Oct 17, 2011:

11:42 PM Ticket #250 (F15 comes with Rails 3) created by geofft
Our Rails autoinstaller doesn't work any more, since it assumes Rails …
7:57 PM Changeset [2009] by ezyang
Explicitly specify uid 103.
10:24 AM Changeset [2008] by achernya
Certificate renewal for ua.mit.edu
10:24 AM Changeset [2007] by achernya
Certificate renewal for twentytwelve.mit.edu
10:23 AM Changeset [2006] by achernya
Certificate renewal for sipb.mit.edu
10:22 AM Changeset [2005] by achernya
Certificate renewal for signup.mit.edu
10:22 AM Changeset [2004] by achernya
Certificate renewal for fridget.mit.edu
10:22 AM Changeset [2003] by achernya
Certificate renewal for cdsa.mit.edu
10:21 AM Changeset [2002] by achernya
Certificate renewal for barnowl.mit.edu

Oct 13, 2011:

10:24 AM Changeset [2001] by achernya
Scriptsify redland-bindings redland-bindings, which is the source package that provides php-redland, is broken upstream, which prevents the module from being used. This rebuild corrects this issue by changing zend_error_noreturn to zend_error.

Oct 11, 2011:

10:17 PM Changeset [2000] by achernya
Certificate and configuration for maseeh.mit.edu [help.mit.edu #1762329]

Oct 10, 2011:

10:03 PM Changeset [1999] by ezyang
Initial commit of credential cloning code.
1:47 AM Changeset [1998] by achernya
Update postfix configuration for 2.8.5

Oct 1, 2011:

1:54 PM Changeset [1997] by achernya
Actually delete the directories from r1996
1:53 PM Changeset [1996] by achernya
Remove sys/* from lvs The files in sys/* have not been used since r1194. There is no point keeping them around.

Sep 30, 2011:

8:18 PM Changeset [1995] by achernya
Update host installation instructions to mention exim4 configuration

Sep 28, 2011:

3:41 PM Changeset [1994] by ezyang
Certificate and configuration for stalk.mit.edu

Sep 27, 2011:

5:57 PM Changeset [1993] by achernya
Increase volumes in afsd from 400 to 4000
5:08 PM Ticket #249 (Pony does not distinguish between moira/dns/resolved states) created by ezyang
Once we approve a ticket, it shows up in your lists of hostnames, even …
4:37 PM Ticket #248 (Pony needs more knobs) created by achernya
Some hostname requests have gotten into states that we cannot easily …

Sep 26, 2011:

2:36 AM Changeset [1992] by geofft
Move wakeup.mit.edu to the sipb-voip locker

Sep 25, 2011:

5:12 PM Ticket #219 (Debian and Fedora disagree on hostname, zephyr logging is inconsistent) closed by achernya
wontfix: We've decided we're not particularly bothered by the difference.
5:03 PM Ticket #4 (Cleaning /tmp sessions) closed by achernya
4:46 PM StarterTickets edited by adehnert
2:59 PM Ticket #203 (Integrate Django better with scripts) closed by adehnert
invalid: This is too open-ended to really be a good ticket. See also #238.
2:56 PM Changeset [1991] by ezyang
Revert previous incorrect commit.
2:48 PM Changeset [1990] by ezyang
Remove vestigial (and out of date) trac.fcgi file.
2:33 PM Changeset [1989] by achernya
Merge r1973-r1988 from trunk to branches/fc15-dev
1:58 PM Ticket #177 (Server panic on OOM fails to reboot) closed by achernya
fixed: Just tested on busy-beaver, the server rebooted.
1:10 PM Ticket #247 (systemd parallel bootup breaks unspecified dependencies) created by achernya
systemd provides a significantly faster bootup---but it breaks all …
12:49 PM Ticket #157 (the Debian/Ubuntu hosts should run our zephyr logger) closed by achernya
fixed: All of the hosts are now Debian, and automatically get the zephyr …
12:47 PM Ticket #160 (hosts don't support ext4) closed by achernya
fixed: The hosts have been upgraded to Debian Squeeze, which has kernel …
12:37 PM Ticket #246 (Package python-moira (pymoira)) created by achernya
Lots of modern applications are written in Python rather than C, but …

Sep 24, 2011:

