Jul 3, 2010:

2:10 PM Changeset [1582] by geofft
Remove e-mail blocks (timeout!)

Jun 29, 2010:

7:31 PM Changeset [1581] by geofft
Comment out DNSSEC because upstream's package is borked See http://www.coderdan.com/2010/06/quick-fix-for-the-fedora-dnssec-issue/
7:29 PM Changeset [1580] by geofft
check in upstream named.conf

Jun 27, 2010:

6:41 PM Ticket #155 (pony fails if daemon.scripts-pony doesn't have "list" on the locker) created by adehnert
Apparently if a locker doesn't have system:anyuser l, nor does …

Jun 24, 2010:

1:30 AM Ticket #147 (Augment Nagios LDAP-MMR NRPE plugin to check for replication conflicts) closed by mitchb
fixed: Done in r1579, and deployed.
1:21 AM Changeset [1579] by mitchb
Augment LDAP-MMR NRPE plugin to check for replication conflicts Trac: #147

Jun 23, 2010:

10:42 PM Changeset [1578] by geofft
New certificate for scripts-cert

Jun 22, 2010:

3:49 AM Changeset [1577] by mitchb
Renewed certificate for tours.mit.edu
2:03 AM Ticket #154 (can't back up databases with lots of tables) created by geofft
Per a a comment on ticket #148, apparently …

Jun 20, 2010:

10:17 AM Ticket #153 (look into MySQL multimaster replication) created by geofft
If we really aim to be split between W20 and W91 (see also #200) in a …
9:55 AM Ticket #152 (hotter MySQL failover) created by geofft
If the primary dies, it currently takes manual effort to get the …
9:46 AM Ticket #151 (look into mixed replication etc.) created by geofft
MySQL supports …
7:23 AM Ticket #150 (load-balance SQL reads where possible) created by geofft
Applications that are read-only (for instance, most blogs and many …
5:38 AM Ticket #149 (use GSSAPI for LDAP-to-LDAP auth instead of SSL certs) created by geofft
LDAP replication authenticates over SSL certs. The problem with SSL …
4:35 AM Ticket #148 (add a Moodle autoinstaller) created by geofft
Moodle is a highly popular open-source CMS for classes/the educational …

Jun 16, 2010:

12:26 PM Changeset [1576] by geofft
cronload: Warn if no MAILTO= line is set.

Jun 15, 2010:

2:50 AM Ticket #147 (Augment Nagios LDAP-MMR NRPE plugin to check for replication conflicts) created by mitchb
Aside from making sure that the replicas themselves are okay and …

Jun 14, 2010:

12:17 PM Ticket #146 (whoisd should deal with lost connections to slapd) created by mitchb
Apparently restarting slapd (now that we sort of can do so) will break …

Jun 10, 2010:

4:40 PM Ticket #140 (Pony: Stop telling people to decide between CNAME and A records) closed by xavid
fixed: Documentation added to …

Jun 9, 2010:

1:32 AM Ticket #145 (update scripts.mit.edu/web text for pony) closed by xavid
fixed: Fixed.

Jun 8, 2010:

2:39 PM Ticket #145 (update scripts.mit.edu/web text for pony) created by kaduk
The text on scripts.mit.edu/web still directs users to email us for a …
2:37 AM Ticket #144 (default editors to not try to read unreadable configuration files) created by kaduk
On scripts, standard configuration files such as $HOME/.emacs and …

Jun 7, 2010:

9:32 AM Changeset [1575] by geofft
Also disable outgoing mail, not just incoming bounces
7:05 AM Ticket #143 (Monitor postfix queue size) created by adehnert
Today we had over a million emails in our postfix queues due to a …
6:45 AM Changeset [1574] by adehnert
Disable problematic user

Jun 6, 2010:

4:48 AM Changeset [1573] by adehnert
Add cron job to check the cert
4:38 AM Changeset [1572] by adehnert
Check localhost, not all the web hosts
4:38 AM Changeset [1571] by adehnert
Print the local hostname from check-ldap-certs.pl
3:38 AM Changeset [1570] by adehnert
Oops, punt an unwanted echo line
3:35 AM Changeset [1569] by adehnert
Add script to check LDAP cert expiration
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