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#113 fixed Django auto-installs on a machine where USER != ATHENA_USER get wrong email address adehnert adehnert

Currently, the Django auto-installer bakes the username of the running user into as the email address in the ADMINS variable. On a debathena-standard machine where $USER and $ATHENA_USER don't match, this will result in mail relating to your autoinstall going to $USER@… instead of $ATHENA_USER@…. This seems unfortunate.

So far as I can tell, the semantics of the "human" argument to the onserver scripts is something like "Athena username". Assuming that's the case, I think the patch below will fix this bug, though I'm not actually sure how to test it, so I haven't.

Index: locker/deploy/bin/onathena
--- locker/deploy/bin/onathena	(revision 1454)
+++ locker/deploy/bin/onathena	(working copy)
@@ -256,7 +256,7 @@
 cd "$origdir"
-vsshrun "deploy$scriptsdev/bin/$deploy" "$sname" "$deploy" "$addrend" "$admin_username" "$requires_sql" "$scriptsdev" "$USER" || die "Unknown failure during configuration"
+vsshrun "deploy$scriptsdev/bin/$deploy" "$sname" "$deploy" "$addrend" "$admin_username" "$requires_sql" "$scriptsdev" "${ATHENA_USER:-$USER}" || die "Unknown failure during configuration"
 rm -f "$lroot/web_scripts/$addrend/.scripts-tmp"
#124 fixed Update or punt phpical autoinstaller adehnert

Our phpical installer is currently version 2.22, which appears to date from July 2006. Version 2.31 was released January 2009. We should either update the autoinstaller or punt it based (if few people use it or we conclude upstream is too stagnant).

phpical also appears to now be phpicalendar, so the autoinstaller should possibly get renamed at the same time.

#127 wontfix zephyr discussion of tickets should get cross-posted to RT adehnert

Generally speaking, when I look at a ticket that's been around a while, I need to look at both the RT history and the zephyr history. This is annoying. We should have a zephyrbot to crosspost zephyr traffic on the relevant instances to RT.

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