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    162162            M1 <---> M2 <---> S
    164     3. Set up the rest of the replication agreements at your leisure.
     164    3. Set up the rest of the replication agreements.
    166166                M1 <---> M2
    169169                +--> S <--+
     171    4. Push a change from every existing server (to the new server), and
     172       then a change from the new server to (all) the existing servers.
     173       In addition to merely testing that replication works, this will
     174       set up the servers' changelogs properly.
     176       Until this step is complete, no changes (other than the replica
     177       refresh, to initially populate the new server) should be sent, or
     178       you risk the cluster's replication agreements falling apart.
     179       Possibly disabling Pony for the duration of this setup is a good
     180       plan.
    171182  Here's how you do it.
     184    0. Disable Pony (we don't have a particularly good way of doing
     185       this at the moment), and tell -c scripts you're doing this and
     186       not to go off and make changes to the database until you're done.
    173188    1. Pull open the replication part of the database. It's fairly empty
    286301    then try again.
     303    7. Repeat step 6 to complete the graph of replications (i.e., from
     304    every other server to the new server, and from the new server to
     305    every other server).
     307    Note the only difference between steps 5 and 6 is the lack of
     308    nsDS5ReplicaRefresh: start. That only needs to be done once, to the
     309    new server.
     311    8. If at this point you look at the new server's changelog with
     312    cl-dump (preferably /mit/scripts/admin/, to not prompt you
     313    for a password), you won't see the servers you added in step 7. So,
     314    from each of those servers, make a change to some record so it gets
     315    propagated to the new server, and then one from the new server so it
     316    gets propagated to all the existing servers' changelogs. This is
     317    also good for making sure the replication agreements actually work.
     319    9. Re-enable Pony and celebrate on -c scripts.
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