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(edit) @1621   12 years ezyang Failing to clear download stamp after a clean will break make.
(edit) @1620   12 years ezyang Undo SVN change, add more docs about it.
(edit) @1619   12 years ezyang Miscellaneous updates to our installation document. In particular: ...
(edit) @1618   12 years ezyang Documentation about scripts test servers on XVM
(edit) @1617   12 years ezyang In progress documentation about Fedora distribution upgrades.
(edit) @1616   12 years xavid Fix krb5 patch for f13.
(edit) @1615   12 years xavid Update spec patchs for f13.
(edit) @1614   12 years ezyang Corrections as suggested by quentin.
(edit) @1613   12 years ezyang Branch for F13 development.
(edit) @1612   12 years ezyang Instructions for installing a Fedora image on Xen.
(edit) @1611   12 years adehnert Updated certificate
(edit) @1610   12 years ezyang Update for Heartbeat 3 and Pacemaker.
(edit) @1609   12 years ezyang Take syslog-ng update.
(edit) @1608   12 years gdb Handle the case of an unexpected LDAP attribute
(edit) @1607   12 years gdb Make httpdmods require scripts-httpd Our patched mod-vhost-ldap uses ...
(edit) @1606   12 years gdb Remove cruft left behind by scripts's patches TODO: rebase the cruft away
(edit) @1605   12 years gdb Use ap_walk_config to configure directives The only expected change ...
(edit) @1604   12 years gdb Refactor code for processing attributes from LDAP. This patch should ...
(edit) @1603   12 years gdb Deep clone server_rec using ap_fixup_virtual_host This patch is ...
(edit) @1602   12 years gdb httpd: Add method to merge virtual host with a main server_rec
(edit) @1601   12 years geofft admof: Re-resolve the potential sysadmin's name within SYSADMIN_CELL ...
(edit) @1600   12 years geofft admof: More mutable input fun.
(edit) @1599   12 years geofft admof: Actually AFS likes to edit its input strings. So drop the ...
(edit) @1598   12 years geofft admof: Always check system:scripts-root -c athena, not in the locker's ...
(edit) @1597   12 years geofft admof: Be a bit more paranoid about memory
(edit) @1596   12 years geofft admof: pts groups are identified by negative IDs, not colons
(edit) @1595   12 years geofft Unreify queues and lpq vhosts The site's been dead for ages -- at ...
(edit) @1594   12 years geofft tokensys: aklog csail
(edit) @1593   12 years geofft Cert renewals (axo, crew, familynet, mitsoc, next, random-hall, ...
(edit) @1592   12 years andersk static-cat: Ignore unparsable byte ranges.
(edit) @1591   12 years adehnert Updated certificate for
(edit) @1590   12 years andersk Package new static-cat written in Haskell. This adds support for ...
(edit) @1589   12 years andersk mod_vhost_ldap: Fix /~user URLs. This also re-enables the upstream ...
(edit) @1588   12 years andersk Update mod_vhost_ldap to 2.0.5 Now that mod_vhost_ldap upstream has ...
(edit) @1587   12 years geofft Patch Ghostscript overflow error, see GS bug #691295 (CVE-2010-1628)
(edit) @1586   12 years geofft Update to libpng 1.2.44 (CVE-2010-1205) (CVE-2010-2249)
(edit) @1585   12 years ezyang Desupport new installations of e107, phpical, advancedguest and ...
(edit) @1584   12 years geofft d_zroot: Also punt the logic for counting failed root logins This ...
(edit) @1583   12 years geofft Fix r1330 and reapply it.
(edit) @1582   12 years geofft Remove e-mail blocks (timeout!)
(edit) @1581   12 years geofft Comment out DNSSEC because upstream's package is borked See ...
(edit) @1580   12 years geofft check in upstream named.conf
(edit) @1579   12 years mitchb Augment LDAP-MMR NRPE plugin to check for replication conflicts Trac: ...
(edit) @1578   12 years geofft New certificate for scripts-cert
(edit) @1577   12 years mitchb Renewed certificate for
(edit) @1576   12 years geofft cronload: Warn if no MAILTO= line is set.
