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(edit) @1113   15 years quentin Use a Weighted Least Connections scheduler, to better balance load
(edit) @1112   15 years quentin As a VM, b-k can only handle half the traffic
(edit) @1111   15 years quentin If a server doesn't answer heartbeat within 5 seconds, it's probably ...
(edit) @1022   15 years quentin Start using sorry server
(edit) @1021   15 years quentin Lighttpd-based sorry server
(edit) @1009   15 years quentin Don't check CD drive on LVS servers for a temperature
(edit) @1005   15 years quentin Load balance SMTP
(edit) @1004   15 years quentin Use lenny's heartbeat
(edit) @1003   15 years quentin Upgrade to lenny's sysctl.conf
(edit) @1002   15 years quentin Upgrade to Lenny's nrpe
(edit) @989   15 years mitchb I suppose I should read automated mail for the LVS directors, too.
(edit) @965   15 years quentin Configure ldirectord and iptables for scripts-new
(edit) @964   15 years quentin Allow management of heartbeat (start the mgmtd)
(edit) @819   16 years geofft Negotiate everything, don't just connect.
(edit) @806   16 years quentin Revert geofft's comments
(edit) @805   16 years quentin Load balance port 444 in addition to port 443, and do a negotiate ...
(edit) @774   16 years quentin The LVS repository makes the baby Tim Berners-Lee cry
(edit) @766   16 years geofft Comment out sx-blade-4 from the webzephyr pool, pending further testing.
(edit) @756   16 years quentin add sx-blade-4
(edit) @753   16 years quentin Import LVS aliases file
(edit) @713   16 years quentin Allow syn to monitor LVS directors
(edit) @676   16 years quentin Remove hacks-old from ldirectord config
(edit) @652   16 years andersk Add default syslog-ng configuration.
(edit) @625   16 years quentin Allow monitoring by
(edit) @584   17 years quentin Support
(edit) @582   17 years andersk Remove not-backward.
(edit) @581   17 years quentin Make webzephyr work
(edit) @577   17 years quentin Add
(edit) @571   17 years andersk Add rack-backward.
(edit) @570   17 years quentin Move log configuration to the correct location
(edit) @569   17 years quentin add heartbeat repository
(edit) @568   17 years andersk Update configuration files for etch.
(edit) @560   17 years quentin broadcasts don't work on the machine room network (?)
(edit) @559   17 years quentin Add ntp.conf for LVS servers
(edit) @558   17 years quentin Munin node configuration for LVS servers
(edit) @554   17 years quentin Tweak configuration
(edit) @553   17 years quentin Disable debugging
(edit) @552   17 years quentin Make rack-forward primary
(edit) @551   17 years quentin Switch to heartbeat 2
(edit) @550   17 years quentin Add rack-forward as a cluster node
(edit) @549   17 years quentin Removing apt sources.list as LVS servers now use default Etch sources
(edit) @280   17 years presbrey slight HA change
(edit) @232   17 years presbrey LVS: HTTP&S connection affinity
(edit) @223   17 years presbrey LVS: do not load-balance SMTP
(edit) @217   17 years presbrey LVS cron inetd
(edit) @216   17 years presbrey LVS inetd stats services
(edit) @215   17 years presbrey LVS stats/debug
(edit) @210   17 years presbrey LVS configuration for Debian
(add) @209   17 years presbrey LVS config tree
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