MIT SIPB Script Services for Athena

MIT SIPB Scheduled Jobs Service (Cron)

The scheduled jobs service uses cron to allow people to set up scripts to run at certain times. Although this service has been designed with reliability in mind, it should not be used to run critical applications that cannot tolerate downtime.

To sign up for the service:

athena% add scripts
athena% signup-cron

(If you are confused about how to run the above commands on Athena, e-mail for assistance. You must have an Athena account and understand the MITnet rules of use in order to use the service.)

This signup process will create a cron_scripts directory and place a sample crontab file in it. This provided crontab contains some information that should help you get started. Changes to your crontab will never take effect until you explicitly load your crontab. You can do so by changing to the cron_scripts directory and running cronload crontab (if you do so from Athena, make sure you have previously run add scripts in your login shell).

Finally, add yourself to the scripts-announce mailing list if you would like to receive announcements of major service changes and outages. This list receives less than one e-mail per month on average.

For more information, see our list of Frequently Asked Questions.

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