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(edit) @238   16 years jbarnold Don't trust the Athena cell with setuid binaries! AFS trusts the local ...
(edit) @236   16 years andersk Fix version number comments.
(edit) @233   16 years presbrey disable KeepAlives for HTTPS (MediaWiki+LVS+RandomPage bug)
(edit) @231   16 years presbrey Apache: shorter keepalives (5s)
(edit) @230   16 years presbrey Apache: disable keepalives
(edit) @229   16 years andersk Slay zombie pts processes.
(edit) @228   16 years presbrey
(edit) @227   16 years presbrey start postfix if AFS is working
(edit) @226   16 years presbrey localhost rules for NFS
(edit) @222   16 years presbrey raise some default PHP limits
(edit) @213   16 years presbrey block open portmap ports
(edit) @212   16 years presbrey virtual LVS local interfaces
(edit) @208   16 years presbrey do not start NFS server by default
(edit) @206   16 years presbrey commit oops
(edit) @205   16 years presbrey sudoers file: do not require tty
(edit) @204   16 years presbrey gems install script rpms install script user import signup script ...
(edit) @203   16 years presbrey NFS export: /tmp another NFS port for iptables
(edit) @202   16 years presbrey updated service configuration for NFS
(edit) @201   16 years jbarnold forgot export
(edit) @200   16 years presbrey iptables NFS rules
(edit) @199   16 years jbarnold moving afsagent krb tickets to /home/afsagent to avoid nfs-shared /tmp
(edit) @191   16 years jbarnold files that have been chmod-ed 777 only need to be httpd-readable
(edit) @190   16 years presbrey fixed Alias and Redirect locality
(edit) @189   16 years jbarnold yoz rewrote to do more streamlike processing
(edit) @182   16 years presbrey jbarnold did CPAN upgrade
(edit) @181   16 years jbarnold started documentation for how to install a server
(edit) @180   16 years presbrey purge old httpd log files yum ignores httpd and krb5-libs block MIT ...
(edit) @179   16 years presbrey rpm sync script
(edit) @178   16 years presbrey keep ntpd started
(edit) @177   16 years jbarnold added makefile target for symlinking /usr/vice/etc to /etc/openafs so ...
(edit) @176   16 years jbarnold -M is needed to avoid creating homedir, not -m
(edit) @175   16 years jbarnold home directory in AFS should not be created if it exists
(edit) @173   16 years jbarnold
(edit) @172   16 years jbarnold fixing signup process
(edit) @171   16 years jbarnold should not remove signup's AFS-based home directory on uninstall
(edit) @170   16 years jbarnold added uid check to admof
(edit) @165   16 years jbarnold correction to a correction!
(edit) @164   16 years jbarnold minor spacing correction
(edit) @163   16 years presbrey mono interpreter
(edit) @152   16 years presbrey httpd logrotate settings
(edit) @151   16 years presbrey subversionized virtual hosts startup script creates user sessions ...
(edit) @150   16 years jbarnold final touches
(edit) @149   16 years presbrey logview gets apache error logs
(edit) @148   16 years jbarnold athena already has a "logs" user
(edit) @147   16 years jbarnold moving apache error log to /home/logs
(edit) @145   16 years jbarnold logview needs to be able to read the httpd logs
(edit) @144   16 years jbarnold corrected postun spelling mistake that was causing confusion
(edit) @143   16 years jbarnold defattr was causing complaint about group logview not existing
(edit) @142   16 years jbarnold preparing logview for release on fc6 server
(edit) @141   16 years jbarnold removed autogenerated execsys.conf from repo; added capitalized ext ...
(edit) @140   16 years jbarnold added JPG based on request
(edit) @139   16 years jbarnold removed access log code since we have no access logs
(edit) @138   16 years jbarnold added logview package; fixed signup homedir
(edit) @136   16 years jbarnold modbash to mbash transition, part 2
(edit) @135   16 years jbarnold modbash to mbash transition, part 1
(edit) @134   16 years jbarnold renamed modbash to mbash at Joe's request forcing signup uid and gid ...
(edit) @126   16 years jbarnold added message to help inform users about su replacement
(edit) @125   16 years jbarnold created two admofs for different selinux labels
(edit) @124   16 years jbarnold
(edit) @123   16 years jbarnold
(edit) @122   16 years jbarnold added perl autobundle snapshot
(edit) @121   16 years jbarnold fixed bugs in perl docs
(edit) @120   16 years jbarnold updated all spec files to use numeric "Release:"
(edit) @119   16 years presbrey packaged sql-signup utility
(edit) @116   16 years presbrey use userhelper to securely setuid user programs into a user_r domain
(edit) @115   16 years presbrey disable OpenAFS PAG garbage collection
(edit) @114   16 years presbrey do not modify /etc/php.ini! it makes our systems inconsistent.
(edit) @113   16 years presbrey signup_t domain is in system_r role
(edit) @111   16 years tabbott The delections associated with that last move
(edit) @110   16 years tabbott Add tags so that it's a happy initscript for Debian as well as Fedora
(edit) @109   16 years tabbott Fix the fact that svn decided to put those checkins in a rather ...
(edit) @108   16 years tabbott Initial revision of tokensys for Debian
(edit) @107   16 years tabbott Initial revision of accountadm for debian
(edit) @106   16 years tabbott Initial revision of execsys package for debian
(edit) @105   16 years tabbott Initial revision of sqladm package for debian.
(edit) @104   16 years presbrey upd-execsys bug fix renamed staticsys-cat from sbin to bin to avoid ...
(edit) @103   16 years presbrey suexec SELinux transition
(edit) @89   16 years tabbott Modifying Fedora specfiles to use the make install targets created by ...
(edit) @87   16 years tabbott changes to make things more portable. Added install, ...
(edit) @86   16 years jbarnold oops happened again; removed more new code
(edit) @85   16 years jbarnold removed code that caused kernel oops
(edit) @83   16 years jbarnold attempt at fixing vanishing-credentials bug
(edit) @79   16 years presbrey vixie-cron executes as the user under SELinux SELinux policy for afsd ...
(edit) @78   16 years presbrey removing default context modification
(edit) @77   16 years presbrey deleted SuidCells
(edit) @76   16 years presbrey cron environment
(edit) @75   16 years presbrey selinux config and services config script
(edit) @74   16 years jbarnold daemon.keytab should not live in /home/afsagent to avoid deletion with ...
(edit) @73   16 years jbarnold moved daemon.keytab back to /home/afsagent
(edit) @72   16 years presbrey longer sysstat history
(edit) @71   16 years jbarnold added mit zephyr spec patch (which removes package dep)
(edit) @70   16 years presbrey auth_sslcert configuration
(edit) @69   16 years jbarnold added call to renew at reboot
(edit) @68   16 years jbarnold combined dep lists; added mit-zephyr deps
(edit) @67   16 years jbarnold should have been part of last commit
(edit) @66   16 years jbarnold various misc bug fixes
(edit) @65   16 years jbarnold trying to make krb5 spec patch work with future krb5 versions
(edit) @64   16 years jbarnold added mit-zephyr
(edit) @63   16 years jbarnold added build dep for httpdmods; removed obsolete lockeradm spec file
(edit) @62   16 years presbrey move to accountadm
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