Apr 9, 2008:

11:44 PM Changeset [725] by price
make WordPress compatible with $USER.scripts URIs
10:36 PM Changeset [724] by price
parallel-find.pl: work on Macs, and handle errors better * in find, use -print and a redirect rather than -fprint, which doesn't exist in the Mac's find * give a real error message when the directory exists, and die when we should
9:28 PM Changeset [723] by price
remove obsolete get-passwd.sh, parse-passwd.pl
9:27 PM Changeset [722] by price
import sec-tools scripts Two of these are obsolete, named with .old in /mit/scripts/sec-tools; I'm going to remove them in the next commit. But they'll be in the svn history here, which is better than lying around with .old names.
9:21 PM Changeset [721] by price
Remove self-obsoleted script scripts-patch.
9:20 PM Changeset [720] by price
Unscatter the update-system scripts.
9:12 PM Changeset [719] by price
upgrade commit-email.pl. This is the Subversion 1.5 upstream version, with my patch to support an option --summary for setting the subject line from the first line of the log message. Also has --stdout for testing without sending mail.

Apr 8, 2008:

3:03 PM Changeset [718] by quentin
Place resource.cfg inside the private subdirectory
3:03 PM Changeset [717] by quentin
Correct location for mail

Apr 7, 2008:

6:56 AM Changeset [716] by quentin
Update Nagios configuration to run on Debian's nagios2
6:47 AM Changeset [715] by quentin
Allow syn to access nrpe through iptables
2:16 AM Ticket #67 (parallel-find.pl should be in svn, and have some tweaks) created by price
In parallel-find.pl, we should - replace find -fprint with find …

Apr 6, 2008:

9:49 PM Changeset [714] by quentin
Update cgi.cfg for running on syn
9:29 PM Changeset [713] by quentin
Allow syn to monitor LVS directors
9:28 PM Changeset [712] by quentin
Allow syn to monitor scripts
9:25 PM Changeset [711] by acrefoot
Fixed bug involving build-update. If $patchdir/oldfiles.absent was empty, it would die incorrectly.
9:10 PM Changeset [710] by acrefoot
Fixed bug involving build-update. Generated update script would use /mit/scripts for version checking; now uses /afs/athena.mit.edu/contrib/scripts.
8:35 PM Ticket #66 (Upgrade to Fedora 8 (or 9)) created by andersk
We’re getting too far behind the Fedora release cycle. We should …

Apr 2, 2008:

9:23 PM Changeset [709] by quentin
Increase ping times, add nscd monitoring

Apr 1, 2008:

11:36 PM Changeset [708] by geofft
Add rebecca to sudoers.
11:09 PM Ticket #56 (Disable global SSLUserName kludge) closed by andersk
fixed: We decided a week ago to announce a date for disabling this on the …
11:03 PM Changeset [707] by andersk
This sucker has had it coming for a long time.
9:58 PM Changeset [706] by quentin
Part of r705
9:54 PM Changeset [705] by quentin
Only check services on real servers

Mar 31, 2008:

11:17 PM Changeset [704] by quentin
Add sipb-ether and put the hosts behind it

Mar 29, 2008:

5:33 PM Ticket #65 (Support Django) created by geofft
Django is popular and cool. kcarnold has expressed interest in helping …
5:32 PM Ticket #64 (Autoinstallers should use svn co instead of untar) created by geofft
Most of our software supports upgrading by switching to a newer tag, …
5:23 PM Ticket #63 (MediaWiki should support clean URLs) created by geofft
MediaWiki? URLs should default to something like …

Mar 25, 2008:

2:56 AM Changeset [703] by price
trac autoinstaller: update scripts-start
2:33 AM Ticket #54 (Trac autoinstaller) closed by price
fixed: Done by me and Anders in revisions r696 through r702.
2:18 AM Changeset [702] by andersk
Make trac work from all URLs.
2:15 AM Changeset [701] by andersk
Enable webadmin and use UTF-8.
12:26 AM Changeset [700] by price
trac autoinstaller: tracdata/.htaccess as fallback

Mar 24, 2008:

11:33 PM Changeset [699] by andersk
Make scripts-trac executable.
11:29 PM Changeset [698] by price
trac autoinstaller: bin/scripts-trac
11:29 PM Changeset [697] by price
oops. reverse unrelated commit to joomla
11:22 PM Changeset [696] by price
trac autoinstaller: deploy/bin/trac

Mar 17, 2008:

8:35 PM Changeset [695] by price
use tail the old-fashioned way, for dialups' sake

Mar 16, 2008:

6:43 AM Changeset [694] by price
Support a post-patch hook, for database updates.
6:05 AM Changeset [693] by price
Don't run md5sum on an empty check file. It dies with an error if you do.
5:52 AM Changeset [692] by price
Make updte development cycle shorter. - Remove lock file when fail, so we can run again - Accept --force to clobber the existing built-updater directory

Mar 14, 2008:

12:47 AM Ticket #62 (Unbreak phpMyAdmin) created by andersk
The phpMyAdmin installation(s) in the sql locker are old and somewhat …

Mar 10, 2008:

10:44 PM Ticket #61 (get certs signed by a real CA) created by price
It's poor that users outside MIT or who otherwise haven't installed …
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