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How do I get an SSL/TLS certificate for my custom domain on scripts?

If you would like to serve content from over HTTPS, you can either use a domain (we have a wildcard certificate for * and everything will work by default) or you can request a certificate for your custom hostname as described below. Note that our wildcard does not cover locker names containing dots (e.g., will not work), and for such lockers you will need to request a new hostname and request a cert for it.

For * hostnames, just email us mentioning your hostname, and we’ll take care of requesting the appropriate certificate from IS&T.

For hostnames outside, send us an email telling us the domain or domains the certificate will be for, and we will send you a certificate signing request that you can give to a commercial certificate authority to purchase a certificate, which we will then install. Note that you must use the CSR we provide rather than generating your own key. The certificate you purchase must have a lifetime of 1 year or greater (we do not yet support the free Let’s Encrypt CA, which offers 90-day certificates). If you’re not sure where to purchase a certificate, you might try RapidSSL (this does not constitute an official endorsement of RapidSSL).

Do not request a certificate directly from IS&T or any other CA without emailing us. Certificates must be requested using our private key in order to work with our server, and only the Scripts team has the ability to make such requests, so all certificate requests must be directed through

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