10:28 PM Ticket #245 (/__scripts/needcerts should send non-reified vhosts to https://*.scripts) created by andersk
Currently /__scripts/needcerts always redirects http://foo.mit.edu
10:08 PM Ticket #244 (Pony should show pending requests) created by ezyang
Otherwise, there's no indication if your requests are being processed.
10:07 PM Ticket #243 (Pony should query Moira) created by ezyang
This would let it not send a request for hostnames which are reserved …
10:03 PM Ticket #242 ("I noticed you're attempting to install Wordpress": recommend autoinstaller) created by ezyang
If we notice that a user has unpacked a vanilla webapp which we …
10:00 PM Ticket #241 (Pony CSR integration) created by ezyang
Pony should allow users to request CSRs for their hostnames. We could …
9:59 PM Ticket #240 (What's Different? FAQ) created by ezyang
Given a reasonably savvy user who has used alternate web hosting …
9:58 PM Ticket #239 (mod_facebook) created by ezyang
Mostly a bad idea. But might be very convenient for users. …
9:56 PM Ticket #238 (Django SSL auth should be an option in the Django autoinstaller) created by ezyang
See RT 1616581. Maybe the autoinstaller should have a knob here.
9:53 PM Ticket #237 (JDBC is hard to make work) created by ezyang
See RT 1589906. We know how to make it work, but users tend to have …
9:52 PM Ticket #236 (Wizard failure leaves behind directory) created by ezyang
If Wizard fails, it's not possible to try reinstalling to that …
9:50 PM Ticket #235 (Make wizard upgrade robust enough to be user visible) created by ezyang
When we're lame about autoupgrades, it is still possible (and …
9:48 PM Ticket #234 (Load balanced SSH) created by ezyang
It would be convenient to 'ssh current-scripts.mit.edu' and get …
9:47 PM Ticket #233 (Do something sensible on 'athrun scripts scripts -start') created by ezyang
Note the space before the dash. We don't error until we hit Wizard, …
9:46 PM Ticket #232 (Python's path (sys.path / PYTHON_PATH) doesn't really do something sensible) created by ezyang
See RT 1524793, in which a user was confused about a Python path with …
9:44 PM Ticket #231 (Have Trac automatically search for similar tickets) created by ezyang
9:43 PM Ticket #230 (Support moving hostnames across locker boundaries) created by ezyang
Obviously only if you have admin bits on both ends.
9:41 PM Ticket #229 (Personal cert htaccess is confusing) created by ezyang
People seem to frequently get confused about how to configure their …
9:39 PM Ticket #228 (Ident authentication for MySQL) created by ezyang
Use Ident ("Who owns the port of this trusted machine connecting to …
9:39 PM Ticket #227 (Better MySQL password reset) created by ezyang
No way to reset if it's a group locker. There should be a way of …
9:18 PM Ticket #226 (/usr/kerberos/bin is gone in F15) created by geofft
Has anyone hard-coded this? Do we care enough to make a compatibility …
9:17 PM Ticket #82 (path varies between interactive and web server contexts) closed by geofft
fixed: This is moot in F15; /usr/kerberos/bin is gone. My interactive path is …

Sep 23, 2011:

1:22 PM Changeset [1988] by achernya
Certificate and configuration for crosslinks.mit.edu [help.mit.edu #1746138]
1:22 PM Changeset [1987] by achernya
Certificate and configuration for crosslinks.mit.edu [help.mit.edu #1746138]

Sep 22, 2011:

6:33 PM Ticket #225 (Trac installer needs to make InnoDB tables, not MyISAM) created by andersk
Trac requires InnoDB tables using the utf8_bin collation, but we …

Sep 19, 2011:

6:55 PM Changeset [1986] by geofft
Fix notes about changelog initialization
6:26 PM Changeset [1985] by ezyang
Remove vestigial install-deps step.

Sep 18, 2011:

8:22 PM Changeset [1984] by achernya
Certificate and configuration for rpl.mit.edu [help.mit.edu #1739925]
1:01 AM Changeset [1983] by geofft
Add more steps about changelog initialization to LDAP MMR setup

Sep 17, 2011:

11:25 PM Ticket #224 (Autoinstallers in group lockers install with bogus emails) created by ezyang
We pick lockername@… which doesn't work most of the time.
11:03 PM Changeset [1982] by ezyang
Readd 'make install-deps' to instructions.
10:38 PM Changeset [1981] by ezyang
Note about the minimal private SSH key to transfer.
8:53 PM Changeset [1980] by ezyang
Remind to setup conserver.
6:23 PM Ticket #110 (the WordPress URL hack breaks pingbacks (and other XMLRPC stuff)) closed by ezyang
fixed: Punted the hack entirely in 0a65aa9223cfd4f3cca5fec2e477942ee29601ad. …
3:59 PM Ticket #223 (Scripts should respect CRL) created by ezyang
Scripts should respect MIT personal certificate revocation lists. But …
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