

May 29, 2013:

11:22 PM Ticket #367 (Write yum-zephyr hook) created by andersk
We should have a hook that zephyrs each yum transaction, like …
1:21 AM Changeset [2424] by tboning
Updated base to reflect removal of rubygems
1:20 AM Changeset [2423] by tboning
Stop scriptsifying rubygems Rubygems was scriptsified to add the 'thread' gem, which was needed for Rails 2.3.8 compatibility. Scripts-on-F19 drops Rails 2.3.8, and therefore this compatibility gem.
1:13 AM Changeset [2422] by tboning
Rebase Scripts httpd patches for httpd 2.4:

May 27, 2013:

11:29 PM Changeset [2421] by andersk
Enable GSSAPIKeyExchange
5:16 AM Ticket #137 (Django's manage.py should mention ssh'ing to scripts on failure) reopened by adehnert
Does it make sense to wrap "from django.core.management import …

May 26, 2013:

10:56 PM Changeset [2420] by achernya
Actually have a .transform script here too
10:43 PM Changeset [2419] by achernya
Actually have a .transform script
9:28 PM Changeset [2418] by achernya
Swithc to dh7, emacs24 is a lie for now in scripts-vm-host
9:09 PM Changeset [2417] by achernya
Update scripts-vm-host to work with Debian Wheezy
4:34 AM Ticket #366 (Mail from scripts to scripts-hosted domain ignores MX record) created by andersk
If you send mail from scripts to a scripts-hosted domain whose MX …

May 23, 2013:

6:43 PM Changeset [2416] by achernya
Update krb5
6:43 PM Changeset [2415] by achernya
Makefile for OpenAFS
6:41 PM Changeset [2414] by achernya
Update to OpenAFS, also try to stop crashing
6:00 PM Changeset [2413] by achernya
Certificate and configuration for feed
12:35 AM Ticket #365 (Support MongoDB) created by adehnert
A MongoDB server would be cool.

May 20, 2013:

8:12 PM Changeset [2412] by andersk
Add extensions from php-process
3:47 AM Ticket #364 (Better mailq template email) created by adehnert
The mailq template email was designed for users who had lots of …
3:01 AM Ticket #363 (Spammed Mediawiki cleanup docs) created by adehnert
We should have a FAQ entry on how to clean up a spammed Mediawiki. …
2:15 AM Changeset [2411] by adehnert
prune-mailq: only show the top twenty users

May 18, 2013:

5:02 PM Changeset [2410] by adehnert
prune-mailq: fix usage and allow @scripts.mit.edu names
4:53 PM Changeset [2409] by adehnert
mailq-cleaning script Script to help cleaning postfix mailqueues by listing top users, showing random emails, generate template emails, and prune all emails from a user. This is a partial fix of Scripts-#361.

May 13, 2013:

12:28 PM Ticket #362 (Pony should set user expectations appropriately) created by jdreed
The hostname request form (not the FAQ, which nobody reads) should say …
11:11 AM Ticket #343 (Autoinstalled apps should read the sql password out of my.cnf) closed by adehnert
duplicate: This is #57.
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