When doing a Fedora upgrade (eg, F17->F20), here are some things to check on.

Scripts Infrastructure

Web features

  • SSL
    • Do we pick the right cert for names?
    • Do we pick the right cert for * names?
    • Do we pick the right cert for scripts-cert and
  • Does mod_vhost_ldap, our static config, and Pony (as applicable) still support...
    • Basic
    • Wildcards (eg, * -- say,
    • Non-reified
    • A reified vhost (should have been checked as part of the SSL names)
    • Our weirder hosts, and

Autoinstalled Apps

You should check what the whole list is by running an autoinstall, but...

  • MediaWiki?
  • WordPress?
  • git repo
  • Trac
    • Warning: Trac will offer to do a schema upgrade when first visited from the new distro, so you should do this with a Trac that you don't mind breaking for a while.
  • Frameworks
    • Obviously, these can have substantial variation between them, but checking at least one example is maybe a good idea (if for no other reason than to be better at answering questions)
    • TurboGears?
      • Pony
    • Django
    • Ruby

Sites to look at

Here are some sites you could take a look at, as examples of what people actually do, that are also moderately prominent.

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