Sep 17, 2010:

11:20 PM Ticket #169 (Failed LDAP replication due to busy replica should only warn when ...) created by ezyang
Failed LDAP replication due to busy replica is an intermittent error …
9:48 PM Changeset [1656] by achernya
Fixed redirection, problem as found by andersk
6:33 PM Changeset [1655] by achernya
Addressed concerns about grep being sloppy, fixed redirects to not clobber stdout and stderr together
5:14 PM Changeset [1654] by achernya
Added grep to try and remove the extraneous lines from ssh
1:43 AM Ticket #168 (scripts-cert-test IP address) created by ezyang
We should get a scripts-cert-test IP address so that we can serve the …
1:18 AM Changeset [1653] by ezyang
Update postfix version, ignore oom adjustment and add w-e to aliases.

Sep 16, 2010:

3:22 PM Ticket #167 (scriptsVhost LDAP schema has invalid syntax specification) created by ezyang
We use DirectoryString? ( for …

Sep 13, 2010:

1:25 PM Changeset [1652] by ezyang
LDAP certificate checking no longer necessary with GSSAPI.

Sep 12, 2010:

10:28 PM Changeset [1651] by ezyang
Remove autogenerated fiels.
9:37 PM Changeset [1650] by ezyang
Add 32-bit nss_nonlocal to scripts-base.
9:37 PM Changeset [1649] by ezyang
New package of krb5
9:34 PM Changeset [1648] by ezyang
Add cluedump slide sources to Subversion.
7:37 PM Changeset [1647] by ezyang
Add nss_nonlocal to scripts-base.
6:05 PM Changeset [1646] by ezyang
Add httpdmods to scripts-base.
6:00 PM Changeset [1645] by ezyang
Dramatically expand LDAP and installation documentation.
5:49 PM Changeset [1644] by ezyang
Comment about RPM versioning and SVN.

Sep 11, 2010:

9:43 PM Ticket #166 (git daemon doesn't deal with unknown vhosts well) created by geofft
[…] Presumably it can't something. I wonder what it can't.
5:25 PM Changeset [1643] by achernya
Updated grep to handle the newlines in missing.rpms file generated, which should remove false positives in rpm-master.sh
5:18 PM Changeset [1642] by achernya
Fixed path in rpm-master.sh to rpmlist.sh
5:09 PM Changeset [1641] by achernya
Changed rack-forward to scripts-director as suggested by quentin
5:06 PM Changeset [1640] by achernya
Changed /bin/bash to /bin/sh and mailx to mail for rpm sync as suggested by geofft and quentin
5:01 PM Changeset [1639] by achernya
Fixed ticket 84, created system for checking if scripts servers are in sync
2:13 AM Changeset [1638] by ezyang
Add zephyr to scripts base.
1:52 AM Changeset [1637] by ezyang
Use source RPM (hand-built).

Sep 10, 2010:

3:28 PM Changeset [1636] by ezyang
Remove shadow-utils from scripts-base.
2:50 PM Changeset [1635] by ezyang
Fix rpmlint and Anders complaints.
2:47 PM Changeset [1634] by ezyang
Update Scripts repo to point to fc13.

Sep 9, 2010:

6:00 PM Changeset [1633] by ezyang
Package zephyr for Fedora 13. This deprecates mit-zephyr.
1:38 AM Changeset [1632] by andersk
Update Haskell specs for F13 with cabal2spec-0.22.1
12:29 AM Changeset [1631] by andersk
admof: Do not use Kerberos IV

Sep 8, 2010:

10:58 PM Changeset [1630] by ezyang
Punt old suexec/install-suexec Makefile targets.
10:09 PM Changeset [1629] by ezyang
Add more suggestions for fixing patches.
10:07 PM Changeset [1628] by ezyang
Add some extra build-deps for krb5 and moira.
10:06 PM Changeset [1627] by ezyang
Remove multihomed patch, use GSSAPIStrictAcceptorCheck instead.
9:34 PM Changeset [1626] by ezyang
Update SSH multihomed patch for F13, remove old 4.5p1 multihomed patch.
9:32 PM Changeset [1625] by ezyang
Upgrade OpenAFS to 1.4.12 for newest Fedora 13 kernel (could not use old version because it did not support the new kernel; some header files were moved around.)
6:50 PM Ticket #165 (Locker ownership check should include magic admin bit) created by geofft
It is the case that the UNIX user owner of the top-level directory in …

Sep 7, 2010:

12:13 PM Changeset [1624] by ezyang
Add some svn:ignore entries.
12:06 PM Changeset [1623] by ezyang
Actually delete GS patch.

