Jun 6, 2012:

3:44 PM Changeset [2229] by geofft
Certificate renewals for tours and scripts-cert Includes the InCommon intermediate cert fetched from the URL in mitcert's email (and re-reifications to support intermediate certs).
3:38 PM Changeset [2228] by geofft
Canonicalize SSLCertificateChainFile location to match r2227
3:33 PM Changeset [2227] by geofft
reify-vhost: Add SSLCertificateChainFile by default It makes the case of sites with intermediate certs not differ from the output of this script, and it's harmless for sites without intermediate certs.

May 28, 2012:

2:41 PM Changeset [2226] by achernya
Account for the /{bin,sbin} -> /usr/{bin,sbin} transition for allows set[ug]id binaries and file capabilities binaries.

May 26, 2012:

2:28 PM Ticket #289 (F17 syslog filling up with "/dev/ttyS0: not a character device") closed by ezyang
fixed: OK, fixed in r2223 and r2225.
2:28 PM Changeset [2225] by ezyang
Note that Grub rebuild is necessary.
2:27 PM Changeset [2224] by ezyang
Punt selinux sandbox not useful message
2:26 PM Changeset [2223] by ezyang
Version default/grub, primary change is remove /dev/ttyS0 from console args, also punt rhgb and quiet. Need grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub2/grub.cfg
2:21 PM Changeset [2222] by ezyang
Minor updates.
1:04 PM Changeset [2221] by ezyang
Remove linux33 sysname.
12:39 PM Ticket #294 (grub2 loading from pygrub still fairly broken) created by ezyang
You can see this in the startup messages: […]
12:28 PM Ticket #291 (binfmt stuff broken in F17) closed by ezyang
12:26 PM Changeset [2220] by ezyang
Load binfmt_misc kernel module.
12:19 PM Ticket #290 (better-mousetrapfs broken in F17) closed by ezyang
invalid: /usr/vice/etc wasn't up to date.
11:59 AM Changeset [2219] by ezyang
Add Fedora 17 and Linux 3.3 to sysname.
11:53 AM Ticket #293 (sqlite3-ruby gem has changed its name to just sqlite3) created by ezyang
And Fedora packages rubygem-sqlite3, so we shouldn't install it, …
11:52 AM Ticket #292 (WARNING: "pear/Archive_Zip" is deprecated in favor of "pecl/zip") created by ezyang
We should punt this PEAR package soon.

May 25, 2012:

6:01 PM Ticket #291 (binfmt stuff broken in F17) created by ezyang
5:59 PM Ticket #290 (better-mousetrapfs broken in F17) created by ezyang
[…] Probably systemd dependency ordering not working.
5:55 PM Ticket #289 (F17 syslog filling up with "/dev/ttyS0: not a character device") created by ezyang
Not sure what it means. Currently syslog-ng has it muted but we should …
4:05 PM Ticket #285 (php_scripts doesn't build with PHP 5.4.3) closed by ezyang
4:05 PM Changeset [2218] by ezyang
s/function_entry/zend_function_entry/ due to API change in PHP 5.4
4:04 PM Changeset [2217] by ezyang
Version update to krb5.
3:39 PM Changeset [2216] by ezyang
Actually use F17 repo.
3:23 PM Changeset [2215] by ezyang
Merge r2210 through r2214 into '.'
3:23 PM Changeset [2214] by ezyang
Let Fedora dynamically allocate the UID.
3:22 PM Changeset [2213] by ezyang
Fix path to zephyr.
4:27 AM Changeset [2212] by andersk
Update scripts-static-cat packaging
4:09 AM Changeset [2211] by andersk
Update ghc-cgi, ghc-unix-handle; punt ghc-MonadCatchIO-mtl
1:56 AM Ticket #288 (zephyr sources don't appear to get put in rpmbuild/SOURCES) created by ezyang
Probably a simple Makefile bug.
1:54 AM Ticket #287 (Make sure httpd/afsagent/openafs deps all work) created by ezyang
They should work, but one never knows with systemd.…
1:53 AM Changeset [2210] by ezyang
Merge zephyr from trunk.
1:53 AM Changeset [2209] by ezyang
Upgrade zephyr to 3.0.2
1:52 AM Changeset [2208] by ezyang
Merge changes from trunk.
1:49 AM Changeset [2207] by ezyang
Punt httpd sysv patch.
1:48 AM Changeset [2206] by ezyang
redland-bindings is fixed in https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=745641
1:35 AM Ticket #286 (Better story for tracking cabal2spec updates) created by ezyang
All of our Haskell packages no longer build on F17, and while the …
1:26 AM Ticket #285 (php_scripts doesn't build with PHP 5.4.3) created by ezyang
Here's the error we got. Probably due to some API changes. […]
12:55 AM Changeset [2205] by ezyang
Needs w flag.
12:50 AM Changeset [2204] by ezyang
Drop page cache before and after futzing around with mounts.
12:29 AM Changeset [2203] by ezyang
Remove PHP from repository.

May 24, 2012:

7:50 PM Changeset [2202] by ezyang
Merge in changes from trunk (punting php.spec)
7:43 PM Changeset [2201] by ezyang
Do not fetch Cabal dependencies.
7:33 PM Changeset [2200] by ezyang
Upgrade OpenAFS to 1.6.1 (undeployed)
7:32 PM Changeset [2199] by ezyang
PHP version bump (undeployed)

May 23, 2012:

12:52 AM Ticket #284 (Cannot do Rawhide development with AFS) created by ezyang
OpenAFS doesn't compile with Rawhide kernel due to GPL only symbol …
12:48 AM Changeset [2198] by ezyang
Untested version bumps for all spec files.

May 22, 2012:

11:03 PM Changeset [2197] by ezyang
Update mock invocations to be f17.
11:02 PM Changeset [2196] by ezyang
Mock configuration for F17.
10:52 PM Changeset [2195] by ezyang
Merge changes from trunk.
10:51 PM Ticket #260 (Patch future systemd Apache to depend on openafs-client and crond) closed by quentin
10:14 PM Ticket #283 (Rails reloading is dodgy) created by christy
The app reloading logic in the fcgi dispatcher the Rails autoinstaller …

May 21, 2012:

10:06 PM Ticket #250 (F15 comes with Rails 3) closed by achernya
9:59 PM Ticket #282 (Wordpress autoinstalls (and probably other PHP apps) have wrong timezone) created by ezyang
They appear to be doing UTC.

May 16, 2012:

1:27 PM Changeset [2194] by achernya
Certificate renewal for ties
1:26 PM Changeset [2193] by achernya
Update postfix to 2.8.10
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