(edit) @1575   12 years geofft Also disable outgoing mail, not just incoming bounces
(edit) @1574   12 years adehnert Disable problematic user
(edit) @1573   12 years adehnert Add cron job to check the cert
(edit) @1572   12 years adehnert Check localhost, not all the web hosts
(edit) @1571   12 years adehnert Print the local hostname from
(edit) @1570   12 years adehnert Oops, punt an unwanted echo line
(edit) @1569   12 years adehnert Add script to check LDAP cert expiration
(edit) @1568   12 years adehnert Optionally take addrend from SCRIPTS_INSTALL_ADDREND instead of prompting
(edit) @1567   12 years adehnert Optionally take locker from SCRIPTS_INSTALL_LOCKER instead of prompting
(edit) @1566   12 years ezyang Pass --web-stub-path when autoinstalling to Scripts.
(edit) @1565   12 years geofft mbashrc: Replace su/sudo with shell functions giving nice errors ...
(edit) @1564   12 years adehnert Some minor cronload cleanup
(edit) @1563   12 years adehnert Be saner about finding lockername in cronload
(edit) @1562   12 years adehnert Update krb5.spec patch for new upstream version
(edit) @1561   12 years adehnert Revert "Patch for CVE-2010-1440 (and CVE-2010-0739)" This reverts svn ...
(edit) @1560   12 years adehnert Revert "Patch for CVE-2010-0829... SSDP: Same Thing, Different ...
(edit) @1559   12 years mitchb Patch for CVE-2010-0829... SSDP: Same Thing, Different Package
(edit) @1558   12 years adehnert Clarify/expand the package build instructions
(edit) @1557   12 years adehnert Patch for CVE-2010-1440 (and CVE-2010-0739) Both are crashes or ...
(edit) @1556   12 years andersk trac: Enable the Mercurial plugin for Mercurial repositories.
(edit) @1555   12 years mitchb There can be only one! (so stop hogging the GLOCK) OpenAFS 1.4.12 ...
(edit) @1554   12 years andersk nss_nonlocal.spec: License is LGPLv2+.
(edit) @1553   12 years andersk Update nss_nonlocal to 1.11.
(edit) @1552   12 years adehnert Add certificate for Finboard
(edit) @1551   12 years ezyang Remove star scripts from production
(edit) @1550   12 years ezyang Do --record-only merge to fix mergeinfo.
(edit) @1549   12 years ezyang Update rails mergeinfo (revert obliterated the update.)
(edit) @1548   12 years ezyang Update mergeinfo.
(edit) @1547   12 years ezyang Merge adehnert's phpical changes, update mergeinfo.
(edit) @1546   12 years quentin New maintainers
(edit) @1545   12 years mitchb Revert r1510. Back out to OpenAFS 1.4.11. 1.4.12 may not have been ...
(edit) @1544   12 years geofft Revert " Unpushed commit from February 8" As Mitch ...
(edit) @1543   12 years geofft aliases: Update list to current maintainers
(edit) @1542   12 years geofft Unpushed commit from February 8 Apparently I was ...
(edit) @1541   12 years mitchb SSL certificate and config for
(edit) @1540   12 years mitchb Two's company and three's a crowd, but have an orgy if you must ...
(edit) @1539   12 years mitchb Upgrade to Apache 2.2.15 Also drop the CVE-2010-0434 patch which is ...
(edit) @1538   12 years mitchb Renewed certificate for
(edit) @1537   12 years mitchb Upstream krb5 update
(edit) @1536   12 years ezyang Certificate and Apache config for quickprint.
(edit) @1535   12 years mitchb Update moira snapshot
(edit) @1534   12 years mitchb Make procmail and cron try harder to actually mail the signup user At ...
(edit) @1533   12 years adehnert Set a timezone for phpical (Trac: #5)
(edit) @1532   12 years quentin Add an index on scriptsVhostAccount, so that Pony's query will be happy
(edit) @1531   12 years mitchb Upstream openssh release bump
(edit) @1530   12 years mitchb Teach scripts-remove about URLs scripts-start ...
(edit) @1529   12 years mitchb New certificate for
(edit) @1528   12 years andersk trac: Mangle HTTP_REFERER to let the login link keep you on the same page.
(edit) @1527   12 years andersk Import trac from production.
(edit) @1526   12 years adehnert Have a paren
(edit) @1525   12 years adehnert Clearer message given some people could predate *.scripts
(edit) @1524   12 years mitchb Kill off the $scriptsstar mess... mostly (It looks like onserver_star ...
(edit) @1523   12 years mitchb Stop referring to the $scriptsstar mess
(edit) @1522   12 years mitchb Make it possible to build packages that haven't been committed yet
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