Sep 6, 2010:

11:41 PM Changeset [1622] by ezyang
Preliminary updates to Makefile. The following changes were made: * shadow-utils, libpng and ghostscript were descriptsified, as the patches we added were fixed in upstream. In particular, see: http://pkgs.fedoraproject.org/gitweb/?p=shadow-utils.git;a=commit;h=e772ed6ecf59a7e90a3ecf6953676e03e00a7951 http://pkgs.fedoraproject.org/gitweb/?p=libpng.git;a=commit;h=7698ae05180c8526550413a153933cd594dcd3e3 http://pkgs.fedoraproject.org/gitweb/?p=ghostscript.git;a=commit;h=33c4fe6c8ba1c7dd71d84a7213a375d3530930fb * Fedora 12 s/i586/i686/, see http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/F12X86Support#Summary * Mock environments updated (relevant /etc changes not committed yet) * Sketchy readline RPM temporarily punted; we'll need to bring it back later.
11:30 PM Changeset [1621] by ezyang
Failing to clear download stamp after a clean will break make.
11:26 PM Changeset [1620] by ezyang
Undo scripts.mit.edu SVN change, add more docs about it.
11:17 PM Changeset [1619] by ezyang
Miscellaneous updates to our installation document. In particular: * Minimal installs (introduced in Fedora 13) allow you to avoid having to disable a bunch of gunk. * We do checkouts from scripts.mit.edu these days, not some arbitrarily chosen source server. * make install-deps may silently fail to install some packages * scripts-build needs to be in the mock group * Docs on how to turn passworded auth back on for new Fedora release development * Pointer to the new upgrade-tips documentation
11:10 PM Changeset [1618] by ezyang
Documentation about scripts test servers on XVM
11:05 PM Changeset [1617] by ezyang
In progress documentation about Fedora distribution upgrades.
10:48 PM Changeset [1616] by xavid
Fix krb5 patch for f13.
10:47 PM Changeset [1615] by xavid
Update spec patchs for f13.
6:14 PM Changeset [1614] by ezyang
Corrections as suggested by quentin.
5:52 PM Changeset [1613] by ezyang
Branch for F13 development.
5:44 PM Changeset [1612] by ezyang
Instructions for installing a Fedora image on Xen.

Sep 2, 2010:

4:21 AM Changeset [1611] by adehnert
Updated ai6034.mit.edu certificate

Aug 30, 2010:

9:28 PM Changeset [1610] by ezyang
Update ha.cf for Heartbeat 3 and Pacemaker.
9:27 PM Changeset [1609] by ezyang
Take syslog-ng update.

Aug 26, 2010:

9:23 PM Changeset [1608] by gdb
Handle the case of an unexpected LDAP attribute
9:11 PM Changeset [1607] by gdb
Make httpdmods require scripts-httpd Our patched mod-vhost-ldap uses an Apache API function from our custom Apache build.
4:28 PM Changeset [1606] by gdb
Remove cruft left behind by scripts's patches TODO: rebase the cruft away
4:28 PM Changeset [1605] by gdb
Use ap_walk_config to configure directives The only expected change in behavior here is that directives configured from LDAP are expected to now behave much more like ones configured statically, since they now use the same code. In practice, this should not work out to a significant difference, but some directives do seem to have a lot of code that mod_vhost_ldap_translate_name didn't contain. (I haven't investigated this in-depth.) I also removed logic to deal with r->uri[0] != '\0' && r->uri[0] != '/'. I believe this is not actually relevant anymore, as the tranlate hook no longer deals with translating to filenames itself, but I could be mistaken.
4:28 PM Changeset [1604] by gdb
Refactor code for processing attributes from LDAP. This patch should not change any behavior. We do this refactoring in preparation for switching to ap_walk_config.
4:28 PM Changeset [1603] by gdb
Deep clone server_rec using ap_fixup_virtual_host This patch is largely a refactoring. However, we effectively are now doing a deep clone, as opposed to the somewhat-deep clone we used to have using memcpy.
3:14 PM Changeset [1602] by gdb
httpd: Add method to merge virtual host with a main server_rec

Aug 21, 2010:

4:03 AM Changeset [1601] by geofft
admof: Re-resolve the potential sysadmin's name within SYSADMIN_CELL While it's true that foreign cells will generally resolve the username to e.g. geofft.root@athena.mit.edu, which the athena cell ptservers are okay with, it's more correct to just use the name as resolved in the athena cell.
3:36 AM Changeset [1600] by geofft
admof: More mutable input fun.
3:21 AM Changeset [1599] by geofft
admof: Actually AFS likes to edit its input strings. So drop the const qualifiers (the data is actually mutable, so this was fine, but the cast was misleading). Also fix a terminating null issue with the previous commit.
3:09 AM Changeset [1598] by geofft
admof: Always check system:scripts-root -c athena, not in the locker's cell Also rename us from OVERLORDS to SYSADMINS
3:00 AM Changeset [1597] by geofft
admof: Be a bit more paranoid about memory
2:49 AM Changeset [1596] by geofft
admof: pts groups are identified by negative IDs, not colons

Aug 18, 2010:

10:13 AM Changeset [1595] by geofft
Unreify queues and lpq vhosts The site's been dead for ages -- at least since the last time we renewed certs. Unrelatedly, the vhost config that I deleted looks a bit odd, and probably wasn't doing SNI right.
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