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(edit) @502   17 years andersk Check for successful response from signup backend.
(edit) @498   17 years quentin Remove Setup.php patch that was committed upstream
(edit) @497   17 years quentin Use new /mit/scripts/deploy format Use full path to files in ...
(edit) @476   17 years andersk Add $email variable.
(edit) @475   17 years andersk Uncurl gallery2.
(edit) @474   17 years andersk File::Path for mkpath and rmtree.
(edit) @473   17 years andersk More joomla cleanup.
(edit) @472   17 years andersk Uncurl advancedbook, advancedpoll, e107, joomla, phpbb.
(edit) @470   17 years andersk Uncurl mediawiki.
(edit) @469   17 years andersk deploydev -> deploy
(edit) @468   17 years andersk Uncurl wordpress installer.
(edit) @467   17 years andersk Right.
(edit) @466   17 years andersk Prepare to get rid of curl.
(edit) @465   17 years andersk Sync svn with locker.
(edit) @464   17 years andersk As it turns out, bash sucks too.
(edit) @463   17 years andersk ssh sucks.
(edit) @462   17 years andersk Things that give me nightmares, volume 462.
(edit) @461   17 years andersk Things that give me nightmares, volume 461.
(edit) @460   17 years andersk Nothing uses this anymore.
(edit) @459   17 years andersk Things that give me nightmares, volume 459.
(edit) @458   17 years andersk Things that give me nightmares, volume 458.
(edit) @457   17 years andersk Things that give me nightmares, volume 457.
(edit) @456   17 years quentin mediawiki 1.11 installer + improvements to installer system
(edit) @452   17 years quentin Make directories for each package
(edit) @451   17 years price put deploy patches in source control start with the mediawiki patches.
(edit) @448   17 years quentin Good thing "due" isn't a command, so it killed the script just as ...
(edit) @447   17 years quentin Silly typos...
(edit) @446   17 years quentin Autoupgrade system, draft 1
(edit) @438   17 years andersk The time has come that sshmic fails to work on more machines than it ...
(edit) @411   17 years quentin Added --dev flag to use development packages
(edit) @382   17 years presbrey new SQL signup and server
(edit) @380   17 years jbarnold system:authuser doesn't need list access since system:anyuser has it
(edit) @376   17 years andersk Full mode should also show svnlook changes.
(edit) @375   17 years andersk Add locker/sbin (currently the svn commit hooks) to the repository.
(edit) @363   17 years quentin initial checkin of the update-system; not fully functional yetd
(edit) @359   17 years quentin initial checkin of cron system
(edit) @338   17 years andersk Use find -exec instead of find | xargs, and "$@" instead of $@.
(edit) @329   17 years andersk Delete old scripts-rm script (which was incomplete and had ...
(edit) @328   17 years andersk Add scripts-remove from geofft.
(edit) @327   17 years andersk Add drop-database.
(edit) @326   17 years andersk urlencode some stuff.
(edit) @240   17 years jbarnold Another attempt to fix the automatic installer bug
(edit) @239   17 years jbarnold First attempt to fix autoinstaller bug Using a subdir of web_scripts ...
(edit) @237   17 years geofft Force trailing slash on install directory.
(edit) @234   17 years presbrey LF terminate MySQL password in .my.cnf
(edit) @221   17 years jbarnold nevermind, new way does work
(edit) @220   17 years jbarnold old way worked; new way does not
(edit) @207   17 years presbrey signup locker script updated for multiple servers
(edit) @185   17 years jbarnold remember to athrun scripts sshmic rather than simply sshmic!
(edit) @184   17 years jbarnold complain in signup-minimal if neither anyuser nor authuser can list locker
(edit) @160   17 years jbarnold enforce that .sql is not world-readable on every invokation
(edit) @159   17 years jbarnold more authuser corrections; fixed dot-in-session-name bug
(edit) @158   17 years jbarnold same authuser problem for other services
(edit) @157   17 years jbarnold we should remove authuser's access to .sql in addition to anyuser
(edit) @154   17 years jbarnold removing advertisements for advancedpoll
(edit) @133   17 years andersk Updated webaccess to fix security problems.
(edit) @131   17 years jbarnold added sql scripts
(edit) @130   17 years jbarnold cleaning up obsolete files
(edit) @129   17 years jbarnold updated symlinks
(edit) @128   17 years jbarnold current copies of locker software
(add) @127   17 years jbarnold old copies of locker software
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