Jan 13, 2010:

9:20 AM Changeset [1423] by mitchb
Update krb5 to patch for MITKRB5-SA-2009-004/CVE-2009-4212 This is scheduled for Fedora's next push; we're early adopters.
1:26 AM Changeset [1422] by ezyang
Add a number of unversioned files from production.
1:09 AM Changeset [1421] by ezyang
Fix broken autoinstalls due to lack of tarball. Merging r1417 through r1420 into 'deploy/bin/onathena': U deploy/bin/onathena
1:06 AM Changeset [1420] by ezyang
Fix broken autoinstalls due to lack of tarball.
12:20 AM Changeset [1419] by ezyang
Didn't get it right the first time.
12:19 AM Changeset [1418] by ezyang
Synchronize MediaWiki code (it's actually dead now).
12:08 AM Changeset [1417] by ezyang
Push Wizard code.
12:07 AM Changeset [1416] by ezyang
Restore missing executable bit in trunk.

Jan 12, 2010:

11:59 PM Changeset [1415] by ezyang
Restore missing for-each-server.
11:55 PM Changeset [1414] by ezyang
Merged in changes from trunk --- Merging r1262 through r1413 into 'deploy/bin': U deploy/bin/django C deploy/bin/rails > Resolved by accepting working copy --- Merging r1221 through r1413 into '.': U sql/bin/get-password U sql/bin/save-password U doc/tickets/rt.txt U doc/tickets/cnames.txt U bin/fix-php-ini C bin/scripts-rails > Resolved by accepting working copy Skipped 'bin/for-each-server' U bin U sbin/parallel-find.pl U sbin/commit-email.pl U sbin/commit-zephyr Summary of conflicts: Tree conflicts: 2 Skipped paths: 1
10:58 AM Changeset [1413] by ezyang
Delete abandoned changes to support Wizard in onserver.pm.
10:34 AM Ticket #112 (set-up-an-app pages should be patched out) created by geofft
If automated configuration fails, we never want users to try to set up …

Jan 9, 2010:

4:30 PM Changeset [1412] by geofft
httpd.conf: Permit index.fcgi as an index This ought to fix the issue where Django apps don't appear when you try to load them without specifying any path info, and instead 403.

Jan 8, 2010:

4:40 AM Ticket #111 (WordPress pingbacks aren't automatic) created by geofft
Despite the text "Trackbacks are a way to notify legacy blog systems …
4:38 AM Ticket #110 (the WordPress URL hack breaks pingbacks (and other XMLRPC stuff)) created by geofft
We have a hack that sets "WordPress? URL" to /~user/blog and "Blog URL" …
2:18 AM Changeset [1411] by gdb
Re-added friendly comments
2:15 AM Changeset [1410] by gdb
Changed rails reloader script to reload if a new file is created. Have tested this on a toy app.

Jan 7, 2010:

6:43 PM Changeset [1409] by mitchb
Renewed debathena.mit.edu cert
12:32 AM Changeset [1408] by mitchb
Make Rails autoinstalls pick up code changes automatically Ordinarily, a Rails app in production mode running as an fcgi will continue to use old code, necessitating being killed on all of our servers that have an instance of it hanging around. This patch causes the fcgi to notice application changes and reload itself automatically, providing functionality similar to the enhancement we made for Django in r1278. However, unlike Django, the Rails fcgi is able to reload without needing to be killed with fire in order to avoid fcgi renegotiation issues. This code was developed and contributed by Greg Brockman <gdb@mit.edu>. I've just tested and incorporated it into the scripts autoinstaller.
12:09 AM Changeset [1407] by mitchb
Provide enough rope to put your rails app into production mode Evidently the Rails maintainers decided that the "right" way to do this involved control of the webserver, and so they should rip out the knob to do it for users on non-braindead webhosts. The "K" is for "Kwality"

Jan 6, 2010:

12:47 AM Changeset [1406] by mitchb
Play Evan on TV (update moira to new snapshot, provide shared libmrclient)

Dec 29, 2009:

7:04 PM Changeset [1405] by geofft
SSL cert and config for impact.mit.edu [help.mit.edu #1111633]
2:18 AM Changeset [1404] by ezyang
Merged up to r1403 from locker-dev to trunk.

Dec 28, 2009:

7:54 PM Changeset [1403] by mitchb
Update moira to new upstream version, including eunice printer client

Dec 27, 2009:

5:27 PM Changeset [1402] by gdb
Removed mit-zephyr from the build deps
5:43 AM Changeset [1401] by andersk
commit-email.pl: Run in UTF-8 locale.
5:43 AM Changeset [1400] by andersk
Update commit-email.pl and commit-zephyr from upstream.
4:54 AM Changeset [1399] by andersk
moira.spec: Remove redundant information from summaries and descriptions. “RPM packaging” is redundant (this could not be anything other than an RPM package whether or not the summary says it is). Also don’t repeat the summary in the description.
4:48 AM Changeset [1398] by gdb
Silly english
4:42 AM Changeset [1397] by gdb
Fixed Requires for libmoira-devel, small style fixes in moira.spec
4:01 AM Changeset [1396] by gdb
Built and mildly tested moira RPM
2:55 AM Changeset [1395] by mitchb
Remove nslcd initscript patch I neglected to punt this in r1294 when we stopped building nss-ldapd because it was finally included in Fedora.

Dec 26, 2009:

8:00 PM Changeset [1394] by gdb
Added mostly-working spec file for moira

Dec 25, 2009:

4:20 AM Changeset [1393] by mitchb
Don't allow mock to use mirrors for package updates You know that new kernel I just took? I'd like to be able to build modules for it right now, not maybe tomorrow if I'm lucky.
2:31 AM Changeset [1392] by andersk
Aaaagh! It’s still there make it go away!

Dec 23, 2009:

2:57 PM Changeset [1391] by quentin
Ignore DNSSEC errors
2:55 PM Changeset [1390] by quentin
Import upstream logwatch named script
12:11 PM Changeset [1389] by ezyang
Make git describe more resilient, and prune .scripts-version when .scripts exists.

Dec 22, 2009:

8:41 PM Changeset [1388] by quentin
Don't pass strings with newlines around
8:08 PM Changeset [1387] by ezyang
Add missing newline.
6:53 PM Changeset [1386] by ezyang
More bugsquishing; I think it works now.
6:26 PM Changeset [1385] by ezyang
Bugfixes for parallel-find.
6:05 PM Changeset [1384] by ezyang
Make parallel find /actually/ work with Wizard autoinstalls.

Dec 20, 2009:

7:14 PM Ticket #109 (make installing language modules to your homedir easy) created by geofft
If you set up all the fiddly permission bits and remember the …

Dec 19, 2009:

12:39 AM Changeset [1383] by ezyang
Add ezyang@mit.edu to receive root email.
12:38 AM Changeset [1382] by ezyang
Miscellaneous extra instructions from f11-test.

Dec 17, 2009:

4:22 AM Changeset [1381] by ezyang
Misc doc updates from install f11-test.
3:17 AM Changeset [1380] by mitchb
Don't allow Canada to make our servers uninstallable Someone thought that when Fedora's main mirror stopped providing Fedora Core 6 packages, it would be a good idea to tie our install process to a particular foreign mirror that still had it. That doesn't work anymore. Let's pull that package from the actual buildsystem instead. (Getting rid of the FC6 package as a system dependency would be good, too...)
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