May 30, 2011:

6:00 PM Changeset [1868] by quentin
New postfix version
5:58 PM Changeset [1867] by quentin
Install new 5-year scripts.mit.edu cert
5:17 PM Changeset [1866] by quentin
sync package list with conan-obrien

May 29, 2011:

9:55 AM Changeset [1865] by mitchb
New package discuss This is a repackaging of Debathena's debathena-discuss for Fedora
6:06 AM Changeset [1864] by mitchb
New package athena-aclocal This is a repackaging of Debathena's debathena-aclocal.

May 26, 2011:

11:36 AM Changeset [1863] by geofft
Certificate and configuration for ties.mit.edu [help.mit.edu #1611560]

May 23, 2011:

9:54 AM Changeset [1862] by quentin
More updates to Xen install docs

May 22, 2011:

10:22 PM Changeset [1861] by quentin
More host configuration instructions

May 21, 2011:

10:27 PM Changeset [1860] by quentin
list-sigs doesn't actually check if the signature is valid (bad Debian!)
10:17 PM Changeset [1859] by quentin
Provide instructions for verifying the Debathena archive key
7:27 PM Changeset [1858] by quentin
Update host install instructions for Squeeze

May 18, 2011:

11:08 PM Ticket #202 (Add detection of non-autoinstalled apps to parallel-find.pl) created by adehnert
It may sometimes be useful to recognize even not autoinstalled …
8:17 PM Changeset [1857] by achernya
Fix openssh.spec.patch foe Fedora's version bump.

May 13, 2011:

6:49 AM Changeset [1856] by geofft
backports now lives on debian.org
6:46 AM Changeset [1855] by geofft
Commit old backports sources.list

May 7, 2011:

2:13 AM Ticket #201 (Report users with large error_log and queue size contributions) created by adehnert
We should configure the servers to automatically report users with a …
2:06 AM Ticket #88 (Better subversion error messages) closed by adehnert
fixed: Huh, we had a ticket for this? Well, it appears to have been fixed by …
1:35 AM Ticket #16 (auto-installers need better error handling) closed by adehnert
invalid: Fundamentally, this ticket is not really actionable.
1:28 AM Ticket #143 (Monitor postfix queue size) closed by adehnert
fixed: This is now running.
1:22 AM Changeset [1854] by adehnert
Designate spot to put queue-clearing aliases

May 6, 2011:

8:19 PM Changeset [1853] by adehnert
Remove line numbers
8:18 PM Changeset [1852] by adehnert
Add link that the letter info came from
8:17 PM Ticket #200 (Move (part of) scripts to W91) created by adehnert
We've been theoretically intending to move to W92 for a year-ish now. …
7:43 PM Changeset [1851] by adehnert
Monitor the Postfix queue size (Trac: #143) The threshold is based on what the non-primary servers seem to see, according to munin data.
6:39 PM Changeset [1850] by adehnert
Consistently use $ECHO
6:37 PM Changeset [1849] by adehnert
Add check for kernel taints This should allow nagios to alert on things like OOPSes and BUGS. See -i nagios.shining-armor.LOAD.d today for some of the background. Code initially by geofft and slightly updated by me.
6:31 PM Changeset [1848] by geofft
contrib.scripts moved

May 3, 2011:

2:06 AM Changeset [1847] by adehnert
Merge changes from master
1:42 AM Changeset [1846] by adehnert
Record changes that have been merged to trunk See http://svnbook.red-bean.com/nightly/en/svn.branchmerge.advanced.html#svn.branchmerge.advanced.reintegratetwice for the reason behind doing this. In particular, this is the result of: svn merge --record-only -c 1750 ^/trunk/locker/sbin/ cd ../.. svn merge --record-only -c 1791 ^/trunk/ svn merge --record-only -c 1551 ^/trunk/ (picked based on which changes caused tree conflicts during the merge of trunk back onto this branch, and then seeing which commits were already made)
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